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Friday, December 19, 2008

Change In Own Self For A Better ...

Hi, it is quite a while I update this blog. The last update I made is on October 2008. Anyway I am always updating my Twitter - for my where about.

So many things happened in a very quick way and myself could not cope at all. That is a blessing for me I guess. So I would like to share with you what Dr Anthony has to say ...

Dr. Robert Anthony is the author of 15 books including the million copy best sellers "The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self Confidence" and "Advanced Formula for Total Success". His latest creation is the comprehensive 6-CD training program The Secret of Deliberate Creation


Take a trip to any jail or prison and you will meet hundreds of people who will tell you they are the "victims" of their circumstances.

Travel through any big city ghetto and you'll hear the same thing.

Visit any affluent, high-class neighborhood, talk to the people there and you'll discover the same thing.

Visit a middle-class neighborhood in New York, Toronto, London or Sydney and you will meet people who believe they are the result of their circumstances, good or bad.

They will talk about the opportunities they were given, or the chances they were denied. They may be grateful for the education they were exposed to, or complain they were denied the education they deserve.

One person will tell you about her wonderful childhood and upbringing was, while another will complain that she came from a "dysfunctional" family.

There is no denying that income, status, education, upbringing, neighborhood, family and many other situations will influence, effect and even determine the outcome of our lives.

But who creates the circumstances?

Your parents? Your environment? God? Destiny? Lost in all this analysis and the assumption of almost every unconscious person I have ever met is this one very important reality.

The effect of our thoughts ABOUT our circumstances.

We cannot change what happened to us, but we can change our PERCEPTION about what happened to us. This is the key to changing our present circumstances and our future.

Our minds are like a garden. We can intelligently cultivate our garden, or we can allow it to run wild. If you diligently attend to your garden, it will produce the things you cultivate.

If you don't plant specific seeds, then the animals, wind and other elements will cause RANDOM things to grow which will likely to choke out the things you want to cultivate from your garden.


Just as a gardener must tend his or her garden, keeping out the weeds, you must tend the garden of your mind, weeding out the thoughts of lack, limitation and negativity.

If you practice gardening of this kind, you will soon discover that you are the gardener of your soul. You will come to the profound revelation that you are not the victim of your circumstances--but the creator of them.

The reason is simple: Whatever you give your attention to and focus on shapes your character, creates your circumstances, and determines your ultimate destiny.

Please read that again

What you experience in your life is directly connected to your inner state of mind. The most important thing you can learn about success, prosperity and happiness is that cause (thought) and effect (results or experiences) are one.

But face this important fact - You don't simply end up in jail or the hospital, bankrupt, or alone no more than you simply wake up rich, successful, happy, and healthy. All these CIRCUMSTANCES are the RESULT of thousands of little decisions, which are reached as a result of the thoughts you give your attention to.

Now, if you are like most people, this is the part where you start to mentally make excuses and argue with me.

Perhaps you believe that what I just said is true for other people, but you are quite certain that you have been the victim of extenuating circumstances beyond your control.

I know. I know. YOUR situation is different.

So just how does that work?

Let's talk about how all this applies to you.

First, you must accept that on one level or another, you have manifested everything that is happening in your life. Even the horrific, nasty stuff.

I agree that you don't do it consciously. But you do it.

Now here's the thing . . .

You are surrounded by a data-sphere of information that promotes negativity, fear, anxiety, limitation, and lack. It pummels your senses from all directions. It comes from your TV, radio, the Internet, your friends, family, church and the people you work with.

Most people are so saturated by negative programming that they can't even conceive a life of anything but struggle and complaint.

What you read, what you listen to, and the people you talk with have a huge effect on the person you are and the thoughts you have. It not only comes from the media and other individuals but from the government.

The doom, gloom and negativity that is perpetuated by the government is designed to appeal to the programmed fear of the masses in order to get re-elected. We elect and re-elect these people to *save and protect us* from the pending doom and gloom.

If that wasn't enough, consider that the microcosm of our mass culture can be found in entertainment and even sports personalities. Most of these people are insecure, self-centered and only interested in their own 15 minutes of fame.

However, they are not the problem. We are, because we are willing to spend countless hours and pay billions of dollars to watch them, mimic their lifestyles and even their manner of dress.

You must recognize that this data-sphere is continually programming you 24/7, and that almost 95% of it is fear, lack and limitation programming.

So what do you do?

If you want to reach the highest levels of success, you have to zealously guard the input you allow to come into your life. You must control your own programming, and reject the poisonous stuff most people are trying to feed you.

In order to focus on success, it is imperative that you spend more time on your own personal growth. Each morning and each evening before you go to bed, spend time on focusing on something positive.

Remember: You are the foundation from which all your dreams are made reality. This is the only way you can guarantee your success, wealth and happiness...

Best Regards,

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Lives Of Its Own

It is about a month plus, I did not update my blog. I was busy with a lot of things that I also not sure of. That is the truth. I am finding the TRUTH about of myself and it seem the journey felt very long. Who AM I? Where I AM From? What is My TRUE Purpose?

Everyday is a new day for me. Even every seconds is a new things for me.I am dynamicly changing every seconds. Is this LIVE? You bet it is. Live is a Wonderful Mystery that you will be delighted when you uncovered its mysteries.

Till today I Ithought I know my SELF. Again, I just know a bit of it only. Thank you GOD for everything that gave me to feel and experience. Thank you. I love you.

Talking about LIVE is complexed. It contains mixed EMOTION. And every each of it is REAL and it is always in CONSTANT CHANGES.

It is about time to search the TRUTH about oneself. That is the only thing left for us to move on to the unknown future. Bare in mind that you are not what you are today. You are always in constant changes. Capitalism is collapsing all over the word and the new economy will emerge.

This new economy is based on the TRUE SELF. No discrimination or such to it. At this time every CAUSE will have an EFFECT and every EFFECT will have it CAUSE. You do GOOD you get GOOD. You do BAD you get BAD. It is almost instantly now.

We need to fix our COMPASS and set out our TRUE NORTH not based on what we used to believed. Know who you really ARE? Physically and Spiritually. Always put up your GOOD intentions first no matter what. That is your best bet because for every CAUSE there will be an EFFECT.

Don't regret and feel sorry. You exercise your POWER to CHOOSE. If you feel bad, you CHOOSE to FEEL GOOD. You are the chief in command for your own self. Make sure you CHOOSE wisely. I will not blame you if just take the default mode. But you know what is better to exercise your CHOOSING power.

Why I say in the title The Lives Of Its Own? Now I start to realize that everything have its own live - live span or whatever. And everything is interdependant and totally non-dependent at the same time. What I discover is what I see, feel, believe and everthing IS what I set for myself to believe.

When I let my all my clock in my house to have its own life - all the clock in my house behave at its own time even I change a new batteries for them. Now I am letting all my belongings and things to have its own life and see what happen.

Ok this is for now. Take care and I love you.

Best Regards,

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mind Works: Happy, Resistant And Problem!!!

It is September 2008 already. How is the government in yourself? As for me I am building a new government. The protocol, the way I work, the way I manage my self and the way I perceived things need to undergo major changes. I hope you the same.

First of all I would like to wish all of you with prosperity and wellness. This time I would like to share about what I learned regarding Mind Works and the Creative Process of Manifestation. More detail you can get it here .

Our mind or inner self is the major contributor to our outer world or our current self. What we are experiencing and living is the result of what we invite to our life either consciously or subconsciously. That is why it is very important that we know the process or CREATION precisely. We are responsible for ourselves. It is not the economy, it is not the government, it is not your best friend, it is not your parent and it is not everything. All is about you and you invite all this things. GOD granted every single of your wish.

There 3 things that you need to know:

1) Happy
2) Resistant
3) Problem

This 3 things will be the guide why you are what you are right NOW.

Happy ? You need to know this:

All humans have an innate desire to reach their potential. The problem is that this desire to grow and develop makes us unhappy with the way things are.We have three main beliefs about life that prevent us from being happy and satisfied:

The first belief is:
What I don't have is better than what I do have. This is a variation of the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

The second belief is:
Having more is better; no matter how much I have, more of it would be better.

The third belief is:
When I get what I want, I will be happy. Is this really true?

This 3 belief is the major stumble block in our live and this 3 alone will make sure you are not happy.

Resistant ? What about it ?

The important point is this: The more you struggle against something that you do NOT want, the more you attract it to yourself because you set up RESISTANCE to what you want. It can be summed up in this statement - Whatever you resist will continue to persist.

We have been programmed with the mistaken belief that we can get what we want by resisting or defeating what we don’t want. However, that defies the Law of Attraction. Here is what you must know. That which you defend against will become your experience, that which you fear or worry about will become your experience and that which you prepare against will become your experience.

What we fail to understand is that the defense against sickness is the cause of it. The defense against poverty is the cause of it. The defense against evil is the cause of it.The defense of being hurt in a relationship is the cause of not having the relationship we desire.

When you understand precisely how everything comes to you, you are also free forever from worry and fear about what others may do to you. You no longer have to worry about the economic conditions, the government, your parents, and all the influences that you fear.

The only reason you worry and feel threatened is because you have accepted the belief that if someone else does something that is not in harmony with what you desire it will somehow affect your life. But it cannot come into your life if you do not invite it through the energy of your thoughts, fears and worry.

And the final one is PROBLEM ? this one alone is a killer ...

The majority of our thoughts and activities in life are centered on solving problems. As we've learned, whatever you think about becomes your reality. And so, what do you think about most of the time? It is usually problems. Indeed, the first thing that many of us think about when we get out of bed in the morning are all the problems that we have to solve and how hard we have to work.

We have been trained to think about what isn't, what should be and what we don't have, and then how we might remedy a situation, solve it or make it better. And so when you first awake, you focus automatically on all the problems that you must face that day.

I hope with this 3 knowledge we can understand our live much more better and clearer. We need to have a direction to go. No just complaining about what we have.

Best Regards,

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Waiting Is A Trap And Changing From Inside Out!

When time for me to give reasons, I am the one that have all the reasons in the world. I do not know how my LOGICAL MIND have all that reasons.It seem I am able to create the best reason in the world that time.

Why I create reason? I create it - TO JUST FEEL COMFORT OF MYSELF? Am I growing by doing this? NO. In order for myself to grow to a better or higher awareness, I need to be UN"comfort" to experience the UNKNOWN. This act is call "DYNAMICALLY CHANGE TO A BETTER FUTURE or TO A BETTER YOU".

Creating reason is just a mechanism to delay all the good things in life. The more reason you create for yourself, the more good things in your life you avoid. That is why "Waiting is a Trap".

Below is Dr Robert Anthony words about Waiting Is A Trap & Changing Inside Out. Enjoy.

It is interesting that in our society it is totally okay to spend $50,000 on a heart attack, but what would people say if you spent that amount of money on just having fun? They would think you were crazy,and they would probably resent you. It seems we have our priorities mixed up. Perhaps if we spent $50,000 on having fun, we wouldn't have so many heart attacks! Think about it. Having pleasure is abnormal, but having pain in normal.

Waiting Is a Trap

Why are we waiting to be healthy, to be happy, to be alive, to be wealthy, to start a new business, to fall in love, to communicate, to clear up the relationships we are in? Waiting is a trap. We wait for interest rates to go down, for the economy to get better, for a person to change,for the holiday to pass before starting a diet. But there will always be a reason to wait.

Changing from the Inside Out

We need to remind ourselves, and every individual on this planet, that we can and must change the world from the inside out. We have overwhelming proof that the outside-in approach does not work.The long-term solution to poverty, lack and limitation lies in our ability to turn our inner potential into reality.

The only way we can truly heal the world is to heal ourselves first. This is not a new message, but I think we need to remind ourselves of who we are and what we are capable of. We need to take responsibility for everything that has happened to us. Through the law of attraction, we attract either consciously or unconsciously everything that happens to us. Whatever anyone has done to us, we have participated in it, and are at some level, responsible. In essence, there are novictims, only volunteers. This is a hard pill to swallow, but unless we accept it we cannot change things for the better.

We have become a culture of blamers. Yet, if you wrist watch shows the wrong time, what would you do about it? Would you ask your neighbor to set their watch according to yours, or would you correct your watch? Unfortunately, we do not make similar corrections when our lives are not working. Instead, we insist that reality should conform to our illusion.

Best Regards,

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Time Of Your Life!

It was been a while I update my blog. I was tied up with my new job and my other activities offline. I always create reason that I had "NO TIME". I have no time to visit my parents, I have no time to spend with my kids, I have no time to spend with my wife, I have no time to chat with my close friends and partners. I also blame "Work" takes up much of my time. Anyway all of that are just reasons I created so that I feel good about myself. How selffish I am?

What really happened is that I am not sure of what I want. When I am not sure, it is hard for me to put my priority and take which action first. For example when your friend tell you to pick up your RM1,000,000 before 1:00 pm, I bet that you will stop with what you are doing and get that money no matter what.

What I mean, we always create time based on our priority and our importance. Hence, if we do not set our priority then there will be always no time for us. Mom and dad please forgive me, I am sorry, I love you and thank you. Wife and kids please forgive me, I am sorry, I love you and thank you. Partners and friends please forgive me, I am sorry, I love you and thank you.

Somethings to share from Dr Robert Anthony about time ...

In the lives of busy people no question is asked more often than,“Where has the time gone?” Time, of course, hasn’t gone anywhere as the question suggests, but merely moves on at its normal rate while we become painfully aware that we are accomplishing much less than we would like to.

Unlike the timekeeper at a sports event, in the game of life, we can’t‘stop the clock’ for an instant replay. And when we protest, “I don’t have the time,” more often than not, whatever we are doing is not important enough to warrant our taking time for it.

Let’s admit it. No one has more time than another. We have the same amount of time in every day as everyone else. We have the same number of minutes in our hours and the same number of hours in our day. And, yet, we repeat the same old phrases.

In striving for a fuller, more complete and satisfying life, we hear a lot about the stewardship of wealth and possessions. Less is said about the stewardship of talent. And little is said about the stewardship of time.Unquestionably, time passes quickly. Every moment that goes by is a time in our lives. Since our entire existence is composed of time, it is of the utmost importance that we consider the emotional significance in how we use it. “I’m awfully busy,” “I’m in a hurry,” and “I just haven’t the time,” are three large nails in the coffin of happiness. Continually rushing through life precludes the development of a personality of strength and beauty, and robs life of its savor and flavor.

Every morning beyond our bedroom windows there is fresh air, trees,mountains, fields or parks. But we rarely ever see them. We turn right over and go on sleeping or simply jump out of bed and rush off to work.And when asked why this helter-skelter pace, we insist that we do not have enough time to do the thing we want to do.

Time becomes our master. Yet we must learn to master time instead of being mastered by it. We must stop being time’s fool. Neither waste it,nor get caught up in the ‘no time’ syndrome. Instead, we must learn to control it and make time for the important things in life. When we snatch the whip of hurry from the hand of time, we regain self-mastery.


There you have it! The secret of finding time to do the things you want is to really want to do them, not wishing to do them. We all wish we could do more, but we actually don’t want to, so we just keep on wasting time and wishing for more of it.

When we do make a decision to master time, the first step is not tackling the nearest calendar and budgeting our time. This is the last step. The first step is to clarify why we want to do something rather than why we ought to do it. This is done by developing a real philosophical understanding of the importance, as well as unimportance, of time in our lives. Once we have the motivation to take command, the mechanics of achievement will follow.

Thank you.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

MAGNO Health Juice offers ORAC value of 4,298 units per day

It is been a while I have not updated my blog. I was so tight up with so many things. I am learning to untanggle myself for all sort of things and surely this take time. For your information I already start working in a company located somewhere in Puchong. My job is to promote and market a product called MAGNO Health Juice. I will tell you about that later at the end of this post.

Now, I would like to share this moment with you about my small brother in laws that passed away lastweek on 9th July 2008 at 7:30 pm. This incident really shock my wife and the whole family, my brother in laws was just 35 years old on 4th of June 2008 and still single.

Death is REAL. Everyone will face death anyhow just we do not know when is our time. I was at the hospital (Damansara Medical Centre) that night with my wife and my wife family arranging the necessary things. Then about 1:00 am in the morning we transfer my brother in law body to Hospital University for Post-Mortem because the cause of death is UNKNOWN.

The post-mortem only can be done on the next morning so we go back first and come on the next morning. About 12:30 pm on the next day only we can bring back the body to Klang and ready for the funeral. The burial take place at 3:30pm at Lipat Kajang, Klang.

My brother in law death really hit me in the face. There are something much bigger than life that I need to face. There is something REAL and FOREVER that I need to work on. There something that I CAN NOT avoid at all - DEATH.

DEATH is FOREVER. The UNSEEN is REAL. The UNKNOWN is REAL.I can not ESCAPE from this TRUTH. And this really give me COURAGE to move on in mylife. Thank you GOD for blessing me with this great feeling. You ARE the MOST MERCIFUL and the MOST POWERFUL. Please forgive me GOD for all the things I have done and shine me with YOUR LIGHT and guide me to YOUR PATH.

Ok. That is my story and now, I want to share with you what is MAGNO and how it can benefit you.

MAGNO Health Drink

MAGNO Health Drink is a plant-based proprietary liquid formula,100% vegetarian (whole food) nutritional supplement,prepared to strict quality control norms using time-tested herbs and herbal extracts.

"MAGNO is a herbal dietary supplement that contains 6 anti-oxidant ingredients."

Mangosteen Juice (Garcinia mangostana)
Aloe Vera Juice (Aloe barbadensis)
Goji Berry Juice (Lycium barbarum)
Green Tea Extract (Camellia sinensis)
Grape Seed Extract (Vitis vinifera)
Noni Fruit Juice (Morinda citrifolia)

MAGNO is a dietary supplement and not a medicine.

Suggested Use : Drink 30 ml twice a day with water or fruit juice, preferably before meals.
For children:15 ml twice a day.

Evidence Of The Superior Antioxidant Activity Of MAGNO

ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity and is the measure of antioxidant power of foods. With the help of this test, we can quantify the capacity of food to eliminate the free radicals. It is expressed in mmole Trolox equivalent (TE) per unit weight of food.

Studies carried out by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Scien- tists show that an adult human being should consume about 3000 -5000 units ORAC per day to have sufficient amount of antioxidants in his blood to eliminate the formation of free radicals.

We do get some antioxi- dants from our diets, but it has been observed that a sizeable 80-90% of all of us is not getting even half of the recommended requirement through our daily diets. Therefore a supplement is desperately required to fulfill the daily ORAC need.

Magno offers ORAC value of 4,298 units per day.

Magno Health Drink, with its unique 6 in 1 formulation, has an ORAC of 71,638 mmole TE/lit i.e. 2149 units per serving of 30 ml or 4,298 units per day, sufficient to fight against oxidative stress produced by free radicals.

Following figure explains the comparison of ORAC values of 30 ml quantity of various nutritional supplements that are available in the market.


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2. Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry, 2004, 19 (1) 83-87
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8.Indian Journal of Pharmacology 2002; 34: 428-431
9. Age Ageing, 1991 20:60-69.
10 Indian J Biochem Biophy 1994;31:261-6.

I am still working on the MAGNO website. You can contact to purchase it. The cost is RM190 per bottle or RM370 for two bottle. More information please contact me at 019-2174400.

I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank You.

Best regards,

p/s : May GOD bless us and my brother in law.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Fear, Mind And Your Life: How True Is It? A Magical Mystery!

Today I would like to share my view and my perspective about an emotion called "FEAR". What is FEAR ? Fear is the feeling of afraid of something bad is going to happen to you in the future. For example if you don't have a university degree. You are afraid that you will not get a good job. When you don't get a good job you don't get a good income. When you don't get a good income. Your life will be miserable and on and on. That's I called "FEAR". To me this is very "REAL" and each of us is experiencing it everyday in a different way, different situation or a different kind.

Do you notice that this thing called "FEAR" only bother you about your future. It is like a thing in your mind that telling you about your "FUTURE". It is like an internal suggestion of what will happen in the future regarding your life. And the best thing is, this FUTURE, it can be TRUE or it can be FALSE because it is just some sort of assumption or prediction based on what your MIND had learned and experienced.

Your MIND is a POWERFUL tools. It's job is to protect you from failing, hurts or malfunction. It is your whole BODY guard. It keep you where you are - "THE COMFORT ZONE". Getting out of it is OUT of BOUND. Your mind is very protective and it only learned about the past and DO NOT KNOW about a thing about the FUTURE.

Understanding that fact, how can we believe about the FEAR that our mind telling us? We know that our mind cannot tell about the future? So why we are afraid then? Why we are so fear that you life will go into drain in the future if we don't do something today.

One important thing about FEAR that I learned in the Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar is you need to "FACE IT HEAD ON". When you do this then only you know what is your future and how your mind play its TRICKS onto you. In the seminar, each participant need to break an arrow that is put into their throat soft spot. What it mean you need to break the arrow using your throat by walking into the arrow. You cannot use your hand and so on. You just use your throat and move toward the arrow. It is like the Kungfu movie breaking the sharp spear with their throat.

This is a real "FEAR". Every participant need to sign a Disclaimer form and an agreement form that stated that this is an act of will not by force. Many of the participant are very afraid and terrified and this create the increasing "FEAR" atmosphere. Yup as for me, I am afraid too. Anything can go wrong. This is just like to take a knife by yourself and stab into your tummy and tell others it is OK.

Surprisingly every single participant out of 4,800 people, manage to break the arrow using their soft throat. And what do you think they have achieved with this little exercise facing the FEAR. Do you think that they can break the arrow again without FEAR. Absolutely yes, because their MIND had learned that it is ok to break the arrow using the throat.

When you FACED HEAD ON your FEAR you will find wonders all around. And when you do not want to face it. You will be in FEAR for the rest of your life and can not move on.

Ok that is it for today. Thank you. I love you. Please forgive me. I am sorry.


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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything.

Wow. I think it has been a month I have not update my blog. So many things happening in my life journey.

14th till 22nd May 2008 - I am busy with Tivoli project.
23rd till 24th May 2008 - I was attending Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar.
1st till 6th June 2008 - I was in Terengganu at my brother house.

I thank God for all the above and I really learned much about my self based on the above event.
I like to take this opportunity to share some of what I learned.

This is what I learned from the MMI seminar:
  • Bought 1 apple for 10 cents and sell it for 20 cents - do it and repeat it

  • Your Comfort Zone is direct proportion to your Money Zone. So increase your Comfort Zone and be uncomfortable and grow.

  • 3 most dangerous word in English Languange - "I KNOW THAT"

  • Become a bigger person

  • If you lived it you know it. If you just talk and heard about it you don't know it

  • What we know that ain't so. One cup that is already full there is no romm for anything new

  • The first step of change is AWARENESS

  • You create REASON or RESULT - either one only. Which one is you?

  • If you want to get rich do what rich people do

  • Complete what you start - this is the success people habit

  • Play 100% and practice habit of 100%

  • Financial Freedom is the ability to live the style you desire without having to work or rely on anyone else for money.

  • Income without work is called passive income

What I learned from the Terengganu trip:

  • Put God first in spite of everything then do what you love

  • Enjoy the journey while you still alive

  • The moment is always NOW. If you are happy NOW maintain it to be happy at every NOW.

  • I fill very tiny compare to the BLUE OCEAN. How can I boast about my self?

  • Things happen is for a reason - to remind or to alert you whether you a far or close to your purpose

  • Spend time with your family

  • Unlearn what you have know if what you have know does NOT serbe you at all till NOW.

Tivoli project lesson:

  • Just do it and it is up to GOD to decide

  • Never give up and move on

  • It is not about what you know. It is about you knowing yourself.

  • Put your mind aside and let your True Self lead

Ok enough with what I have learned. My goal is to create more passive income for myself and create a habit out of it. Do I have a choice? Doesn't matter. What matter I am creating passive income for myself anyway.

To do that I have learned a very powerful "Habit Exercise" called "6 Power Money Jars" from T. Harv Eker itself. It look simple but very very powerful. T.Harv said it is not the amount of money that you put in but it is the habit of you manage the money that count. If you can show to the Universe that you can manage your Money well. There is no reason that the Universe give you more and more money to manage.

The 6 Power Money Jar:

  1. Financial Freedom Account (FFA) - 10% from your income - for you to invest and build or buy passive business

  2. Long Term Saving To Spend (LTSS) - 10% from your income - for long term saving for you to spend - etc tv, sports car and so on.

  3. Education (EDU) - 10% from your income - for your own education not for your family. You need to GROW.

  4. Necessity (NEC) - 55% from your income -for you and your family necessity. Here you need to earn more money or life simple.

  5. Play (PLAY) - 10% from your income - spend this jar every month doing what you like.

  6. Give (GIVE) - 5% from your income - give to others
What you do is buy a candy jar and label it and start a habit of dividing the money into this jar when you get any income. You can also having 6 bank account to do this.

Important rule to follow:

  1. You must put money into FFA Jar every day doesn't matter the amount.

  2. You must spend all the money inside the PLAY jar every month.

  3. You cannot use FFA Jar for other things beside investment and passive business.
Another things that I would like to share is about a Passive income opportunity at . More information at the website itself.

You buy 3 lembu (cow) and you received 10%-12% a month direct to your bank account for 3 years. At the end of the 3 year syou can take back your 3 lembu. (cow). 1 lembu is RM1,000 only.

The math:
3 x RM1,000 = RM3,000 you get RM300 per month for 3 years totalling of RM10,800
10 x RM1,000 = RM10,000 you get RM1,000 per month for 3 years totalling of RM36,000
100 x RM1,000 = RM100,000 you get RM10,000 per month for 3 years totalling of RM360,000

Ok that's all. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.


Monday, May 12, 2008

The Unseen Create The Seen!

How do you tell that the "Unseen" can do or create the "Seen"? This question always pop up in my head for the past few weeks. How great is the "Unseen"? If the "Unseen" cannot be seen how can it contribute the "Seen".

I learned from T. Harv Eker that our physical is the "Print Out" of the mental, emotional and spiritual of our self. (Mental, Emotional and Spiritual - The Unseen). What it means that the current physical life that I experience and living is the result of my own state of mental, emotional and spiritual level. I created my own life internally (unseen) and not the otherwise.

If I want to make changes on my physical - financial, health and happiness, I need to change my mental, emotional and spiritual state not just fix my physical state. It is like you make a correction on your computer print out and when you print it out again you still need to make the correction again. But when you make the correction in your computer than you will correct the mistake at your print out.

It also like an "Apple Tree". If your apple tree produced bad apple fruit you need to fix the root of the apple tree by giving the root the required nourishment it needs. Not fixing the apple itself.

This is the basic of making changes to our self. I thought of working hard, struggle through my life and rely on my physical intelligent I can make my life better. I was DAMN wrong. But this DAMN wrong leads me to discover the "SELF POTENTIAL" and "WHO AM I".

I am a logical minded kind of a person. Always rely on my so called "Intelligent Mind" that I actually did not need it all the time. Now I know that my mind is just like my hand and feet. It is just another tool for my body and it is NOT ME. I will used it when I want to used it. I do not want this "Mind" to be so busy body dictating my life. I am greater the my hand, my feet and my mind.

Just to remind you that this "MIND" is so powerful that always create FEAR and WORRY on the things that never happen yet. For example - If I don't get a job I will lose everything. If I don't have any money how can I pay my bill. If I don't settle my debt I will get blacklist by the bank. You need to tame your MIND and gain control back.

You are a being of energy by design (unseen) and this cluster of energy create the physical you and made you what you are right now. If you are not rich right now it is because you create it internally. How ever hard you work to get rich you never be rich because you had not fix the internal you. Is just like the computer print out. That is why you see some people is always in the loop because their "blue print" never change at all. The result will be the same until you change the blue print.

When you learn to manage the "UNSEEN" you will be able to see the result in the SEEN. I would like to share some "UNSEEN" to me last time. But now I can clearly "SEEN" it every time.

Before: I just see this logo normally.

After: I see an "Arrow" moving forward. No wonder FEDEX is very aggressive in their business.

This is what I mean. When you start to see the UNSEEN, you will be able to see it. Thank you very much.


Thursday, May 08, 2008

Creating A Complete And Perfect Freedom!

How to Create Complete & Perfect Freedom
By Dr. Robert Anthony - Creator of Rich Mind Life Strategy

Imagine doing what you want, when you want, with whom you want, where you want, for as long as you want, without ever having to answer to anyone…

Let me ask you a question.

How would you know if you were "rich"?

That may seem like a stupid question. You would probably reply, “I would know if I was rich if I had no bills, or I had a lot of money in the bank, or had income producing investments or business, or I could buy whatever I want without having to go into debt.

What Are True Riches?

If you gave any of the above answers you would be partially correct. Most people perceive wealth or riches as the ability to be financially secure. However, true riches offer an even greater benefit than financial security A person who is truly rich knows they are truly rich when they have achieved the most valuable asset of all: PERSONAL FREEDOM!

This is true wealth – to have complete FREEDOM to live life on YOUR terms.

Focus on What You Want to Attract

When I did not understand the principle of personal freedom, I focused on money. I wanted money, and I wanted lots of it! That was my goal. And because we get what we focus on, I attracted more money.

But then one day I realized that what I really wanted was the freedom to live life on my terms. First, it's important to know when people see how I live and conduct my business, they often say that, “It’s easy for you, you earn a lot of money, you’re famous, you’ve got a huge demand for your books, training programs, etc.” But they miss the point. I purposely designed my life this way when I had no money.

This was my dream. This was my intention.

Focus on Having Personal Freedom

Living this way is the basis of what I teach in my books, audio programs, seminars and personal counseling. What you get in life is determined by what you focus on and the actions you take.
In other words, you get the outcome of personal freedom by focusing on it and practicing it. It is both the cause and the effect or the outcome.

I choose freedom to do what I like, when I like, where I like, with whom I like in both my personal life and in my business.

For example, I do not carry a mobile phone with me unless I am traveling. When I am at home, which is ninety percent of the time, I don’t carry one with me. My reasoning is that I am just not that important that I must annoy everyone who comes into contact with me by constantly and incessantly talking on the phone.

If you feel you have to carry a mobile phone with you everywhere and answer every call, you are not free - you are a prisoner.

Create Your Life By Design

In addition to not carrying a mobile phone with me, I do not take any unscheduled phone calls. Even my personal coaching clients who pay me tens of thousands of dollars must make advance appointments to talk with me on the phone - and those calls are kept to a minimum because I prefer getting emails.

As a result, today, I work only with people I enjoy working with.No exceptions. If I have a troublesome client, I fire them!

My Freedom Makes Me Truly Rich

I live pretty much as I choose. If I want to take a day off to go out to the races, watch the horses run and have a bet, I do. If I want to travel anywhere, I do. If I want to be with someone, dine anywhere or go when I want, whenever I want, I do.

My peace of mind and my freedom to live my life on my terms is why I am truly rich. Yet, I want to quickly emphasize, this has nothing to do with the amount of money I earn. This just helps to support my lifestyle of freedom.

But here is the point: I created this at a time when I could not afford it. I didn’t wait until I had to money to do it. It was my core desire. I believe anyone can live this way of they choose. People tell me that because of their circumstances it is not possible for them to do this. I tell them “horse pucky.” You can do anything you want if you set your intention and follow through.

This is true wealth. You can have it your way regardless of what you do for a living, regardless of the business you're in, where you live, your current income, wealth or lack thereof, regardless of any variable you can possibly name. If you will deliberately get in ALIGNMENT with creating freedom, YOU - I mean: YOU - can have it!

Get in Alignment with Your Desire to be Free

Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to get in total ALIGNMENT spiritually, mentally, emotionally, strategically and behaviorally with a lifestyle of personal freedom, so you can enjoy the results of you wealth. This is the position you want to get into, as quickly as possible.

If you want a lifestyle of total personal freedom, now, not 'someday' - You can join me today. It comes from developing a RICH MIND LIFE STRATEGY.

As always, I wish you the best of everything that you are willing to accept for yourself.
Dr. Robert Anthony is the author of 15 books including the million copy best sellers "The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self Confidence" and "Advanced Formula for Total Success". His latest creation is the comprehensive life-changing program, Rich Mind Life Strategy.

Learn how to create a continual flow of money and riches in your life without struggle...

Zahiruddin .

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

You Are Bigger Than Your Problem!

Dear Zahiruddin,

One of the secrets to wealth is to THINK BIG! The fact is that very few people "think" big and even fewer "play" big. So why don't people want to "play big"? Usually, it's because they believe they can't handle "big" or they don't want to handle it. Why? Because "big" often equals big responsibilities, big hassles and big problems.

One of the biggest differences between rich people and poor people is that highly successful people are bigger than their problems while unsuccessful people are smaller than their problems.
Unsuccessful people are constantly trying to avoid problems. They back away from challenges.

The irony is that in their quest to make sure they don't have problems, they have the biggest problem of all... they're broke or close to it. The secret to success is not to try and shrink your problems; it's to grow yourself so you're bigger than any problem.

Imagine a "level 2" person is looking at a "level 5" problem. Does this problem appear to be big or small? The answer is that from a "level 2" perspective, a "level 5" problem would seem BIG.

Now imagine a "level 8" person looking at this same "level 5" problem. From this person's perspective, is this problem big or small? Magically, the identical problem is now a SMALL problem.

And for a "level 10" person, it's NO problem at all. It's just an everyday occurrence, like brushing your teeth.

It's important to realize that whether you are rich or poor, playing big or playing small, problems do not go away. If you're breathing, you will always have situations that aren't perfect.
Therefore, the size of the problem is never the problem. It's always the size of you!

The secret then is to grow yourself as a person, to be bigger than your problems so that they become insignificant and appear to disappear. Not because the problems are not there, but because you handle them so easily.

The bigger problems you can handle; the bigger business you can handle, the bigger responsibilities you can handle, the more customers you can handle and the more money and wealth you can handle.

Remember, your income can only grow to the extent that you do!

A universal principle states that "at all points in time you are either growing or dying". That's why it is essential to keep learning and continue to work on yourself.

This month commit to growing yourself.

This month, do not shrink from problems, do not avoid problems and do not complain about problems. Practice not letting problems bother you. In fact, don't even call them problems; refer to them as "challenges" or "situations".

This month, practice handling problems with elegance and ease. The way to do this is to let go of your attachments, as well as the emotion and drama you create when you don't get what you want. Just stay present and handle one situation at a time with an open mind and an open heart. Trust yourself and trust the universe that everything will work out in the end.

The bottom line is that if you become a master at handling problems, what can stop you from happiness and wealth? The answer is NOTHING!

Daily Declaration: I am bigger than any problems. I can handle any problems. Nothing will stop me from getting rich. I have a millionaire mind!

For Your Freedom,

T. Harv EkerBest-Selling Author, President of Peak Potentials Training
Obtain Success, Happiness and Fulfillment

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Enjoy And Always Be Happy All Your Moment!

The moment that you are going through right now is your best moment of all time. Despite how it looks - problem, ill financially, stress, sick, anger, betrayed, humiliated and so on - make sure you are always happy. You are bigger than your problem. You DO NOT have to get RID of your problem. You just manage it and enjoy. Problem will always be there and you also always be there too. So manage it and tame it.
Don't be afraid. You needn't slay the beast nor scale the entire mountain. That's not how it's done. You only need to move through today, Mohd Zahiruddin. Think of the distance you've already covered. Focus on your strengths. Let each new step remind you of your freedom. Let every breath you take remind you of your power. Seek out friends and guides; they're anxious to help. You're not alone. You're understood. This road has been walked before. Dance life's dance, just a few steps at a time, and in the wink of an eye you will wonder to yourself, "What beast, what mountain? Was I having a dream?"

We are more than what we can see with our eyes. We have feeling and emotion, mental and mind, physical and strength, and spiritual and inner power. If you take a moment to be with your self and relax and do some sort of little meditation about your self you will realized that you are the most powerful creature ever made. With only your thought and feeling you can make things happened. That is the "LAW". The law that always make its way to you no matter how you think or not think about it. It always work and always work.
Happiness, dear Mohd Zahiruddin, is what greases the wheels of life. It's also what opens the floodgates, marshals the forces, commands the elements, raises the sun, aligns the stars, beats your heart, heals what hurts, turns the page, makes new friends, finds true love, calls the shots, waves the wand, connects the dots, feeds your mind, frees your soul, rocks the world, and pays compound interest.

Yeah, so easy to forget.

Ok. That is some mambo jumbo about life. As for me, I am still seeking and learning about my potential. There are more things that I need to explore and expand my own self. I need to face all the FEAR that I am very afraid of. I know it is not easy but I am facing head on.

Many people ask me? What do you do? How do you survive? How do you face all the problem? Do you regret about my own decision? Frankly to answer that - "I Do Know One Things - GOD Really Love Me".

I have a wonderful job with 5 figure income. Then I choose to focus on doing online business. It last for a while. Then I venture on the publishing business - magazine and last only for a year. And you know what it is almost 2 year that I had no job and no real income.

What I do for the past 2 years is just building business and NOT really getting an income yet. When the time I supposed to make my PROFIT there always be a "Hick-Up".

One look it seem like I am not going anywhere. Or in short I am GETTING worst than ever. What I am going through in my life at this moment is most CRITICAL 2 years of my life. This is actually the most SCARIEST thing that I need to face head on. I need all the support and strength. Because I do BELIEVE, I am reaching the LIGHT.

Beside all the above, actually I am Happy inside. I am growing my Happy seed day by day facing all the FEAR head on. So I really believe one moment my Happy seed will flourish and fill up my outer world and my life.

I always say this "My Inner World Create My Outer World"

Be proud to know as much as you do about life, dreams and reality. Bask, Mohd Zahiruddin. It was a long climb up the stairway of enlightenment, and many a battle over false beliefs and mass consciousness have been won. You don't have to shout from your roof to live your truth every second of every day, but don't shy away from the ignorant; they need you. Nor be intimidated by the truly wise; they love you. And please don't ever let self-consciousness keep you from stepping out into a world that would be unimaginably incomplete without you.
You are a vessel of light, a holy ghost, and frankly, so dang "hot."

I now begin to see the LIGHT. No wonder the LIGHT is within me all the time. I try to seek outside my self but could not find it.

There are few light is shining in my life:

Please forgive me, I am sorry, I love you and thank you.


p/s: I might have so many promises and I am full filling day by day. Soon it will come to you. Sorry for all the trouble that you are facing.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Having Both Happiness And Money!

It is quite a while again, I updated this blog. For the past one week I was not well. I caught a fever and bad throat. Today I am recovering and gained my energy back. I have several project in mind to help me build myself and my financial strength. First of all I would like to thank my parents for all the support and advice, not to mentioned to all my friends that know me inside out and also others that indirectly are supporting me. To all of you I love you, please forgive me, I am sorry and thank you.

I am planning to have a great event that will happen somewhere in July 2008. This event is a collaboration with many great speaker on the subject of wealth and how to activate your inner wealth to bring and invite your outer wealth. This event will be the first "3D Audio Video Live" event and maybe will be the first of its kind in Malaysia. You get the chance to "FEEL" and "EXPERIENCE" the subject of "WEALTH" and be able to apply it to your current situation. I will be announcing it soon and will start with a very special promotion price for April 2008. The actual price is RM1,xx6 and just for April it will be RMx6x. Get ready and be prepared and it is about time you get a "JUMP START".

For entrepreneur and business individual I will be selecting few associate to help me with this event and I am offering a financial rewards for it. Please email me or contact me if your are interested.

Thank you very much for time and energy. Please enjoy the below article about happiness and money.


8 Ways to Buy a Little Happiness

Source: The Happiness Project

I think that the relationship between money and happiness is one of the most interesting, most complicated, and most sensitive questions in the study of happiness.

Studies show, unsurprisingly, that money’s impact on happiness is greatest when you have the least amount of money.

But if you’re one of the lucky people who has enough money to cover the basics – food, shelter, even a car -- does that mean that money can’t make a difference to your happiness?

Some happiness experts argue yes, but I think that’s…ridiculous.

The secret to using money to buy happiness is to spend money in ways that support your happiness goals.

Imagine that you have a certain amount of extra cash. How should you spend it?

One option: a fancy new TV set. Enticing. The fact is, however, that the new TV won’t give you much happiness bang for your buck. The “hedonic treadmill” describes our tendency to adapt quickly to changed circumstances -- which means you’ll get a big kick out of the TV for a short while, but you’ll soon take it for granted.

The hedonic treadmill means that buying STUFF isn’t very satisfying, but there are ways to spend money that are likely to help give you enduring happiness. Spend money to…

1. Strengthen bonds with family and friends. Studies show that having close relationships is one of the most important elements of a happy life. Pay for a plane ticket to visit your brother’s new baby, go to your college reunion, throw a Superbowl party.

2. End marital conflict. If you’re constantly arguing about the unkempt lawn, or the moldering laundry, see if you can throw some money at the problem. Can you hire the teenager down the street to clean out the garage?

3. Upgrade your exercise. Studies show that one of the quickest and surest ways to boost your mood is to exercise. If spending money on a new iPod, a more convenient gym, or a new pair of yoga pants will make it easier to get yourself off the couch, that's a good happiness investment.

4. Think about fun. Ask yourself – and be honest – what’s fun for you? Fishing, bird-watching, travel, hunting through flea markets, experimenting in the kitchen, skiing, scrapbooking? Make sure that your calendar reflects some activities that you are doing just for FUN. For happiness, you’re better off using your money to have a great experience than to gain a possession.

5. Serenity and security. Peace of mind is critical to happiness, so use the money to pay down your debts or to add to your savings.

6. Pay more for healthy food. It’s a sad fact that fruits, vegetables, and healthy food are more expensive than fast food, but eating healthfully will pay off in the long run, in terms of your good health and energy.

7. Spend the money on someone else. One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make someone else happy. Think about ways you could spend the money that would make a big difference to someone else -- whether someone you know, or a cause you support. How many new books could the library's children's room add to the shelves?

8. Think about YOUR priorities. Two years ago, some friends decided to skip an anniversary trip so they could use the money to buy a super-expensive Dux bed. I thought this was a bad idea, because the “hedonic treadmill” would mean that they’d quickly get used to the new bed. Oh, no. They still rave about their Dux bed.

So maybe that fancy new TV set would mean a lot to you, although I, for one, would hardly notice the difference. As always, the key to any happiness question is to know yourself, and what makes YOU happy.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Aura Power And Wealth Magnet Workshop!

Hi again and thank GOD for providing time to share my experience in 2008. It is very exiting and challenging as well. This year I relearned few crucial things that really shape my coming years.

  • I learned about gratitude
  • I learned about "Letting Go" so that I can move on to a higher level
  • I learned about managing my inner self to improve my outer self
  • I learned about the power of writing down my goal or intention
  • I learned about blessing the rich, admire the rich dan love the rich - it is part of letting go and avoid resentment of the rich
  • I learned about my money "BLUEPRINT" - it is not ONLY the skill that you have or the expertise you have. It is your money "BLUEPRINT" that create your money future.
  • I learned about a practical technique called RESQ56 to remove emotional and physical blockage that hinder me from success

I thank GOD for all the above and thanks again for letting me to go through this Phase Of Life. If you like to learned all the above, I really suggested you to attend KAMK workshop - 29th and 30th Mac 2008. (Available only in Malaysia right now). Limited space (Only 18 seat left) and you have a one on one coaching from the Master. It is ONLY RM660 now and next month the price will be increased to RM1099. It is a 2 day workshop and worth your investment on self development. Interested you can call me at 019-2174400 or Aza at 017-3332349. Or sent me an email - with subjet "KAMK-3 Workshop" and your name and handphone number.

More detail in Malay below.

KAMK iaitu nama singkatan Kuasa Aura Magnet Kekayaan akan bergema kembali di IQBC Center Shah Alam dengan lebih gagah dan unggul dalam bidangnya. Nama-nya dan bunyi-nya agak jarang-jarang di kata iaitu ”KUASA AURA” dan “MAGNET KEKAYAAN”. Akan tetapi hakikat sebenarnya ianya amat berkait rapat dengan kehidupan kita setiap hari. Setiap kita ini tidak terlepas dari hukum pantulan dan juga hukum kejadian.

  • Ketahui rahsia kenapa kita ini mengundang perkara-perkara yang tidak diingini walaupun kita berusaha untuk mendapatkan perkara yang di ingini.
  • Ketahui juga rahsia diri kita yang boleh menjana kekayaan abadi dan juga amat praktikal.
  • Ketahui punca sebenar KEGAGALAN dalam segenap bidang, tidak kira apa jua samada perniagaan, pertubuhan dan lain-lain dan di mana anda akan belajar meleraikannya satu persatu semasa Workshop ini.
  • Pelajari rahsia kekuatan minda yang jarang-jarang di sentuh dan dihuraikan secara detail dan praktikal.
  • Anda juga akan pelajari satu teknik penyelesaian masalah dan penyembuhan yang tiada di tempat lain iaitu RESQ56 yang di rumus sendiri oleh Master Hazil - . Teknik ini amat berkesan dan amat mujarab. Ramai peserta KAMK 1 dan 2 telah merasai kehebatannya. Bahkan semasa workshop sendiri ramai pelajar yang dapat merasainya. TERBUKTI secara saintifik dan amat praktikal dan boleh dilakukan oleh semua peringkat umur.
  • Anda akan didedahkan dengan Mind Programming dan Power Of Visualization - di mana ia amat berkesan dalam membentuk sahsiah diri dan mencapai impian.
  • Anda akan pelajari teknik TAP yang istimewa yang anda boleh lakukan di mana-mana sahaja dalam masa yang singkat. Pelajari kenapa dan apa faedahnya?
  • Anda akan pelajari apa itu AURA dan diperjelaskan dengan alat saintifik Aura Video Station.

Semua ini di gabungkan dalam masa 2 hari dan memang amat padat dan amat berbaloi. Harga untuk Workshop 2 hari ini cuma RM660 sahaja dan ianya boleh digunakan setiap hari sehingga ajal kita tiba. Sedia berubah untuk kejayaan. Oleh kerana tempat amat terhad (25 tempat sahaja kini telah tinggal 18) sila hubungi saya SEKARANG di talian 019-2174400 atau 03-58804349 / 017-3332349.

Maklumat lanjut ada di sini


p/s: Saya sendiri merupakan peserta KAMK yang pertama. Memang KAMK amat ampuh dan praktikal. Ini bukan nak ampu atau bodek.

Monday, March 03, 2008

From Zero To Millionaire In Only 2 1/2 Years!


As for today I would like to share a great story about a guy name T. Harv Eker that who " WENT FROM ZERO TO MILLIONAIRE IN ONLY 2 1/2 YEARS! "

sing the principles he teaches, T. Harv Eker went from zero to millionaire in only 2 1/2 years! He combines a unique brand of 'street-smarts with heart'. T.

Harv Eker is the founder and president of Peak Potentials Training, the fastest growing personal development company in North America.

Eker's high-energy, 'cut-to-the-chase' style keeps his audience spellbound. T. Harv Eker's motto is "talk is cheap" and his unique ability is getting people to take "action" in the real world to produce real success.

Eker is the author of the best-selling books, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and SpeedWealth. He has also developed several highly-acclaimed courses such as The Millionaire Mind Intensive, Life Directions, Wizard Training and Train the Trainer. He is also the producer and trainer of the world-famous Enlightened Warrior Training.

T. Harv Eker is the son of European immigrants who came to North America with only thirty dollars to their name. He grew up in Toronto, but spent most of his adult years in the United States.

Money was scarce throughout his childhood, so at thirteen, Eker began his work career. As a teen he delivered newspapers, scooped ice cream, sold novelties at fairs, and suntan lotions at the beach. After a year at York University, he decided to take time off to pursue his dream of becoming a millionaire.

During his early adult years, he lived in five different cities, including Lake Tahoe and Ft. Lauderdale. He had a variety of jobs and started more than a dozen different businesses, but regardless of what he did, or how hard he worked, he just couldn't achieve success.

Finally after many years of frustration, Eker hit the jackpot. He opened one of the first retail fitness stores in North America and grew the business to ten stores in only two and a half years. He then sold part of the company to a Fortune 500 corporation.

With the sale, Eker reached his dream. He was finally a millionaire; however, in less than two years, the money was gone. Through a combination of poor

investments and unchecked spending, Eker was back at his original net worth … again.

It was at that point that Eker began developing his theories about people's mental and emotional relationship to money. He realized that his “inner-money

thermostat” was set for a specific amount of financial success, and that everyone else had a financial set point too. His most profound discovery was that this money blueprint could be changed. Using the principles and practices found in his book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Eker reset his own blueprint to not only create success, but to keep it and grow it, and become a multi-millionaire.

During his years of struggle, Eker vowed that should he ever get rich, he would help others do the same. He has kept his promise. Today, he is the president of Peak Potentials Training, one of the largest and fastest-growing seminar companies in the world. He has already touched the lives of over 500,000 people, helping them move closer to their goal of true financial freedom.

Over 500,000 participants have come from all over the world to attend T. Harv Eker's seminars. His events change people's lives. If you like what you read you can get his book below.

Best Regards,
Zahiruddin - .

Other Motivation & Inspiration Website here: .
Internet For Dummy Review : .
Internet Marketing Version 2008 : .

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Experience Letting Go And Move On!

I just finished reading a book called "Letting Go My Banana" by Dr Daniel T. Drubin. I think this is a great book about letting go all your bad or negative emotion, people, image, things, habit, believe, friends, thinking and etc. In the book all this things calledd "rotten bananas".

How can you move forward if you have rotten bananas that you carry all day long and all the time? This rotten banana smell horibble and make your other good bananas smell horibble too. For sure people would not buy or take consideration of this rotten banana despite how you good you package it. It does smell bad. It is the same with us, if we have rotten habit or anything that is negative in ourselves no matter how we try to hide the truth, it will sure come out and others can sense it. We need to remove all our own rotten banana in order to move on and create our greater self.

It is not easy to let go this rotten banana. For example if you have a friend that you know more than 12 years and you have been long with him in business and so and you also know that your friend is the kind that always provide a "Negative" input, how to get rid of him? Iknow it is very hard - 12 years friendship and all up and down or down only. Am I selfish if I am success without him after all those years.

How about my habit of getting "COMFORT" on all things and my habit of creating "REASON" ? How to get rid of it? This is about changing all you have now in order to create your brand new you that attract success and prosperity.

The past is already written for you but you have a future to write. If you do NOT choose to write your future, it will be "AUTO" written for you and you CANNOT blame what has been written for you because you choose not to write yourself.

From now make a habit of choosing your own future and write it, and at the same time remove all your rotten banana. As for myself, I am doing it NOW and continue doing it.

One of my favourite question: Will I do what I do NOW if I know I am going to DIE in 4 hours time? If you answer yes all the time so that is thing that you need to do no matter what.

Thank you,
Best Regards,

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Famous 5 Step Approach To Get What You Want In Life!

It is been quite a while I have not updated my blog. Anyway I thank you and every one of you that visited my blog. Thank you, please forgive me, I am sorry and I love you. That is the words that I learned from Dr Joe Vitale. I even have his voice in MP3 repeating the same phrase again and again with the subliminal programming track at the back.

Ok, what I am going to share with you today is the key ingredient to get what you want in life. Be it a big house, a dream car, great business and many more this 5 step really help.

  1. Be 100 percent crystal clear about exactly what you want. There is no substitute for an internal fire and burning desire. (This is the MAJOR key). When you are clear with what you want then you can focused on the thing you want and everything in the universe will deliver what you want.
  2. Focus all your mental energy on "what you want". Remember, you do not necessarily need to understand how you are going to get it, just know what you want. The "how" will take care of itself.
  3. See yourself as already having whatever you desire. The mind thinks in picture, and more you can see yourself already having received what you want, the closer you are to having it.
  4. Take the assumptive approach. My belief is that "the things I want the most, want me the most." . Universal law of attraction.
  5. Adopt the true personal power : "The ability to translate intentions into reality."

In order for me to apply the above 5 Step Approch, I bought myself a notebook (the paper one that you can get at the general store). Every morning I will write a least 10 item under the question - "What I am achieving today?" .

Then at night before sleep I checked my notebook and see what have I accomplish today and mirically I achieved everything. I did this several days and I get the same result. Then I just made a simple test - I do not want to write it down - I just want to remember in my mind what I am going to achieve that day. The result I do not achieved anything.

The secret is you need to write in down even though you have a photo-graphic memory or some sort of human genius memory to remember. Jot it down and that is key to turning intentions into reality.

I am now focus on . I am building the "brand" - UrusWang . The model that I followed is help people and earn income for helping them. You need passion and burning desire so that you can overcome the unknown territory.

Best regards and all the best,


p/s: I am currently reading a book called "Letting Go My Banana" - a great book to read.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

"I Can Make You Rich" And "Fish SPA"

Yesterday is a great "pivot point" day - It is Friday 8 February 2008, it is 1st Safar of 1429 and the best thing is holiday - 2nd day of Chinese new year.

Yesterday I had the chance to complete and digest Paul McKenna book called "I Can Make You Rich". The book come with Hypnosis CD that able to program your subconciuos mind to be RICH.

It is a great book to read and it is very practical. It guide you with step by step mindset setting, law of attraction, visualization and simple business plan to follow. It also include simple EFT Technique to make you rich. Anyway as for EFT, I applied RESQ56 that I learned from Master Hazil and Master Amar - .

Ok that is about the book I read. I am now focusing on developing my debt consultation and management services called . I thank everyone for all the support.

If you have credit cards and serving interest 18% a year or more, I might can help you to convert your debt into 0% interest plan for 24, 36 or 48 months. You will save a lot of bank interest charges and can help to settle you debt early. Please visit .

Yesterday it is holiday - a long holiday actually. So my daughter and sons begging me to take them somewhere. So after the friday prayer I took my family to Berjaya Time Square and Pavilion KL.

As for me a my wife, we took the opportunity to go Kenko - Fish SPA located at the 5th floor of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. It is fish theraphy center actually. Take a look some of the picture below.

This the picture of my 2 feet with the fish biting the feet. Very ticklish. After a while you can bare the tickle.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Question Of Wealth ?

One thing that distinguishes the millionaires and billionaires from the vast majority of people is that they are continually asking themselves a "wealth creating questions". When you asked this question you might not get the answer right away, which is why you keep asking.

Here are among the questions:
  • How can I add value to lives of others and most easily make money?
  • What will people pay for that I can easily and happily provide them with?
  • What are the ways can I most easily and enjoyablly reach financial freedom?
  • What would I love to ceate that people would love to give me money for?

Keep asking the above question day by day until ideas pop up in your minds. The best is try to get a note book and write your answer in the note book.

Ok back to business. Do you want to get paid RM20 everytime you sell "Air Time" for RM40. That is about 50% profit immediately. If you have 1,000 customer you can get RM20,000 immediately.

Why "Air Time" business? Because the start up cost is just RM40 and you get paid RM20 for every sale. This business is mobile and very flexible and it operates 24 hours a day.

If you interested you can visit


More information about wealth creation -

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thank You GOD For Showing Me The Way!

First of all I would like to thank GOD for all the wealth and abundance that I had received and still continue receiving it daily. I love YOU and please forgive me.

One thing that I learned is, we always get what we asked for no matter what. (Are you you are ready with what you asked for?) And usually when we get the thing we wanted we always forgot and not grateful of what we had asked. That is what happened to me. I asked to be close with GOD and know myself better and indeed GOD give me that.

And you know what? I almost cannot take it because it is not that easy. GOD took all my material things and leave me behind with my heart just belongs to HIM. And for me I had no choice to go but only to GOD. Everyday I asked for GOD help no matter how. Every seconds I asked for HIS forgiveness and HIS strength to move on.

One things that I find very MIRACLE is I am always happy and have the strength to move on. And my believe to GOD is increasing every moment. I am OK without money in my pocket. I still can laugh and be happy even I need to go to COURT next month. I am still positive and work out some way to improve my financial state. I am very happy to meet a lot of people. Another things is I always get what I want accordingly to GOD time and GOD way. I feel BLESSED every seconds.

I believe that GOD had given me his BLESSING and that is what I meant by PROSPERITY and ABUNDANCE. I really learned that I AM WHAT I AM and I AM MORE THAN JUST THE EYE CAN SEE. And it is the same for everyone. We need some sort of practice with our OWN SELF and be the master of WHO WE ARE.

For the last Saturday and Sunday, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop conducted by the two master - Master Hazil and Master Amar. It was a great REFRESH for me. I learned a lot from them and they share with all the participant a new TOOLS called RESQ56.

This new tools is SIMPLE and VERY POWERFUL and it WORKS instantly. If you are the kind who love the LAW OF ATTRACTION, you will find this tools very HANDY. The next workshop will be in February 16 & 17 2008 and the price is RM660. ( 2 Days Full Workshop with food ).
Workshop KA-MK buat kali ke 2 akan diadakan pada 16hb FEB 2008. PAKEJ WORKSHOP KA-MK :
1. WORKSHOP 2 HARI (minum pagi, makan t/hari & minum petang disediakan)
2. NOTA LENGKAP - apa yang dikongsi dalam workshop - itulah yang anda akan dapat.
3. SIJIL PENYERTAAN - yang cantik menawan, ditandatangani oleh keda-dua coach
4. CD AUDIO SUBLIMINAL - (prgrm ‘tarik wang’). Anda hanya perlu dengar, minda akan bekerja untuk anda.
5. Personal Coaching untuk 6 bulan melalui e-mail untuk ‘IMPIAN 2008?.
6. DISKAUN sehingga 30% untuk produk 7Chakra & Ya HU keluaran IQBC
Sertai TAWARAN hebat ini untuk MENGUBAH NASIB anda. Satu-satunya PAKEJ workshop yang menggabungkan 2 COACH dan 12 ILMU untuk menjana KUASA AURA-MAGNET KEKAYAAN. Siri PERTAMA telah BERLANGSUNG DENGAN JAYANYA!!! DAFTAR HARI INI RM660 SAHAJA!!!

If you contacted me and made payment for the workshop before Saturday, January 26 2008, I will give you RM60 discount. So you just need to pay RM600. Normal price is RM660. If you are the number 21 onward who regsiter for the workshop the price will be RM786. Call me at 019-2174400 before Saturday.

Some information about the workshop:

Satu-satunya workshop di MALAYSIA yang akan menggabungkan 12 JENIS ILMU PERSONAL GROWTH di dalam satu workshop. Dikendalikan oleh 2 COACH dalam 2 hari dan TERHAD untuk 30 PESERTA sahaja. Anda akan mendapat kupasan dan rumusan dari gabungan ilmu-ilmu seperti:

  1. Energy Psychology – sejarahnya menjangkaui 5000 tahun. Diperkatakan didalam kaedah ENERGY HEALING dalam perubatan kuno di timur dan Egypt. Pada 1980-an dibangunkan dengan PESAT oleh ahli filosofi & perubatan moden, antaranya: Dr. George Goodheart melalui kaedah Applied Kinesiology / Muscle Test, Dr. John Diamond – penulis falsafah Sistem Energi Tubuh & gangguan Psikologi (Energy Psychology) dan Dr. Roger Callahan melalui kaedah TFT (Tought Field Therapy).

  2. Accupunture & Accupressure– rawatan purba sekitar 5500 tahun lalu di China. Kaedah yang memetakan TITIK TENAGA di sepanjang tubuh manusia.

  3. Touch For Health – oleh Dr. John F. Thie, kesinambungan usaha oleh Dr George Goodheart melalui kaedah AK. TFH merupakan system dignosis dan terapi system otot yang padanya terdapat saluran/aliran energi.

  4. Ilmu REIKI – seni terapi alami yang bersifat ZEN (suci) dan kelembutan. Membicarakan konsep CHI (energi) secara meluas beserta teori-teori purba dalam ilmu rawatan China & India / yoga & I-Ching iaitu CHAKRA, KUNDALINI, NADIS/MERIDIAN dan AURA.

  5. Sistem Bio-Energi Manusia – gabungan filosofi ilmiah & sains terhadap system aliran tenga listrik dalam tubuh manusia. Dari system neurotransmitter, sinaps, electron, proton, neuron, DNA, RNA, kelenjar tubuh, hormone, saraf hinggalah kepada system elektromagnetik tubuh. Ia juga umpama jambatan yang menghubungkan teori energi purba (memperjelaskan ilmu chakra hingga aura) dengan sains fizik moden.

  6. Kaedah NLP : reframing, anchoring dan breaking the pattern

  7. Kaedah Self Hypnotherapy – sugesti diri atau afirmasi

  8. Kaedah KUASA MINDA – teori sains neuro (transmisi minda) yang memicarkan tentang kuadran minda sedar & separa sedar, gelombang minda (beta, alfa, thelta dan delta), bahasa minda, kaedah PERNAFASAN, VISUALISASI dan MEDITASI.

  9. Kaedah Psychology – Behavioral Therapy

  10. Kaedah EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – diformulasikan oleh Gary Craig pada awal 1991.

  11. Kaedah SUFI HEALING – rawatan kerohanian Dan kejiwaan

  12. Kaedah Numerologi & astrologi – pendekatan numberik (angka) 5&6 sebagai Perkara dan langkah R’ESQ. Simbol atau angka merupakan BAHASA MINDA.

REBUT peluang mendaftar untuk SIRI 2 dengan HARGA YANG SANGAT BERBALOI KERANA selepas ini kami tidak menjanjikan anda akan memperolehi lagi harga pelancaran ini. Kerana apa yang anda perolehi untuk siri 1 ini meliputi pelbagai kaedah dan method pendekatan holistik (mind, body & soul) yang sukar anda perolehi dalam “package” lain seperti ini diluar sana.

Manfaatkan Kekuatan mental @ Kuasa Minda, pelajari teknik2 “meniru” versi NLP, gunakan kaedah terkini YANG DIILHAMKAN SENDIRI oleh Dr Mir Hazil Azran Ramli yang menggabungkan pelbagai TEORI TERAPI PSIKOLOGI ENERGI iaitu -R’ESQ 56 . KAEDAH RAHSIA beliau kini TERBONGKAR!! Akan dikongsikan buat PERTAMA KALI nya dalam Workshop KUASA AURA-MAGNET KEKAYAAN ini. Gunakan terapi R’ESQ56 ini sebagai POWERFULL TOOLS untuk menarik KEMAKMURAN 2008, seolah anda adalah MAGNET kepada impian anda!!!


Kursus Sistem Bio-energi Manusia – RM999
Kursus Kuasa-i Minda – RM500
Kursus pernafasan & Meditasi – RM786
Kursus asas NLP – RM399
Kursus asas EFT – RM799


This is really a great bargain.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Who Am I? And "I Am"

Hi, this time I will make a bold statement of myself. The reason is to address myself of my purpose and what I want. This also will help me to start the year 2008 with a great feeling and confident. Thanks to my mother, father, teacher, friends, wife and kids and anyone that have met me , for given me the strength to share "Who Am I" and "I Am".

It is always the inside that portray the outside. I do believed every each of us is made of a "Great Potential" and " Best Of Everything". It just need a little energy to "Portray" it and make it your best manifestation.

Here I will share with everyone my "Who Am I" and "I Am". I also encourage others to share their "Who Am I" and "I Am".

Who Am I? And "I Am"

I am Mohd Zahiruddin, a young and brilliant multi billionaire who owned the world class hotel resort chain in the world. I owned the world class entrepreneur development centre all over the world that provide the best business services world wide. I have my own foundation that provide funds and education to the major public. I have my own private jet and staff to work for me.

I am very healthy and vibrant. I love to travel and enjoy fine dining and beautiful places with my family and friends. I also run the best self and human development centre in the world. Everyone is eager and happy to learn at my centre.

I am able to create success for everyone I met. I am the source of inspiration and power. I have a beautiful home that I stay with my beloved wife and kids. I have my own island for me to relax and enjoy the stillness.I am very happy. I am wealth. I am abundance.

I am able to cure sickness and heal others with GOD permission.I am the leader that able to bring other others to be independent.I have my own chains of bank that able to provide loans and credit cards to public. My bank is the best and and the fairest bank there is in the world. Everyone is keen and desire to keep their money in my bank.

I control and have most of the food industry factory. I own the main raw food supplier. I have my own oil refinery and be the main processed oil supplier to all the world.

I have my own beautiful yatch for me and my family to take a stroll at the sea. I build beautiful mosque all over the world. I open and own my own telecommunication company. I have several satellite for my business and for my telecommunication needs. I have the largest O2 + Energy water supplier in the world that I supply to the public.

That is what "I AM" now.

Thank you very much for all your time.

p/s: Earn money helping others to solve their credit card problem at

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Year Of "The Fruit" And Commit To Your Wealth

Year 2008 is the year of the "FRUIT". That is what my best friend Rohaizad mentioned in his email to me. ( I will put his whole email below for us to share the wisdom). In the year 2007, my focus is to come up with agriculture magazine and indeed it come up on November 2007 - . (The first issue). I am very happy and felt this is it, that time. I had put a lot of time on it and spend most of time on doing the official administration - meet people up and down, interview, expo, website and marketing.

That time I am hoping this magazine to be a successful one and indeed it was a great one. In less than 2 months it attracted the crowd. We got subscriber all around. website get around 300 unique visitor per day and all is doing great.

In the last week of December 2007, I had to make a decision to leave the company and start working on a new venture. It was hard for me because I am already part of it and I was there building it up. I had to LET GO. I know it is very hard. But I need to let it go. This not my FRUIT yet. GOD had planned for me to have different FRUIT.

Anyway, I would like to seek forgiveness from everyone of what I had say and talk about the magazine. Please also forgive me if I am putting a promise that I had not delivered regarding the magazine and the website.

This year 2008, I am changing my direction into Financial Area and Self Motivation Area. I am now working on . There are a lot of things to learn and to catch up beside finding some income to sustain my family.

Thank you. Please forgive me and I am sorry.


Here is the letter - THE FRUIT

Dear Allah,

First of all, I am grateful that YOU allowed another day for me to live. Each day that passed bring me closer to witness and experience the realization of the PURPOSE of my existence. The purpose that I was destined to do….

I entered the year 2008 with FEAR at the back of my mind. Maybe this is due to my dream…maybe this is due to the information that I am entering, Phase II of my life some called it. Life is going to get tougher and tougher on me. Or maybe not, maybe it is tougher as I am projecting it to be. ALLAH, please help me CLEANSE this memory.

YOU know what, enough of that! I would like to remember 2008 as one of the many best years of my life. This is the year that I started to experience “THE FRUIT”. All that I have manifested was laid before me to experience on the physical plane. That includes, i-care and Onenet. All the businesses that I have thought about come about. I also got to experience my new Honda Stream. Not to mention my wife’s Honda Civic. We renovated the house and turned it into “HEAVEN”.

My life is filled with JOY and HAPPINESS. Every single day that passed strengthen my belief that I am here for a purpose. I now understand that those who lived their life with purpose are those who are able to tap into the UNLIMITED boundaries of LIFE. Not a single moment that I lived where I filled GRATITUDE. I am grateful for what LIFE has to offer. I am bigger than what I think I am.

I wanted to point out the fact in particular that it goes well as planned. I was managing the farm resort with Udin with joy and gratitude as the driver. Our funding arrived as EXPECTED. I now know how to expect miracles. WOW! I now grabbed the notion of being HOLISTIC…is being WHOLENESS. I feel the completeness inside me. I now know that there is NO out there. Everything is inside of me. . I now understand that there is NO such thing as pursuit of happiness as the happiness is inside of us waiting for us to summon them. No need to play catch up…..

Most of us are actually suffering from “DESTINATION ADDICTION”. It is a term that I learnt last night from Dr Holden in the Oprah Winfrey show. Dr Holden described that destination addiction is “living in the not now”. "It's always about tomorrow, so you're chasing 'more,' 'next' and 'there,'" he says. "You promise yourself that when you get there, you'll be happy. And I promise you, you won't, because you'll always set another destination to go for." ALLAH, please help me cleanse this memory.

Please bless me, ALLAH.

Thank you in advance for all the blessings. Meanwhile, I seek our forgiveness.

Yours sincerely,
Rohaizad Omar
3nd January 2008 (11.32 am)

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