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Friday, June 30, 2006

Workshop And The Preparations

I was tied up doing preparation for this Saturday workshop. I was in TPM yesterday to check the classroom, the PC, making full payment, planning the meal location and surau. Anyway the workshop seat if FULL. For the one that had sent the money but do not get the seat we will return the money back and please provide me your bank account number.There will be a next workshop on July 29 2006 at the same place.

To all the successful participant of this coming Saturday workshop please come early around 8:30 am even though the program start at 9:00am. We have so many things to cover and do in one day. Actually not even one day because it start from 9:00am till 6:00pm minus breakfast, lunch and tea.

Remember the workshop will be in Entrepreneur Building 2 - 1st Floor. There will be a sign board direction leading to the seminar venue.

Thank you very much and see you there.

p/s: Anything please call me ...

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

About Focus And Its Relativity To Your Income!

Focus ... Focus ... Focus ... This is the key to grow your income. When you focus, you direct all your energy to its best and you will get best result. This is true when you want to increase your online income.

There are so many things available online. So many opportunity to join that offer you riches in a day. So many marketer marketing so many product with very tempting sales page. So many affiliate promoting a lot of affiliate program that you cannot even missed it.

So we are over flood with a lots of things and our focus fade away. We want to do everything which in the end we will not do anything. Focus on what you want and paddle from there.

If you want to promote affiliate program, do promote it until you get the return or the profit. Once that is in autopilot then only you can move on to the next project and focus on that. By focusing in each project you provide your best energy to it and the result is proportional to your focus. More focus more income.

The above is applied to me. I am not focus anymore so many ideas comes and go. I want to do everything and at the end I lost. Learning from the hard way I begin to focus on what I want. I set my daily target of how much income I want to earn and work on that. Hey it works for few days but after the third day the focus fade away.

I think focus is like a rechargable battery you need to recharge once it is empty. When you are working with full of charge for sure you will get better result.

Update on the close circle blog challenge:
Top Income Generator:
1) - Jasman
2) - Internet Dummy
3) - Mansoor
4) - D. Avicenna
5) The participant refused to show his blog.

Workshop Update:
I am very busy preparing the information and things for the customer. We had about 5 seat left. I will close registration by tomorrow.


Monday, June 26, 2006

Is Your Online Income Protected ?

Is your online income protected? This has been be the worry of many internet marketer. Internet marketer spend a lots of time promoting his products or other people product but other people get the money. How can this happened? People are lazy and very creative these days they want fast and easy money. Example if you are promoting affiliate program which have your ID these stealers will replace your id with their id. You do the promotion but other people earn the income. That is why is very necessary to protect your online income.

Another latest way these stealer get your income is via spyware and adware. This is much more subtle than the previous one because you don't see them changing your affiliate id. How they do this they implement a cookie in your pc that will always remember their id. Any pc that is infected with this spyware when they purchased from your affiliate link will always change your affiliate link to these stealer id.

You need to protect your online income for sure. Get some sort of FREE spyware or adware. Check you PC whether infected or not here for FREE ....

Best regards,

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Want To Make Money From Your Blog!

This a very good ebook about how you can make a lot of money using BLOG. This ebook use Very helpful and straight forward. I learn a lot from here too.Blogging To The Bank For the workshop participant on this coming July 1st will get this for free. Need more info Click Here!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Luxury Vacation At Home Building Blog!

You need a luxury vacation. Try this stop working from your current job and stay at home doing blogs. That is what I called luxury vacation. I say that because you have no fixed income monthly when you are out of job. Anyway I just mumbling about luxury vacation. What I said previously is my own opinion.

If you do have a lot of money and do not know where to spend. You can try this. Hire your own private jet and fly around the world. Breakfast in Paris, lunch in Catalina Island and dinner in New Jersey.

All the above 3 places I mentioned only 1 place I was there. It is the Catalina Island, California. If you want to go there you need to take a ferry from Long Island, California. It is about 2 hours trip. Catalina Island is one of the beautiful island in the world. It used to host the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant.

Ok back to work. I quite jammed packed with all the preparation that I need to do for the upcoming workshop. So many things to give and I have come to a point to do not know what to give. Anyway I have compiled the workshop CD's. (The value is more than USD1000+++).

I am now preparing the presentation slide. About the availability about 12 more seat to go. Interested can go here

Yup that is what I called.
Luxury Vacation.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New Program - Adsense Wealth Empire Affiliate !!!

Here is How We Made $1,000,000 With AdSense...
I just got to know about it today. Very in depth and the best things is FREE to be an affiliate. Read along and enjoy ............

Have you ever seen how $1,000,000 AdSense earnings look like?
These guys built over the past year an AdSense Empire that has created themover $1,000,000 - and they have proofs!

Now they are releasing to the public a very limited number of copies oftheir secrets, blueprint and software tools- The "AdSense Wealth Empire"!

This package is not for everyone! It is only for those of you who reallycommitted to learn and create an AdSense Empire of your own!

So, I urge now to go ahead, visit this page (with the proofs!) and registerto the official launch!

To YOUR Empire!

p/s: To join as an affiliate click here.

Busy Working At Home. Anyway it is "FUN"

I was quite tied up today with my online work. I am working on my new ultimate wealth program and designing my new blog - Internet Dummy Blog. It was fun anyway when you can do this at home.

OK back to reality, I was visiting the TPM Academy yesterday with Astora Jabat to check out the place for our up coming workshop. The place is great and big. It have all the PC connected to Internet.

If anyone interested to join the workshop on 1st July 2006 there are seat available. More information you can go here

I also had my nightmare on my web hosting server, yesterday one of my web hosting server is down for 2 hours and now my another web hosting server is down about 1 hour plus. Yet I believe there always a blessing in disguise.

Cheers everyone,


p/s: Everyday in every way I am getting better and better. As for the new BLOG - is actually I am doing it for Internet Marketing competition with several of my friends. The competition is for 2 months and can only use BLOGGER.COM. No wordpress or anything. By end of 2 months, who earn most Google Adsense income for the specific BLOG will be the winner.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Adsense Secret - Monday Outing With Family!!!

Since yesterday is my son's school sports day so today is an OFF day. My wife also take a one day leave. I have promise my son to go out somewhere ...

As per yesterday I working on several of my website that are impacted by the Google Smart Pricing. Google Smart Pricing will impact you if you have more than one website in one adsense account. I notice this last 2 days when my CPM is lower than usual. What Google Smart Pricing do is if you have many website, the CPM for your site will follow the ads in your worse website. Meaning, your worse website with very low CPM ranging from 0.03 to 0.05 will be in your default CPM value crosswide even in your best website. It does't care hig keyword or what.This is checked weekly by Google.

Your site A: Ads with CPM 0.05 because your worse design not much content and so on.
Your site B: SEO optimized, high traffic, best content, very helpful and so on.

Result: Your site B CPM will follow your site A CPM that is 0.05 only even your site B display very high paying keyword.

Reason: Google want you to create and have CONTENT website and want your website to be helpful not because you want to maximize adsense income.

Workaround: Make sure you remove adsense ads in your worse site until you make you worse site better.


Saturday, June 17, 2006

Work At Home ? FREE 7-Step Affiliate System!

Thinking of working at home and earn money from the internet. Why not get this powerful & content packed report by Ewen Chia now. It's FREE and you can immediately start your work from home.
If you do just one thing today, download this ebook by Ewen Chia now:

Affiliate Money Machine -Download FREE!

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I'm shocked Ewen's is giving this away and you better hurry as it's only for a limited time only....

Affiliate Money Machine -Download FREE!

Make sure you read it now as this system will transform you into a money-making affiliate in any niche fast!

p/s : This is a rebrandable ebook made available to all Secret Affiliate Weapon members. It has
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Updated My "From Poor To Rich" Website !!!

I am in the process of upating my From Poor To Rich website. There is a lot to update and a lot of things to change. But using the new tools that I bought few days back make the task very easy. If you need a tool to create and manage your website very effectively and easily you better get this XsitePro.

Really, I am a DreamWeaver 3.0 guy all along since day one but now only after 6 years, I realize there a better tools out there. One of it is XsitePro.

Another I just received my book that I order from - The Adsense Code - Wow! It is really great book you can get it here ...

Need more information on Adsense you can go here


Friday, June 16, 2006

Blessing In Disguise !!!

Remember regarding the software that I bought last 2 days that do not work. Guess what it work now after the helpdesk replied and fixed it. So I got to test it this morning !
I am not sure whether I can kept this software because I have asked for the refund which the refund team have not response yet. Still a lot more to test.

I am currently working on my traffic building project using this incredible visitor generating tools - VisitorPot . It is a FREE traffic generator plus and income generator for me.

Beside that I am still preparing for my upcoming workshop. So many things to do with little time plus doing the house chores at the same time.

More information about the workshop here.

On my project, I am trying to find a better themes for it and optimized it. Still a lot of work plus my BLOG project that is not updated for few days. I think time really files when you at home.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Home Cooking And Home Income !!!

I wake up this morning with a bad feeling because last night I bought a software from the internet about USD197 and it is not working. I made my complaint to their helpdesk support and no reply. Then this morning I send an email for a refund and still no reply.

Ok anyway, today I spent most of my time doing house work I cooked and cooked for my kids. Somehow my kids really like what I cooked. For lunch I just "goreng ayam" and for tea break I just "goreng cucur".

One thing that I learned I need to manage myself better and trust myself much more. The reason I said that is when I was working I wish to pray Dhuha without guilt but now when I was not working I do not pray Dhuha at all. Another one, I used to puasa every Monday and Thursday and when I am not working I do not do that anymore.

I need to increase my WILL POWER back so that I am back on track. I always believe there always a blessing in disguise.

Zahir mumbling.......

My work at home:
1) I have updated my old website called It is not finished yet and I used this very powerfull software called XsitePro. Really cool ...if you want to make a lot of money in the internet. Buy here .... only USD197. (This is not the software I mentioned in my writing above)

Bengkel Rezeki Halal Melalui Internet:
1) Seat still availble
2) I am still preparing the necessary things
3) More info here at

Wordpress Project:
1) I learning Wordpress too. Here are some of my website using wordpress - and
2) Now I two things to learn WordPress & XsitePro
3) Anyway both have the GOOD point ....

I would like to help anyone that want to help themselves.


Visit my Reiki Master - Dr. Mir Master Hazil here at

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Great Day Today !!!

I think everyday is great day. I start my morning today by sending my 2 kids to school. Then I start to prepare my daughter to go to pre-school. After that I do some cleaning in the house. About now 8:20 am I start to check my email and work at home.

It is very wonderful to have this feeling. Really!!! No joke. I am preparing for my up coming workshop in TPM. I want to make sure that every participant can really benefit from the workshop. The relationship with participant will not just stop there. It will continue until the participant is ready enough to go on their own.

I will guide and provide continuous support to the participant. I will also provide the necessary tools and knowledge to do online business. What is important is we are helping each other to help ourselves. "Jemaah" is the word.

I can help you if you want to help your self. More info about the workshop you can go here


Saturday, June 10, 2006

At Home Dad Project !!!

For the past few days I am working on a new project using WordPress. I am very new to WordPess but I began to fall in love with it. As a start I manage to secure a domain called and start to do some WordPress website testing there.I used this software by Bruce Hughbanks and really very helpfull. You can get a copy here.

Other than that, while waiting my wife to come back from China this Sunday. I got some times to update my website.

It really very tired at home taking care of the kids. Now i do understand is not that is easy to take of the kids. Any how I really enjoy my time with my kids. As a full time home dad, I have to manage my time correctly. Wrong time management mean no income for me cause of most my income is from the internet itself.

Several of my friends asked me , "How come you quit your job?" "You got 5 figure salary and in a Multi National Company?" I said to them I have work enough and I need to spend my time with my kids. And another thing I want to spend my last 4 years before reach 40 to do what I like to do best. I am living on my dream right now even though "NO" monthly income.

Then they say back to me, "You have NO monthly income now. How you can live?". I say to them I live day by day. What is meant for me is meant for me even though I am not working 9 to 5 job anymore. Maybe today I got RM10 and yesterday RM40 and tomorrow RM100 and so on.

Even though my internet income now is not that FIXED and STABLE as my previous 5 figure salary but really it can help me to live my life.


Need a local "Skim Cepat Kaya " info go here.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Workshop - Bengkel Rezeki Halal Melalui Internet !!!

Information about the Workshop...

Title: Bengkel Rezeki Halal Melalui Internet
Venue: Technology Park Academy in Technology Park Malaysia
Date: Saturday 1st July 2006
Time: 9:00 am till 6:00 pm
Facilities: Each student is equipped with internet access computer.
Cost: RM200.

Limited to 60 participant only due to the class can only accommodate 60 internet PC.

More detail you can get it from here .


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Home Alone With Children At Home !!!

My wife is a way for business trip in China for a week. As usual I am at home taking care of the children. Don't get me wrong I am a work at Home Dad. I do my work at home where I settled my children needs first and then start my work.

Today I launched my first and proper affiliate program called This affiliate program is for parents in Malaysia. The program is about giving the best learning system to our children. The website is in Malay language.

I am also launching a JV program with Jasman a website that sell Corey Rudl famous ebook - “How to Create a Fortune on the Internet in Just 4 Simple Steps” for only RM20. The website name is quite skeptical - SkimCepatKaya - is just to draw attention.

Ok Cheers,
p/s : Need to "Goreng" french fries and nuggets for my kids ....

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Education Program That Help Children To Score A In Exam!!!

When I am at home working on my own time, I see more opportunity that I have not seen before. I now realize that I do not pay attention to my kids on their school works but NOW it is different. Thanks to this great program ..

My both sons really love it that they want to use my notebook and pc most of the time. I have to say to them wait first daddy still got work to do.


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