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Friday, June 25, 2010

Are You Your MIND or Are You Your BEING !

Who are YOU ? That is the first question coming out in my mind when I want to write this post. I am mostly my MIND. Why I say that ... SIMPLE
  • I learned - I only know what I learned
  • I choose - I only choose what I want
  • I compare - I only compare what is past
  • I create - I only create based on what I learned
  • I depend - I only depend on what I know
  • I make - I only make a routine for my own self image and protection
  • I own - I only own what I create
  • I afraid - I am afraid that I lost everything
  • I claim - I claimed who am I based what I learned
Basically - YOUR MIND create and convince you of who you are. The MIND that want to be alive. The MIND that want to be appreciate. The MIND that want it shares in you. When the MIND did not get what it want it create and project SUFFERING and try to implies that you are SUFFERING.

Wake UP ! Your MIND only know what is past and claimed only only things that had already happened. Your MIND do not know what is going to happen tomorrow. It only create and assume an image or picture what will going to happen and not sure of it. This where FEAR originate from - Your MIND. It create all the FEAR in you.Your MIND know exactly who you are because we made you think what you are NOW. Your MIND know what FEAR to create and so on.Unless you are CONSCIOUS of who you really are.

It is time to LET GO YOUR MIND. Use it when you need it only. Do NOT be a SLAVE to your MIND. Treat it like your hand and your feet. You use it when when you want to use it. Don't let your mind dictate WHO YOU ARE.

So then "Who Are You ?" - You are "YOU" when your are NOT YOUR MIND. How do you know that you are NOT YOUR MIND ? You know that WHEN ...

  • you are not comparing
  • you are not competing
  • you are not judging
  • you are enjoying the moment
  • you are not dwelling on the past
  • you are not fear the future
  • you are always present
  • you are not labeling - good or bad
BEING is the ORIGINAL state of YOU. You are JOY. You are WEALTH. You are HEALTHY. You are HAPPY. You are ALIVE. You are YOU. You are LIFE itself.

Knowing that - Get Back To Your Own SELF. Put your MIND aside. Tame your MIND. Tell your MIND. You are IN CHARGE. You OWE it to your SELF.

I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

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