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Monday, June 23, 2008

Fear, Mind And Your Life: How True Is It? A Magical Mystery!

Today I would like to share my view and my perspective about an emotion called "FEAR". What is FEAR ? Fear is the feeling of afraid of something bad is going to happen to you in the future. For example if you don't have a university degree. You are afraid that you will not get a good job. When you don't get a good job you don't get a good income. When you don't get a good income. Your life will be miserable and on and on. That's I called "FEAR". To me this is very "REAL" and each of us is experiencing it everyday in a different way, different situation or a different kind.

Do you notice that this thing called "FEAR" only bother you about your future. It is like a thing in your mind that telling you about your "FUTURE". It is like an internal suggestion of what will happen in the future regarding your life. And the best thing is, this FUTURE, it can be TRUE or it can be FALSE because it is just some sort of assumption or prediction based on what your MIND had learned and experienced.

Your MIND is a POWERFUL tools. It's job is to protect you from failing, hurts or malfunction. It is your whole BODY guard. It keep you where you are - "THE COMFORT ZONE". Getting out of it is OUT of BOUND. Your mind is very protective and it only learned about the past and DO NOT KNOW about a thing about the FUTURE.

Understanding that fact, how can we believe about the FEAR that our mind telling us? We know that our mind cannot tell about the future? So why we are afraid then? Why we are so fear that you life will go into drain in the future if we don't do something today.

One important thing about FEAR that I learned in the Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar is you need to "FACE IT HEAD ON". When you do this then only you know what is your future and how your mind play its TRICKS onto you. In the seminar, each participant need to break an arrow that is put into their throat soft spot. What it mean you need to break the arrow using your throat by walking into the arrow. You cannot use your hand and so on. You just use your throat and move toward the arrow. It is like the Kungfu movie breaking the sharp spear with their throat.

This is a real "FEAR". Every participant need to sign a Disclaimer form and an agreement form that stated that this is an act of will not by force. Many of the participant are very afraid and terrified and this create the increasing "FEAR" atmosphere. Yup as for me, I am afraid too. Anything can go wrong. This is just like to take a knife by yourself and stab into your tummy and tell others it is OK.

Surprisingly every single participant out of 4,800 people, manage to break the arrow using their soft throat. And what do you think they have achieved with this little exercise facing the FEAR. Do you think that they can break the arrow again without FEAR. Absolutely yes, because their MIND had learned that it is ok to break the arrow using the throat.

When you FACED HEAD ON your FEAR you will find wonders all around. And when you do not want to face it. You will be in FEAR for the rest of your life and can not move on.

Ok that is it for today. Thank you. I love you. Please forgive me. I am sorry.


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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything.

Wow. I think it has been a month I have not update my blog. So many things happening in my life journey.

14th till 22nd May 2008 - I am busy with Tivoli project.
23rd till 24th May 2008 - I was attending Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar.
1st till 6th June 2008 - I was in Terengganu at my brother house.

I thank God for all the above and I really learned much about my self based on the above event.
I like to take this opportunity to share some of what I learned.

This is what I learned from the MMI seminar:
  • Bought 1 apple for 10 cents and sell it for 20 cents - do it and repeat it

  • Your Comfort Zone is direct proportion to your Money Zone. So increase your Comfort Zone and be uncomfortable and grow.

  • 3 most dangerous word in English Languange - "I KNOW THAT"

  • Become a bigger person

  • If you lived it you know it. If you just talk and heard about it you don't know it

  • What we know that ain't so. One cup that is already full there is no romm for anything new

  • The first step of change is AWARENESS

  • You create REASON or RESULT - either one only. Which one is you?

  • If you want to get rich do what rich people do

  • Complete what you start - this is the success people habit

  • Play 100% and practice habit of 100%

  • Financial Freedom is the ability to live the style you desire without having to work or rely on anyone else for money.

  • Income without work is called passive income

What I learned from the Terengganu trip:

  • Put God first in spite of everything then do what you love

  • Enjoy the journey while you still alive

  • The moment is always NOW. If you are happy NOW maintain it to be happy at every NOW.

  • I fill very tiny compare to the BLUE OCEAN. How can I boast about my self?

  • Things happen is for a reason - to remind or to alert you whether you a far or close to your purpose

  • Spend time with your family

  • Unlearn what you have know if what you have know does NOT serbe you at all till NOW.

Tivoli project lesson:

  • Just do it and it is up to GOD to decide

  • Never give up and move on

  • It is not about what you know. It is about you knowing yourself.

  • Put your mind aside and let your True Self lead

Ok enough with what I have learned. My goal is to create more passive income for myself and create a habit out of it. Do I have a choice? Doesn't matter. What matter I am creating passive income for myself anyway.

To do that I have learned a very powerful "Habit Exercise" called "6 Power Money Jars" from T. Harv Eker itself. It look simple but very very powerful. T.Harv said it is not the amount of money that you put in but it is the habit of you manage the money that count. If you can show to the Universe that you can manage your Money well. There is no reason that the Universe give you more and more money to manage.

The 6 Power Money Jar:

  1. Financial Freedom Account (FFA) - 10% from your income - for you to invest and build or buy passive business

  2. Long Term Saving To Spend (LTSS) - 10% from your income - for long term saving for you to spend - etc tv, sports car and so on.

  3. Education (EDU) - 10% from your income - for your own education not for your family. You need to GROW.

  4. Necessity (NEC) - 55% from your income -for you and your family necessity. Here you need to earn more money or life simple.

  5. Play (PLAY) - 10% from your income - spend this jar every month doing what you like.

  6. Give (GIVE) - 5% from your income - give to others
What you do is buy a candy jar and label it and start a habit of dividing the money into this jar when you get any income. You can also having 6 bank account to do this.

Important rule to follow:

  1. You must put money into FFA Jar every day doesn't matter the amount.

  2. You must spend all the money inside the PLAY jar every month.

  3. You cannot use FFA Jar for other things beside investment and passive business.
Another things that I would like to share is about a Passive income opportunity at . More information at the website itself.

You buy 3 lembu (cow) and you received 10%-12% a month direct to your bank account for 3 years. At the end of the 3 year syou can take back your 3 lembu. (cow). 1 lembu is RM1,000 only.

The math:
3 x RM1,000 = RM3,000 you get RM300 per month for 3 years totalling of RM10,800
10 x RM1,000 = RM10,000 you get RM1,000 per month for 3 years totalling of RM36,000
100 x RM1,000 = RM100,000 you get RM10,000 per month for 3 years totalling of RM360,000

Ok that's all. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.


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