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Saturday, November 20, 2010

How To Change Reality !!!!

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The only time we suffer is when we believe a thought that argues with "what is". When the mind is perfectly clear, "what is" is what we accept in this moment.

If you want your reality to be different than "what is" then you might as well try to teach your cat to bark. You can try and try and in the end the cat will look up at you and say "Meow". Wanting your reality to be different than what it is in this moment, is just as stupid. You can spend the rest of your life trying to teach your cat to bark, but you will never succeed.

And yet if you pay attention, you'll notice that you think thoughts like this dozens of times every day. People should be... My neighbors should be... My husband should... My wife should... I should...

These thoughts are ways of wanting reality to be different than it is. Here is my point - all the stress you feel in your life at this moment is caused by arguing with "what is".

People say to me, "But if I simply accept reality then I will become passive and nothing will change. I answer them with this question. Which of these statements makes more sense? "I wish I hadn't lost all that money." or "What can I do now to create more income?"

Accepting "what is" doesn't mean you condone or approve of the way things are, it just means you give up all the resistance and inner struggle by wishing it were different. No one wants to lose their money, have their children get sick or be in a car accident.
However, when these things happen it can it be helpful not to mentally argue with them. We know better than to do that, yet we do it because it is a HABITUAL PATTERN.

I am a lover of "what is", not because it is the "right" thing to do, but because it hurts when I argue with reality, and when I do, I AWLAYS lose.

Today will bring you a new awareness, a lesson or a manifestation that you are making progress - IF YOU LOOK FOR IT! No matter how large or small, please record it in your Evidence Journal. It will only take a few moments and will AUTOMATICALLY put you in the Flow.

Truly Caring for Your Success!

Dr. Robert Anthony

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Saya Ingin Menonton Filem The Sosial Network !!!

Ingin mengetahui bagaimana Facebook bermula? Filem ini menceritakan bagaimana, seorang mahasiswa Harvard dan genius dalam pengaturcaraan komputer, Mark Zuckerberg membina rangkaian sosial dunia yang merevolusikan komunikasi.

Antara pelakon-pelakon terkenal adalah seperti JESSE EISENBERG, ANDREW GARFIELD, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, ARMIE HAMMER and JOSH PENCE, dan ramai lagi. Filem ini adalah berdasarkan sebuah buku bertajuk "The Accidental Billionaires" oleh Ben Mezrich.

Untuk keterangan lanjut mengenai filem ini dan bagaimana untuk mendapat tiket-tiket percuma, sila lawati Peraduan Blogger Filem "The Social Network".

Filem ini akan ditayangkan di pawagam mulai 2 Disember 2010!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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Friday, October 15, 2010

It Is Been A While ....

Yes .. It is been a while that I do not update my Blog. Spend most of my time updating my facebook. Any way I will to continue the updating soon. Thank you for everything.

I am sorry. Please forgive me . Thank you. I love you.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We Have Forgotten WHO WE ARE !

Hi Zahiruddin!

Why are so many of us struggling? Because we have forgotten WHO WE ARE.

Who we are is our True and Authentic Self that is always connected and one with Source Energy. On the other hand, who we THINK we are is how we show up in life. If we are struggling we will never be who we are. Let that sink in for a moment.

Who we THINK we are comes from listening to other people rather than listening to ourselves. For a large portion of my life I believed what others told me to believe. I learned early that what other people think of me is more important that what I think of myself. At least this is what I thought.

Living in the Flow and living in abundance is about focusing on WHO YOU ARE and what you can do in this moment. It is not about who you are not, what you cannot do, and what you don't have.

WHO YOU ARE is everything. It is the ONLY thing that really matters because everything hinges on your ability to be yourself and to do that you must become intimately aware of the false beliefs you have about yourself and about the way life works.

When you live in the Flow and in Alignment with Source Energy you know you already have what you need. People who live in the Flow and in Alignment are more than just positive thinkers - they are attraction in action.

They accept life is not always easy and doesn't always follow a straight and convenient path. They let life unfold through them instead of putting their life into a box of expectations.

Your greatness is not dependent upon anything you accomplish. You don't need to prove anything to anyone - even yourself. I am here to tell you one thing - you and everyone that comes in contact with you are already great. To live your greatness, you must know WHO YOU ARE and you must do what you can do in THIS MOMENT. Nothing else is required.

Today will bring you a new awareness, a lesson or a manifestation that you are making progress - IF YOU LOOK FOR IT! No matter how large or small, please record it in your Evidence Journal. It will only take a few moments and will AUTOMATICALLY put you in the Flow.

Truly Caring for Your Success!

Dr. Robert Anthony

Friday, August 13, 2010

Rules To Live By .....Women You Want ...

I get this from my wife ... so I just share it with everyone ... interesting about the woman you want ....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Can You Make Some Money Online ?

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Thank you ....


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Monday, August 02, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

It Is About Me, My Life And My Next Life (My Dead)

Who am I ? Who am I really ? What am I ? What am I really ? This search will never ends until you let go "Your Mind". Your mind need a justification to exist. IT describe who you are. IT describe what you are and do all sort of things to make sure IT exist.

Your Mind learn from the past, it create FEAR of the future, it create illusion of the reality, it mumbles in your head, it control your views, it manage your eyes, ears and smells, it is all over you and IT want to become YOU.

This is a BATTLE inside and this battle will never ends until you DIE. This "MIND" works cleverly and joined with other "MIND's" and create what we called "MIND EFFECT" or "MIND SYNDROME". This "MIND's" rules the earth and the world.

All the above is my "MIND" perception and projection. Your "MIND" really can amazed you of what IT can do to you.

Do you ever asked ? why some car is right hand drive and some is left hand drive ? why there is 220v and 110v current voltage ? All this question is from your MIND and it can create million of question that will never ends.

Remember this ! There is a time that your MIND is at REST - during the sleep. That is the time that you hardly remember what you do and what people can do to you. During this time where are you? How come you have FAITH that you going to wake up tomorrow ? There is no guarantee.

I always asked myself, where to ? why I am such in hurry doing everything ? what I am missing in this life ? why I am worry about things that not happened yet ? why I have all this fears and worry ? Have I NOT TRUSTED GOD ?

Hey we cannot see GOD. GOD never help us when we have no MONEY. GOD never work 9 to 5 every day. GOD never have to send children to school. GOD never have to worry about paying bills.

See who is talking about GOD. That is my mind talking about GOD. My mind compares. My mind judge. My mind analyze. And the result my MIND make my BELIEF.

I need to come out and win this battle over my mind. It is already 40 years and I am still strangling with this battle. I am sorry God. Please forgive me. Please guide me and teach me. Please bless me. Thank you. I love you.


p/s: This is my mind speaking !

Friday, June 25, 2010

Are You Your MIND or Are You Your BEING !

Who are YOU ? That is the first question coming out in my mind when I want to write this post. I am mostly my MIND. Why I say that ... SIMPLE
  • I learned - I only know what I learned
  • I choose - I only choose what I want
  • I compare - I only compare what is past
  • I create - I only create based on what I learned
  • I depend - I only depend on what I know
  • I make - I only make a routine for my own self image and protection
  • I own - I only own what I create
  • I afraid - I am afraid that I lost everything
  • I claim - I claimed who am I based what I learned
Basically - YOUR MIND create and convince you of who you are. The MIND that want to be alive. The MIND that want to be appreciate. The MIND that want it shares in you. When the MIND did not get what it want it create and project SUFFERING and try to implies that you are SUFFERING.

Wake UP ! Your MIND only know what is past and claimed only only things that had already happened. Your MIND do not know what is going to happen tomorrow. It only create and assume an image or picture what will going to happen and not sure of it. This where FEAR originate from - Your MIND. It create all the FEAR in you.Your MIND know exactly who you are because we made you think what you are NOW. Your MIND know what FEAR to create and so on.Unless you are CONSCIOUS of who you really are.

It is time to LET GO YOUR MIND. Use it when you need it only. Do NOT be a SLAVE to your MIND. Treat it like your hand and your feet. You use it when when you want to use it. Don't let your mind dictate WHO YOU ARE.

So then "Who Are You ?" - You are "YOU" when your are NOT YOUR MIND. How do you know that you are NOT YOUR MIND ? You know that WHEN ...

  • you are not comparing
  • you are not competing
  • you are not judging
  • you are enjoying the moment
  • you are not dwelling on the past
  • you are not fear the future
  • you are always present
  • you are not labeling - good or bad
BEING is the ORIGINAL state of YOU. You are JOY. You are WEALTH. You are HEALTHY. You are HAPPY. You are ALIVE. You are YOU. You are LIFE itself.

Knowing that - Get Back To Your Own SELF. Put your MIND aside. Tame your MIND. Tell your MIND. You are IN CHARGE. You OWE it to your SELF.

I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Iblis Tidak Berdaya Dihadapan Orang yang Ikhlas

Iblis Tidak Berdaya Dihadapan Orang yang Ikhlas

Rasullullah SAW lalu bersabda lagi: “Segala puji bagi Allah yang telah membahagiakan ummatku dan menyengsarakanmu.”

“Iblis segera menjawab: “Tidak. Tak akan ada kebahagiaan selama aku hidup hingga Hari Akhir. Bagaimana Kau bisa berbahagia dengan ummatmu, sementara aku bisa masuk ke dalam aliran darah mereka dan mereka tak bisa melihatku? Demi yang menciptakan diriku dan memberikanku kesempatan hingga hari akhir, aku akan menyesatkan mereka semua. Baik yang bodoh, atau yang pintar, yang bisa membaca dan tidak bisa membaca, yang durjana dan yang saleh, kecuali hamba Allah yang Ikhlas (Mukhlisin).”

“Siapa orang yang ikhlas menurutmu ?”

“Tidaklah Kau tahu wahai Muhammad, bahawa barang siapa yang menyukai emas dan perak, ia bukan orang yang ikhlas. Jika kau lihat orang yang tidak menyukai dinar dan dirham, tidak suka pujian dan sanjungan, aku bisa pastikan bahwa ia orang yang ikhlas, maka aku meninggalkannya. Selama seorang hamba masih menyukai harta dan sanjungan serta hatinya masih selalu terikat dengan kesenangan dunia, ia sangat patuh padaku.”

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Seminar Pendedahan Esklusif Numerologi Islam

Salam Kepada Semua,

Saya ingin menjemput untuk menghadiri seminar esklusif dari IQBC – “Seminar Pendedahan Esklusif Numerologi Islam Dan Kunci Rahsia Kejayaan 2010″ .

Perkara : Seminar Pendedahan Esklusif Numerologi Islam Dan Kunci Rahsia Kejayaan 2010 & Termasuk Sekali “Jamuan Makan Malam Bertema “Kembara 1001 Malam”
Tarikh: Sabtu 15hb Mei 2010
Waktu: 7:00 malam hingga 12:00 malam
Tempat: Hotel Grand BlueWave Shah Alam
Tema Pakaian : Pakaian ‘Padang Pasir‘ (ARABIAN NIGHT)
Perkara :Tarikh: Waktu: Tempat:Tema Pakaian :


[INFO: Dr Mir Hazil telahpun mengendalikan workshop-workshop NUMEROLOGI secara INTERPERSONAL sejak 2007 lagi SEBELUM MANA-MANA WORKSHOP SEUMPAMANYA MUNCUL DI PASARAN. Beliau juga telah mengetengahkan PELBAGAI KAJIAN dan INFO ILMU perihal NUMEROLOGI ISLAMIK melalui penulisan-penulisanya di buku beliau "AURA PERSONALITI WARNA" (PTS - 2008), Majalah Al-Islam (2007), Blog peribadi dan majlis-majlis ceramah undangan yang diterima beliau]

Maklumat Seminar :

Pendedahan Esklusif Numerologi Islamik & Kunci Rahsia SUKSES 2010 - Pendedahan berani yang pertama kali oleh Dr Hazil Azran Ramli (salah seorang pewaris dan pengamal ilmu numerologi Islam) perihal “Numerologi Islam Dan Kunci Rahsia Kejayaan 2010?.Inilah kali pertama seumpamanya di Malaysia mahupun didunia telah dipersembahkan bagi memperkenalkan kepada masyarakat umum mengenai Numerologi Islam.

Jangan marah, jangan risau, jangan bimbang, bersyukur, rendah hati, jujur dan berbuat baik.Fahami dulu, jangan terus menghukum,hilangkan was-was,terokai ilmu luhur untuk menfaat diri, keluarga dan semua.

NUMEROLOGI Islamik adalah ILMU MEMAHAMI SIFAT ANGKA atau NOMBOR menerusi KACAMATA ISLAM. Walaupun ia bukanlah ilmu KHUSUS, ia banyak dibicarakan oleh ahli-ahli FALAQ (ASTRONOMI ISLAM) terutamanya dalam menetukan PENTARIKHAN. Memahaminya umpama MEMBONGKAR RAHSIA HUBUNGAN INSAN DENGAN PENCIPTANYA.. Pasti ada RAHSIA dalam RAHSIA mengapa ianya diilhamkan kepada manusia.

Ilmu NUMEROLOGI ISLAMIK bakal membongkar RAHSIA ALAM DIRI yang TERSEMBUNYI. Kita telahpun ‘hidup’ di dalamnya TANPA kita FAHAMI dan SEDARI. Kini adalah masanya untuk kita ‘MELIHAT RAHSIA YANG TERPENDAM ITU’.

Apa yang bakal anda pelajari dan fahami ?

1. Apa itu Numerologi ? Pentarikhan ? Menetapkan sesuatu tarikh?
2. Apa itu Numerologi Islam ? Pentarikhan Dalam Islam ? Islam dan Nombor ?
3. Sejarah Numerologi Islam ? Ibnu Khaldun salah seorang pakar numerologi.
4. Numerologi Umum / Rahsia Tarikh Lahir yang boleh memesong Aqidah.
5. Rahsia Bulan Hijrah
6. Menukar “Software Diri” dari Masihi ke Hijrah
7. Tarikh Istimewa dalam Kalender Islam / Hijrah
8. Kekuatan Tahun Hijrah
9. Mengenal Potensi Diri dari kacamata tahun Hijrah


Apa yang anda bakal perolehi ?
  • Pengisian dan penambahan ilmu – Pendedahan Esklusif Numerologi Islam Dan Kunci Rahsia Kejayaan 2010 oleh Dr Hazil Azran Ramli
  • Hadiah Pintu atau Door Gift yang anda akan kenang dan ingat buat selamanya
  • Makan malam esklusif secara buffet di hotel Grand BlueWave Shah Alam
  • Malam persembahan oleh Kumpulan Picha-picha, Pentomin
  • Pertandingan Baju Tema “Arabian Night”
  • Cabutan bertuah dan cabutan bertuah utama
  • Perjalanan “Kembara Hijrah 1001 Malam” – Tips kejayaan, kekayaan, kesejahteraan dan kesihatan.
Aturcara Majlis:

  • Pendaftaran Peserta
  • Sebaik Pintu Utama di buka mulalah perjalanan “Kembara Hijrah 1001″. Malam diiringi audio video dan juga live band.
  • Setiap peserta akan di bawa ke meja masing-masing.
  • Kata-kata aluan dan penerangan
  • Majlis Makan Malam di iringi irama lagu dan juga persembahan
  • Acara Kemuncak Majlis – Pendedahan Esklusif Numerologi Islam Dan Kunci – Rahsia Kejayaan 2010
  • Sesi Tafakur dan muhasabah diri.
  • Persembahan Dan Pentomin – Buffet di buka kembali.
  • Cabutan Bertuah
  • Majlis Graduasi Juruterapi Reiki Bio energi (batch 3) 2009-2010
  • Majlis Bergambar
  • Bersurai.


Harga Tiket Perseorangan: RM150 seorang – termasuk seminar/pengisian ilmu, makan malam buffet, persembahan, door gift istimewa, cabutan bertuah dan lain-lain.Harga ini sah untuk tempahan dan bayaran sebelum 15hb April 2010.Dan untuk pasangan/isteri/suami boleh dapatkan harga RM120 seorang. Harga selepas 15hb April 2010 adalah RM180 seorang dan pasangan pula RM150.

Harga Tiket Tempahan Meja: RM1200 satu meja untuk 10 orang – termasuk seminar/pengisian ilmu, makan malam buffet, persembahan, door gift istimewa, cabutan bertuah dan yang lain. Harga ini sah untuk tempahan dan bayaran sebelum 15hb April 2010.Harga selepas 15hb April 2010 adalah RM1500 satu meja.

Tempah tempat anda sekarang! Ajak sahabat handai dan kawan-kawan tempah satu meja! Belajar Ilmu Numerologi Islam, Jangan terpengaruh dengan dakyah numerologi yang memesongkan. Belajar ilmu, bergembira dan nikmati santapan rohani dan jasmani serta alunan muzik yang menyegarkan jiwa.

Jumpa anda di sana …

Team TERJAH – IQBC Sdn Bhd
- Lutfi 017-333 2349 - Ismi 017-300 2349 - Zahiruddin 019 2174400

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Reminder Of The Power Of Changes

Hi Zahiruddin!

We talk a lot about change, but where does the power to change come from? I can tell you this; it is not from your mind. Your mind only knows what it has been conditioned to believe. In order to make permanent and lasting change you must know the source of your true power.

You must KNOW, not just believe, that you are Source Energy in a physical body and that the Source Energy part of you remains in the non-physical or vibrational realm, while the physical part of you is functioning in the physical dimension. But you cannot separate yourself EVER from the Source Energy that is you.

It is always pulsing strong within you. The Source Energy that is pulsing strong within you knows your true value and your true power. But when you forget WHO YOU ARE, it causes a problem in your vibration. The Source Energy within you loves you and others around you and when you don't, you cause discord in your vibrational energy.

The way it works is, you came forth in this physical body and in the moment you came forth you gained the perspective of your physical environment, but you also always have this larger perspective of Source Energy pulsing through you. And in the moment you were born those two perspectives began to give you vibrational feedback - the relationship between the Source Energy and the physical side of you. It began giving you feedback just like every guidance system in the world does.

So now you have these two points of vibrations. The unlimited Source Energy that you are, and who you think you are - your personality. And in the moment when you feel negative emotion it means that the Source Energy that you are has a very different point of view of whatever your object of attention is within you.

This is your indication you are out of alignment.

Today will bring you a new awareness, a lesson or a manifestation that you are making progress - IF YOU LOOK FOR IT! No matter how large or small, please record it in your Evidence Journal. It will only take a few moments and will AUTOMATICALLY put you in the Flow.

Truly Caring for Your Success!

Dr. Robert Anthony

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reiki 360 - A Practical Approach Of Modern Day !

What is Reiki ? Some might heard about it. Some might know about. Some might used it. Some might manipulated it. Some do not bother to know it. It depends. The name Reiki originated from Japan by Dr Mikao Usui.

Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) is a combination of two Japanese words rei and ki meaning universal life energy. Reiki is an ancient laying-on of hands healing technique that uses the life force energy to heal, balancing the subtle energies within our bodies. Reiki addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances. This healing art is an effective delivery system. The Reiki practitioner serves as a vessel that supplies healing energies where they are most needed.

Can you learn Reiki ? Yes anyone can learn Reiki. There are levels in Reiki.
  • Level 1 - healing and energizing for your own yourself
  • Level 2 - healing and energizing for family and close friends
  • Advance - healing and energizing others
  • Master - the ability to attune Level 1, 2, Advance and Master
As for Reiki 360, it is Reiki Level 1 as per Reiki syllabus and you able to harness and manage the universal energy for your own benefit.

Reiki 360 comes with new approach in method of teaching Reiki. Modern day require modern approach. The content and syllabus is still the same as the tradition Reiki (Usui Reiki). It stress more on how you can apply and harness universal energy in your daily life.

For that we will introduce it first in Malaysia on 24th April 2010. Some everyone is welcome to join and see for yourself what you can do with Reiki. More detail at .

Monday, March 22, 2010

Relax, Steady And Enjoy Life !

First of all I would like to thank God for reminding me of how great to be alive. Thank you God. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. I should be thankful every seconds for all the blessing that God gave me. I am the one that always forgot about it. I am the one that always complaint when things did not go to my way.

Life is a miracle every day and every seconds. It is just us that do not want to see it as a miracle. We always complaint and never felt thankful for it. Just be happy, relax, steady, and enjoy life and it would turn out GREAT. No matter what condition you are in DON'T worry just be happy and move on.

It is NOT ALWAYS WHAT YOU THINK. It is ALWAYS GOD DECISION. If you love God with all your heart why should you worry. You will be fine that is the promise.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Free Sexual Kungfu Class In Malaysia.Book Your Seat Now!


I would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to come and join Free Sexual Kungfu class. Learn to know your inner energy, improve your being, improve your sexual energy and performance, better health, peace of mind, meditation and relaxation, improve your health, improve breathing, learn the art of power breathing, energy exercise and many more.

More details here <-- in Malay.

Class: Sexual Kungfu
Date : 19 March 2010
Time : 8:30pm till 10:30pm
Venue: 24C, Jln Tgku Ampuan Zabedah K9/K, Seksyen 9, Shah Alam
Selangor, Malaysia.

Please call to confirm your seat.

Office: 03-5880 4349
Mobile: 017-333 2349

******Limited to 30 people only please hurry.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Living Moment By Moment Is The Secret.

It is been a while I have not update this blog. I was tight up with something else. Or I just make my own excuse of not wanting to write. Do you ever wonder what is time ? Do you know that "Past" and "Future" is related to time ? Do you know that we create our own time ? We create our own time to go to work. We create our own time to meet others. We create our own time to sleep. We create our own time to be busy. We create our own time for many things in life.

Even we define our live is with time - young, old and die. I am saying this because we a mislead by the meaning of time. We are so worry about - we do not have enough time to do things - and we forgot to love what we are doing. We do not enjoy doing our work because we just want to finish it and go home. When at home we just want everything in order - the food is ready, the house is clean, the children is in order and everything so be in place so that we can go to work again on the next day. And this happen until we die.

We have no life to enjoy. We are so obsessed with time that we create which restrict us from understanding the real meaning of life. We always hope the future is better and we believe that and we are miserable NOW. We always say that there will be tomorrow. And we always wait for that tomorrow to come. 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years and we are still waiting.

We have forgot to live life. We are in hurry. We want all to be quick and fast. We want instant result. Hey! what is wrong here ? Why we are in hurry? What to catch? Stop and pause a seconds. Sit down and look back - what happen to you ?

Life is about enjoying every moment with love and gratitude. If you are in hurry - PAUSE - relax and get your grip and enjoy the moment. The moment that you have NOW is the only moment that your are alive and kicking.

Do not wait for tomorrow to come and do not regret what is in the past. Just enjoy your moment while you can. Spent the moment with your wife. Spent the moment with your parents. Spent the moment with your children. Spent the moment with your self.

Thank you and best regards.


p/s: Promoting Sexual Kung Fu - at

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Dark Dynamics of Debt and Fear - David Cameroon

The Dark Dynamics of Debt and Fear - David Cameroon

Debt. Who isn't in it nowadays? It seems to have captured almost everybody these days. Individuals are in debt, companies are in debt, even nations are in debt. And this debt is collapsing on people, companies and countries. The question is why are we playing the debt game? Who said we have to play it? When did it start? How can you get out and ahead of it and not be swallowed by it?

In this article, we are not going to look at the cosmetic reasons behind debt, nor the cosmetic fixes to it. We are not going to look at how to cut down your business expenses, put your credit card in water and freeze it in your freezer, or do anything else cosmetic to get out of debt. These tactics have their place, and they are useful in certain situations. But right here, we will look at the root cause and root solution. Let us begin.

First of all, let us define money. Money is the energy of exchange or transfer of value. It is neither good not bad, it just is. You build wealth by building some type of value within you, and then extending this value outside of you. For example, you can learn to be a doctor, and thereby build that type of value within you. Or you can learn how to start a business that provides a service to people. You build value within you, and then you extend that outside, through trade or other means, and in exchange of that extension you are compensated with cash money. Cash money is merely an exchange of value within and between beings. See, money in itself is neither good nor bad. It is just an exchange of the underlying values between two or more participants.

So where does debt come into the scene? And why? Ok, it is time for a history lesson. I am sure you all know that before cash money was invented in it's present form, people used to trade by barter. They would exchange goods. Finally, one day, a powerful merchant family said "We have another way we can do this". I believe it was the Medici family of Florence, although the Romans and other civilizations also had their own coins. Anyway, the first paper money worked as follows. A trader would go exchange his or her goods for gold. They then take this gold to deposit it with the Medici, and the Medici write up a paper with their signature and seal, a paper that would represent the gold that was deposited with them. This solved various security and portability issues and increased trade. This paper, upon return to the Medici, would be exchanged into its gold equivalent. That is where the gold standard came from.

Now let us look at debt. Imagine that the Medici have just opened up their first bank and announced the new scheme to the traders. So one trader, let us call him Alan, goes to the Medici and deposits $100 worth of gold. The Medici makes up a paper saying that this paper was exchangeable for $100 worth of gold upon its return (less a banking fee, plus an interest, whatever). Alan takes this paper and goes home. Alan can use this paper to buy things, but let us assume he does not. Now James, another guy, wants to start a new business, a hotel. He has the land and building but needs some pots and pans. He does not have any goods to trade in exchange for pots and pans, but he hears the Medici are giving loans.

So James goes to the Medici and asks for a $100 loan. The Medici say they can do that, but James has to pledge his land and building as a security, collateral, in case of default. The Medici make up money (money that did not exist) on paper, sign and seal it, and give it to James. The condition is that on return, James has to give back $100 plus $10 interest. Now freeze right there. Imagine that James and Alan are the Medici's only two customers at the time. Which means that the economy only has two paper notes out there, one with Alan and one with James. And James has to return his plus $10. Where will James get that $10, unless Alan comes and rents a room at James' hotel for $10? The Medici did not print the extra $10! So even if James is hyper-careful with his loan, even if he does not spend it but returns it after a year intact, it is physically impossible for him to pay the $10 interest, because he cannot print the extra money and Alan does not want to spend his, yet Alan is the only one with the only other note printed! Do you see the error in this system? Even if James now has goods to trade, he cannot trade them for paper money because there is no more out there. James will have to lose his hotel to the Medici simply because of a paper shortage error. Debt, by its very nature, is designed to fail for a certain percentage of the population, no matter how much effort or care they put! And it is so simply because there is not enough money created for the interest requested. The only reason this illusion has managed to run this far is that there are millions of players. Every now and then, the debt bubble bursts, but someone somewhere comes and rescues it, again with more debt and more conditions of control. It happens to individuals, companies and countries. And it keeps rising, getting bigger and bigger.

So what? What does this mean to you? Simple. As you are about to see next, debt is a function of control and hence fear. Give me a minute and you will see why. Read on. Debt is a product of fear, and a deep seated belief in not having and not being able to have. And fear is a means of control. We all play the control game. We play it with our spouses, family, friends, competitors, customers, and so on. What happens when you feel that you are in control of another person? You feel powerful, and they feel drained. But, there is a rule that say "As above, so below". The physical is evidence of the spiritual. Fear, were you to observe it at an energy level, leads to the victimizer sucking the energy out of the victim. It is an energy game. When one is in fear, they lose energy to those who put fear into them. Isn't that the way any abusive relationship works? It does not matter whether this relationship is between people, institutions or countries.

Before we look at you further, let us consider the mortgage game that many of us play. Mortgage. What does that word mean? Where does it come from? Split it up and look at its origins. Mort, muerto, mortuary, morgue... do you see the root? Gage, engage. Engaged till death. Why would your house loan be called a name that has its word origins from the words that mean death and engagement? Why those two? Of all the millions of words, why those two? The English language was built up by deriving words primarily from Latin. And Latin came from the Romans, a nation that inherited much of its wisdom from the Greeks who in turn got a lot from the original Egyptian civilization, all of which had one common ancestor, the wise Hermes Trismegistus, the same person known as the Egyptian and Greek god Thoth, the same person known in Christian and Jewish history as the powerful Enoch, one of only three men in the Bible to end their life on earth by simply rising to the skies and disappearing. This is the same person who invented language and writing, geometry and architecture. This is the same person whose teachings ended up forming the Essene school, the same one that Pythagorus and Jesus studied under. And a core Hermetic teaching is this: As Above, So Below. And the language invented was designed to reflect this law. Above here means the spirit or energy side of things, and below is the evidence we see as physical objects.

Now let us get back to you and debt. What does debt make you feel; especially when you cannot pay it or you are worried about how to pay it or missing a payment? It makes you feel fear. Whatever is scaring you is attempting to control your thoughts and actions and is stealing your energy for its own growth. There are two ways to grow. Out of fear and out of love. The fear-based growth works, but it is destined for eventual collapse, simply because it is not real. Nothing real can be threatened, and nothing that is unreal exists but as an illusion. This is not the time to blame the issuers of debt, or anyone else for that matter. There is no judgment or guilt in the matter. Only energetic facts. The minute you start playing a blame and judgment game, you enter into a victim position, and that is no good for you.

And the fact is this: debt is a function of fear and self-worth issues. You will find that people with more love of their own self, and high self-esteem, are very wealthy and prosperous, especially on the long-term, and if they choose to be. Prosperity is a natural result of love and self-worth. Look at the rich. Even if they have debt, their asset column is longer than their debt column. They only use debt as a tool. And they always have more assets than debt. And what is their demeanor like? Confident, stable, of high self-worth and self-esteem, and their love column is often longer than their fear column. They may have fears, of course, but their fears do not outweigh their love and passion for who they are, what they do, the world they live in.

Now consider people with debt problems, or countries with debt problems. What is the personality of such people? Chaos, fear, never having enough, support issues, and so on. These do not arise because of debt. The debt arises because of these mental states. That is not a bad thing. Remember, we are not judging anything here. We are merely observing energetic facts. There is no need of tying a thought and an emotion to that fact. Now, the debt merely represents them losing their life energy to an external entity. But they only lose it because they accept to do so. Only they can say "I accept". And only they can say "OK, I have had it with this crap, I put my foot down, and I am now seeing myself differently."

The debt rope is always being thrown at us all the time. You don't have to grab it. The world has built a very large global fear-ego, and this fear-ego is expressing itself in various physical means to maintain itself. Our world is now a world of contracts that try to commit you into debt (we now even have phone contracts that penalize you for not using the service for a certain amount of time!); credit cards that do the same; jobs that scare you towards that end. But none of these are to blame. Only you can accept them. And they can only work on you when you accept them. These big bad monsters are rubber ducks, because they depend on your agreement with them for their own functioning. Take responsibility, and you will find then, and only then, that you have response ability. And avoid these debt traps. You must unplug yourself from the group consciousness of the Fear Ones, and join the Love Ones. It may be scary as you make the switch, for there is a gap to cross. Things may fall off to make space for new ones of the new way. But once you cross it you will wonder how you ever had agreed to live any other way.

There is nothing wrong with debt, when used as a tool. But when it arises, as it mostly does, from fear and negative self-worth beliefs, then it is a control game being played, a painful one at that. A game we created and continue to create.

Arises out of fear and belief in inadequacy. Arise out of issues with negative self-worth. Recognize that there is a game being played. An energetic game with simple rules. As above, so below. Change your above, and your below will change automatically. If you wish to know more about Wealth Consciousness and other such matters, see You have free will, and you are the master of your world. Make your choices knowing that each one of them must have a root, and there are only two possible roots you can choose from: love or fear. Only one is real, and the other is an illusion. I wish you the best in everything.

Article written by David Cameron Gikandi

Thursday, January 21, 2010

GOD: It Is All There Is !!!

Good day and thank to you everyone. It is 2010 already and I think this is my first post on this blog. My journey and my quest of life is still in progress. So many things that I experienced and felt through this few years. Many challenges, many difficulties, many setbacks and many hurdles.

I always wonders when will I be OUT of THIS MESS. I am very very sorry GOD. Please forgive me GOD. I always forgot and always look THINGS - ONE SIDED ONLY. I never realized that this what - I CALL A MESS is a GREAT BLESSING for me. What a FOOL I am.

Thank you God for your guidance. Thank you God for everything. You know what is best for me than my ego self. I learn many GREAT things ... - why should I worry when I have YOU (GOD) ? Why should I fear when YOU are there to help? why should I afraid when YOU are my creator?

I was disguised by my EGO self. My EGO self created the state of fear, worry, the unbeliever, and all the negativity about believing you GOD. Deep inside my heart I know that YOU are by my side and YOU always help me in all and any situation.

Everytime I am in needs you help me even though I had committed a lot of sin. YOU help with YOUR love and kindness. Thank you GOD. Please guide me through out my life in this temporary world. I need your blessing in everyway in my life.

Thank you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you.

Best Regards,

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