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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Where Am I And What I am Doing?

Hi, I always been asked - Where am I? and What am I doing? To make it easy I like to share in a pictorial way.

Currently I work as a magazine salesman and promoter for . I am actively participating in Expo and Seminar to promote the magazine. I am also distribute the magazine to small shop around town.

Sometimes I took the role of magazine reporter to do some coverage on certain issue or topic.

And sometimes I got prizes from someone that I do not know. Two big prizes to be exact.

Sometimes I am also the Advertising Designer.

I am also the web master and the web designer of the .

That is one part of what I am doing right now. Do I have salary for all this ? Absolute NO. Then why I do it ? Because I believed there are more business and life that I can do with this kind of hard job. I met more people. I learned about myself more. I learned about people and their greed. I learned about people who always think profit only. I learned that there are more things in life that I never thought of. I expanded my horizon. I am broaden my view. I am strengthen my spiritual wisdom.

Is it hard? YES. Sometimes I only had RM5 in my pocket but I still need to finish my job. But most of the time I had RM10. I glad with what I have. I thanked my mom and my dad who always help me when I am in needs. Thanks mom. Thanks dad.

What about my wife? Is she okay with this? I think no one wife like to see her husband suffer and going through a though time. I know it is hard. I always tell my wife be patient, we will be out of the dark soon or later.

How about my kids? I pity my kids because they had to suffer because of me. In another view, I want them to learn that don't be like their father. I want them to be better and know what is the TRUTH. I teached them ALLAH is the all Mighty. Asked from Allah all the time.

Am I happy? Yes I am always happy coz I can still eat, walk, breath and enjoy my day by day.

Thank you very much.


p/s: I will have more surprise soon ..... till then .....

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Always Use Your Left Ear To Answer And Make Call From Your Mobile

Friday, December 07, 2007

Jualan Ria Selangor 2007 Preparation

Hi, I will be at Jualan Ria Selangor at Stadium Shah Alam from 8 Dec till 16 Dec 2007

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