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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Systema And Problem Solving Method

I think it has been a week since I update my blog. I was away for training last week and quite tied up with preparing some business proposal for my current project. Anyway today I would to share with you an art called - "Systema". What is it?

Systema (Russian: Система, "The System") is a Russian martial art. It is designed to be highly adaptive and practical, training using drills and sparring instead of set kata. It focuses mainly on the six body levers (elbows, neck, knees, waist, ankles, and shoulders), while also teaching pressure point application and takedowns.

The study and practice of this discipline involves a complete system of physical and spiritual health, relaxation, and courage in the face of all forms of adversity. But most of all, it involves a philosophy of life, peace and decency seldom seen. It disciplines its students to relax while striking, rather than focus to generate maximum power, allowing you to strike at unusual and unexpected angles, to smile in combat rather than adopt a fierce visage or announce your intentions with a blood curdling yell. There are no fixed training patterns or combinations of movements, all training is based on the reality that unexpected things happen in combat. The purpose of this discipline is not merely to prepare for violence, but to improve one's own mental state, to have a healthier and more limber body, to be more relaxed in a stressful society and to live a decent and peaceful life.

Anyone, in any condition or of any age, can learn and benefit from this unique style.
I start to train Systema last week and still need to consistenly train this new art every moment. Why I like this so much because Systema trained your body and mind to be at a RELAXING state and be at the most natural body position and movement. In short it trained you to become one with the universe and master on your physical body.

Some great testimony:

" SYSTEMA FOR LIFE - I don’t know all the benefits of studying Systema and I don’t believe anyone could list or describe them all. I do know that I have benefitted tremendously from my discovery of Systema and the work that I have been able to do with it. My only regrets are that I did not discover it sooner and that I do not live close enough to any of the many fine Systema instructors to work out regularly. But I will do what I can for as long as I can.

I am a retired attorney, age 71 years, with substantial prior martial arts experience. After a knee replacement surgery in 2002, I was able to attend my first Systema seminar in Phoenix, Arizona in 2003 with Vladimir Vasiliev as lead instructor. There I began to understand that Systema is far more than just a martial art or self defense system. Intrigued, I signed up for additional seminars, including the Summer Camp near Toronto, Canada in 2004 and the recent (2006) Summit of the Masters near Niagara Falls, Canada, where we learned from Mikhail Ryabko, Vladimir Vasiliev, Konstantin Kamarov and several other excellent instructors. Let me share a couple of the many things I have learned from my Systema experiences in seminars and from the videos and DVDs that are available.

Systema is infinite, inexhaustible. Each of us is in the body we have, with its strengths and limitations. Our sensory apparatus and brains let us learn how to use our total being to accomplish our objectives over whatever period of time we spend learning. The same is true of each other person. Human anatomy, physiology, neurology and psychology fits a pattern, but within the pattern each individual varies from all others. What one can do with his mind and body is unique to each person. Unlike other martial arts, Systema does not assume a particular body type or psychology. It does not give orders; it does not direct you to take one or more specific actions in response to an attack. Systema shows you how you might use what you have available to deal with a bad situation and then does it again and again, with variations on the theme, letting you learn how to use your mind and body in a number of effective ways to defend yourself and others, no matter what the situation. The combinations of threatening situations and how you might deal with them, are infinite. As this insight (the inexhaustibility of Systema) has found its way into my mind, I have been increasingly freed from self imposed limitations and my work has become more varied, relaxed and efficient. (Not that I am “good,” just slowly improving.)

Systema helps you discover the stronger person within. At every seminar I have attended, we students have been asked to do things many of us had never attempted before. Some were rather frightening. Think of yourself on the floor with eight or ten men piled on top of you and your assignment is to keep breathing and get out from under the pile. No panic allowed; just get it done. Other tasks at first seemed physically impossible, like holding in push-up position for eight minutes. (I could not come close to that one on my first attempt at the seminar, but with practice, I actually surpassed it a month or so later.) The point is that the world is going to put demands on you that you don’t suspect, have never thought about, and which you must meet and overcome in order to survive, either physically or psychologically. Every Systema session provides you with lessons in how much more you have within to meet the demands of life than you thought.

After every seminar, I am rejuvenated; I have learned more about myself and what I can do. I feel stronger, safer, and confident that I am better able to protect myself, my wife and my loved ones, no matter what the circumstances.

My investment in Systema has given me unbelievable physical, psychological and spiritual returns. I plan to continue working at it, and getting those returns for many years to come. For this I will be forever grateful to Mikhail, Vladimir and Konstantin."

- David Bergland, Retired Attorney
More detail about Systema you can visit >>> . You can also visit here at for collection of useful and practical martial art video.

Ok that is about Systema. Now I like to share with you this great email form Mohamed Tohami. Take your time to read and enjoy.

Do you have problems?! Oh yeah, I know. Of course you do. But Please

- Dont Attract More Problems!!! -

The point I want to touch here is how you face your problems.

Do you just ignore and accumulate them in a huge list of ignored problems, or you work on them till you find a solution?

I want you to know a very important, critical concept for yoursuccess.

*** If you ignore your problems, they will remain there and will never be solved by their own. The bad news is that problems will attract more and more problems in your direction.

If you are afraid of taking action that may cause more problemsand so you choose to leave your problems to be solved by time,then you are sabotaging your future and bringing more problems into your life.

Problems are there to tell you that there is something wrong that needs to be corrected, to warn you that you are off-track,to let you think in a different way or to teach you a new lesson that is essential for your growth.

If you are raised with a steady drumbeat of destructive criticism, that makes you lose confidence in your ability to take the right action and encourages you to avoid any type of confrontation, then it is time to break these limits and start acquiring your deserved freedom.

Problems gravitate toward people who like them, people who are problems hosts.

*** As M. Scott Peck, the author of the best seller The road less traveled, says, Problems do not go away. They must be worked through or else they remain, forever a barrier to the growth and development of the spirit.

When you have a problem the only thing you should do is to face it.
Yes, face it and work on it until you solve it.

Otherwise, it will remain a barrier to your growth and development.

*** To solve your problems you have to focus on the solution.

Most people waste most of their energy revolving around the problem until they are stuck. The best approach, after you clearly define the problem, is tofocus 100% on the solution. The most important question you should ask yourself is, How would I like the solution to be? How does the solution look,sound and feel like?

Dont try to figure out whether it is possible or not. Just think how you want the solution to be. Then give your mind the chance to start attracting the opportunities and people that can help you solve your problem.

Also, you can collect facts, brainstorm alternatives and create opportunities.

Then when you find a good solution, you have to take an immediate action.

Face your problems. If you become so preoccupied with problems, you will limit your chances to grow, develop and succeed.

Look upon yourself as a problem solving expert. Study problem solving and master this essential skill.

Rise to the top. Act like a problem solving guru. Work on your problems and pave your way to ultimate success.

Don't let anything stops you from moving forward. Work on solving allthe problems in your way until you get what you want and fulfill your dreams.

You can make a difference.

I believe in you.
To your greatness,Mohamed Tohami

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P.P.S Dont forget to check Tohamis Success Principles Blog

Best Regard,

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Wedding Ceremony Of My Wife's Cousin

It is been a while that I do not update my blog. I think it is more than a week. I was so tied up with myself with my new magazine, several proposal and self training. I learned a lot of things last week and understand the greatest thing in live is "To Give With Love".

This is the art that everyone need to master. It is the practical exercise of "Letting Go". What I mean by "To Give With Love" - is to give to anyone taht makes you happy. The gift can be money, food, cloth, your expertise, and etc. The key things is make sure you are happy when you do the giving. You will be impressed with the result.

This is the only art that you can test live and for your information you will never out gift the UNIVERSE. When you give with love and happiness it will come back to you with thousands fold.

You need more money, give money to others that really need money and make them happy. You will be surprised how much money you will received in return.

You need help with contacts, provide your contact to others and you will received more contacts than ever.

This is the law of universe and it is just like any other law it works all the time and forever.

Thank you very much for your time and to your success. Below are some pictures from the wedding that I attended last weekend.

Best Regards,

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Knowing Your True Self And Changes Within

It is June 2007 already and I feel time move very fast this time. Or is it really the time moving or I just felt it is moving? Either way, I do feel the changes in me and my surrounding very rapidly. I am begin to aware of myself and begin to REALLY wake up. I am starting to let go and dropping my knowledge that I accumulated for years, I am gathering new insight and uniting with the universal energy and feel more alive than ever. But once a while my logical mind want it's EGO back and want to take control of my true self. My logical mind try to remind me of how silly I am believing that the real SELF can help me. The logical mind automatically created the idea of being poverty, being uncomfortable, indecision, worry, and fear of failing when I choose to let my SELF to take over the control.

I believed that the changes is always for the better and only accept the best. One thing when come to "CHANGE", a lot of us feel afraid and do not want the change to occur. One thing I learned from David.
Change is the only constant in the universe. Everything changes at every moment. Life is all about change, and with change comes growth. You will one day leave even your own body. You can never truly own anything here on earth.Thinking that you own something results in that thing owning you. The thought ownership causes resistance to change, resistance to the workings of the mighty universe in its infinitely intelligent fashion. The minute you start thinking you own something, it owns you. For you to enjoy and use prosperity and wealth wisely and fruitfully, you should replace the idea of ownership with one of temporary custodianship of something, or having the use of something, of keeping something, of taking care of something. This is what puts you ready to go with the flow without loss and suffering when the time comes for change to work its inevitable ways. So much suffering is caused by resistance to change.Resistance to change shows that a person believes that it is possible to not have a thing, to lose something, yet on a Higher level, on the level of Spirit, you have it all at all times.

What this mean we always CHANGE no matter what. Once we stop experiencing changes we are not growing. When we are not GROWING we die.

Ok back to my personal blog. I was at Janda Baik, Pahang on last weekend for family gathering. We stayed at Pondok Impian owned by Den Wahab. Pondok Impian is very privacy area deep inside Janda Baik and near the hill side. It was very refreshing with water stream, natural cold water swimming pool without clorine, fish pond, and green trees.Den Wahab and family also was there to be the host. So it is like a private gathering and a lot of fun. We came with 9 cars total. Everyone enjoy the stay and the fun.

The environment in Janda Baik provide me time to look deeper into my self and gave me an opportunity to understand my REAL self and seek for the TRUTH of me. I manage to analyse several things about me and what I am about to do. I believed this is a GOD gift to everyone and the one who seek their self will reap the benefit.

From a normal stand point and logical mind, the idea of dropping all the things I do now is very ridiculous. For me it is a major CHANGE. This is the change of taking over responsibility and ownership of my own domain and work inline with the universe. Yup it is a shock to me, but I choose this SHOCKING experience to happen.

I am back in Shah Alam on Sunday night and continue to take a day off on the Monday. My day off is not being in front my computer. On Tuesday, I was at my Dengkil office to finished up my project with my uncle on .

I am coming up with priority project schedule for myself and my time will be spent most on this project. All this project is a baby stage project and really need attention. I am sorry if I am not able to answer your call or replying late your email. What I am doing right now is the thing that I have not done yet but I hold onto my believe on this law of the universe.

I am sorry to say too, I am dropping my previous knowledge about IT, Internet, Business for these purpose of preparing my new version of self. What are you holding yourself back for? You have it all. You can experience any part of your Self that you choose, so long as you choose to and choose believingly. With faith, everything is possible. It is all yours anyway.

I am wealth. I am abundance. I am joy.

Best Regards,

p/s: I really value my time and I hope you value yours too. I believe time is more than anything else.

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