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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What Would You Be With An Extra $100K Monthly?

IBOP MeetingI think, I am a bit late posting a new post at my blog this week. Anyway lets start. So many things happening since last week till today. I was engaging in 3 outside project:

1) Developing and design of - YourLifeStock
2) Developing and design of - Travel
3) Developing and design of - Felcra Berhad subsidiary website.

Beside that I am testing a new method of improving Adsense income. I will share my new findings once I completed the test.

Just to let you know, last week 24th March 2007, we conducted our first IBOP Client gathering at Shah Alam. Only 18 participants out of 53 IBOP Client came. Most of them are from Johor, Melaka, Penang and Pahang. I think our Klang Valley client is quite busy. Many things that we discuss about IBOP direction and what is next action. I thank you all the participant for coming and providing undivided support for IBOP. IBOP will be the platform for anyone to generate income online.

We also very fortunate on that day, one of the IBOP client share his wealth and motivate others on how he can achieved his wealth online, He take less that 2 years to achieve average RM1,000,000 a months until today. What he shared is, when you do online business you need a some sort of multiple source of income, you cannot only depends on Adsense only, you need to embark on Affiliate, selling product, proving consultancy and building network. I think everyone is totally motivated that day including myself.

Ok back to my blog topic for today.

What Would You Be With An Extra $100K Monthly?

If you are asked - What would you be with an extra $100K monthly income? what will be you answer. You are answer will determine whether you will get your $100K monthly or it will be out of reach. This is very "POWERFUL QUESTION FOR YOURSELF" to gauge how far are you of getting your $100K monthly.

99% of the people asked with this very same question will not be able to answer it on the spot. Most of them will pause, pause and pause and then say I want to settle my debt, pause, I will buy a new house and so on. Most of us are NOT sure what to do if we have a lot access of money.

Robert Kiyosaki said in his home base workshop seminar - Choose To Be Rich - If you are IDIOT with having less money you will become a BIGGER IDIOT when you have a lot of money.
You need to be ready to received $100K monthly mentally and physically so that your $100K will willingly come to you. The $100K will find the one that is ready to receive it mentally and physically.

Do not blame others, do not blame the situation or do not blame LUCK. If there is someone you need to blame is yourself because your are not preparing to accept the abundance of money. You need to change you state of mind and start to acting like you are having your $100K montly income. Everything begin in your mind and you need to start from there.

I received this email from my best friend on how you can handle negativity in your mind and move on to reach your $100K. This article is belong to James Ray one of the Secret guru. IT IS A GREAT ARTICLE.

High Velocity E-ZineThe "Next Technique"

Dear Friend,

We can always focus on the numerous reasons why we can't do something, can't we? But when we're focusing on those, it doesn't allow us to think of all ways we can achieve our dreams. Does that make sense? Those who create Harmonic Wealth® get the job done because they allow themselves to focus only on how something can be done.

In this exercise, you are only going to focus on how your goal can be achieved. And
if any negative idea creeps into your thoughts, you are going to utilize what I
call "Next Technique." The "Next Technique" is a little refocusing tool that is
very powerful.

Here's how it works. When a negative idea or reason slips into your mind, as silly as it may seem, I want you to say (out loud) "NEXT!" and quickly move back to the right side of your paper... to the ways that you can accomplish your goal.

Lots of success programs tell you what to do, but only the Harmonic Wealth Weekend shows you how to think and create the life you really want...It's similar to growing a garden, regardless of whether you're raising flowers or fruits and vegetables. Do you have to pay much attention to the weeds? Do you water and fertilize those weeds to make sure they are well taken care of? Absolutely not, just the opposite. However, weed still continue to grow don't they? In fact weeds are so stubborn, you can put concrete over them and they'll find a crack and grow right through.

I'm encouraging you to not give any energy or efforts to weeds. What you want to give all your focused attention to are the vegetables, the fruits or the flowers that you are growing.

Do you understand the metaphor?

You see, our world is full of weeds (negativity)... all the reasons why we can't achieve and accomplish. But you're going to completely ignore those reasons. They have no value in your mind. You're going to focus on your beautiful garden and your new crop.

So your assignment this week is to mindstorm all the ways that your goal can be
achieved. Now, if you're like most people, you've fallen into some thought
processes that have allowed you to think about ways it can't be done. Forget the
weeds! Pull them out! "NEXT!"

To your continued wealth and happiness,
James Arthur Ray
President/CEOJames Ray International

Conventional wisdom is wrong again... Balance is bogus! Only harmony yields
happiness and real wealth... Join me for two full days of complete immersion
into insights and technologies that are guaranteed to help you achieve true
Harmonic Wealth® in all areas in your life: Financial, Relational, Intellectual,
Physical and Spiritual.

Thank you for your time and will see you next week.


Monday, March 19, 2007

9 Steps To Prosperity

Bukit Merah I was at Bukit Merah Laketown Resort, Taiping, Perak on last weekend from Thursday 15th March till Saturday 17th March 2007. I was there for a business trip and a holiday too.We stayed there for FREE because I have two Palm View Resort Apartments there.

Ok, what I would like to share today is the 9 Steps To Prosperity. This step is very crucial for you in order to achieve your prosperity. Does not matter where you are and what kind of financial status you are in. Just follow and practice the step.

1) Do Not Focus On The Problem - this is quite very true. If all you are looking for is a problem than you will only find is the problem. If you are faced with poverty and you focus on poverty, what you will get is more poverty. Poverty means that you cannot meet your needs. It means that when you had a bald tire, you cannot get a new one. It means you cannot build business because you are broke. You cannot take vacation even it is school holiday. Poverty in mind will invite more poverty in your life.

2) Think Prosperous Thoughts - Prosperity is an attitude. If you have negative attitude and always think negative you will NOT achieve prosperity. Always stay positive in any matter and live with positive attitude. Go for the luxuries and the necessities will take care of themselves.

3) Do Not Believe in Hard Times - Do not believe in hard times. Hard times is nothing more than state of mind. Change you state of mind and you can change the quality of your life, no matter what happens to the economy.

4) Allow Prosperity o Find You - many of us do the same thing over and over just to earn a buck and never see the millions out there waiting for us. You cannot locked yourselves into single way of thinking. You need to be open for prosperity so that the prosperity will find you. If you know how to speak and write a book, do not locked yourselves when Internet opportunity comes to you. It is like the old saying "the rich get richer" - then what we have to do is to think rich.

5) Your Prosperity Makes Everyone Better - Prosperity is abundance and it is more than enough for the world population. It will never occur that when you are prosperous you taking it from others. The pie is big and it is enough for everybody.

6) Get over the "Deadlocks" - Deadlock occurs to us occasionally. It is when we have a problem and we get stuck on it. What is important is NOT to stay with it and NOT let it get a grip on you. The ABC of decisions is Always be deciding. So the solution is "Taking Action" - Do the very thing you do not want to do and this will move you out the deadlock.

7) Do Not Quit, No Matter What - prosperity will come no matter how, provided you planted the seed of prosperity. Too many people wait for their ships to come in, but they are waiting at the bus depot.

8) Promise A Lot And Deliver More - many people do what you do. If you do Internet business many other people do the same things. If you do Network Marketing many people do the same things. You have to deliver to win. You have to deliver more to become prosperous.

9) Go For The Best - aim high, set your GOAL and achieved it. Be assertive in your actions. Write down your prosperity GOAL:
a) What I am waiting for?
b) What are my real talents?
c) Above all else, what would I really like to have and be?
d) What are my hobbies?
e) Do I really dare to take risk?
f) If I did exactly what I wanted to do, what would it be?
g) What stopping me form doing it NOW?
h) Why I am not doing that NOW?
i) What are my great ideas?
j) Have I written them down?

Wow it is quite lengthy. Hope it can help you in some way or another. Make sure you are always positive in anyway so that you always attract positive result.

Another things I would like share with you a rare opportunity in Network Marketing. I got to know this from Randy Gage. It is a network marketing business call Agel Enterprise LLC. It is just start up in Malaysia, September 2006 and had about 400 independent distributor in Malaysia. Randy and his team is recruiting leaders in Malaysia and invite anyone who is positive and want to achieve financial freedom to join him. More detail you can visit here -

Thank you and best regards,


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Meeting With Multi Millionaire Randy Gage

Randy Gage It is Tuesday the 6th of March 2007, I got an SMS from my best friends Rohaizad saying that Randy Gage will be in Kuala Lumpur today for just one night before going to Singapore.

Wow! We never thought what we learned in Randy Gage best selling book called "Why You're DUMB, SICK & BROKE And How to Get SMART, HEALTHY & RICH" manifest that quick. We always want to meet Randy after we had read the book we mentioned above.

Randy will be at 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm in Mid Valley MPH Bookstore for the signing ceremony and he will held a talk in PJ Hilton that night for RM75 per person.

I was exited, my friend too was exited. I told Rohaizad I cannot make the night time because I had promise my daughter to went to Swenssen in Subang Parade. So why not we catch Randy at MPH at 3:00 pm. Rohaizad agreed.

I got the SMS at 2:00 pm actually, I do not plan to go out at that time. So I quickly finished my household chores first that ready to go. On the way, I need to pick up Rohaizad at Seksyen 13 and then go to Mid Valley.
Randy MPH
I reached Rohaizad place at 3:00 pm, and I told Rohaizad we might be late and not be able to meet Randy. But we both believe if it meant to be it is meant to be. So we arrived at MPH at 3:30 pm. To our surprise, somehow the event is change from 3:00pm to start at 3:30 pm. Now begin to see some manifestation takes in place.

We hurry ourselves to meet Randy and we meet him. Thank God for that. And the best things is everyone there thought we are Randy best friends because we just go directly to the stage.

Then we realized that we do not bring our digital camera. Once again miracle takes place the professional photographer for the event offer us to take picture with Randy and she will email it to us later. Wow. We see manifestation in place in every seconds. What we think immediately we get. We not received the picture as per this writing so I manage to took a picture from my old T630 Sony Ericcson handphone.

The best is yet to come. We meet Maria, Randy's friends during the signing ceremony and she gaves us 4 FREE ticket cost RM300 for the Randy events tonite at PJ Hilton. I and Rohaizad like STALL. Is this for REAL and you bet it is.

So we went to the Randy event in PJ Hilton that night and meet Randy again and this time Rohaizad wife brought her digital camera. So we take picture again this time with Rohaizad camera.

Randy & Me Yet another miracle things happened again that night. Actually I was looking and researching Global Online business that really can provide me a constant residual income and be able to teach others to do the same.

I am looking for a few actually. On Wednesday 7th March 2007 I supposed to come out with a decision on which Global Online Business that I will venture into and I had one in my mind because I get personal coaching from one millionaire in Australia for that online home based business. Randy & Rohaizad

Miracle happened again I met the number 2 income earner Rob Horkings from Australia on the business that I am about to be partner with and Rob told me do you think I joined Randy bluntly just like that. Rob is the Million Dollar Producer in the business that Randy do currently.

I was taken by surprised again. I thank GOD for letting me know what I really want to do and proceed my live journey with CLEAR MIND toward building prosperity in me and extended to others.

I would also like to invite few people that really had the believe that they are here to success and had a POSITIVE mindset to partner with me and Randy in a Global Online Business of the NEXT GENERATION.

Best Regards,

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Building Business That You Love Doing MagazineIt is March 6 2007 already. Time really goes that fast when you are at home doing what you love to do. Knowing CLEARLY what you want to do really makes a big different in your effort to become rich and successful in what you do. It is that SIMPLE. Just ask what you want and hold with what you ask until it manifest.

Having said that it is NOT really easy to CLEARLY state what you want to do. It is like a daily battle in your own self whether what you want is really what you want. This is the biggest hurdle that you need to overcome. You need to be FIRM and CLEARLY with what you want and keep on HOLDING in in your mind frame so that it will not flush away until you get it.

You need to learn all this and develop it in your self system and believe. Checkout your nearest book store on self development subject on how to motivate your self, how to set goal and achieved it, positive mind programming, going through changes, manifest what you believe, deploying rich habits and learn self affirmation.

Get to know what is Manifestation Map. Create your own manifestation map. In the map write and put picture of what you want. There is no limit. Just do it with all the love and passion you have. Don't let your current situation stop you. Be abundance and be creative. Demand what you really want.

Manifestation Map Sample: (The concept is BE, DO and HAVE - Think in present tense and always start with thank you)

1) Thank you GOD for $10,000 fixed monthly income you provide me every months.
2) Thank you GOD for the BMW 5 Series you gave me for me to use it.
3) Thank you GOD for the Resort Home Hotel for me to live in with family.
4) I am grateful and thank you GOD for providing me with a great wife and family that always support me all the time.
5) Thank you GOD for letting me to remember YOU at all instances.
6) Thank you GOD for all the blessing I received from YOU

Add some PICTURE to you manifestation map and put on the wall or somewhere that you will see it everyday. You will see wonders in what this can do for you. According to the expert research 90% of a person who write what they want will achieved all what they wrote. So why not write yours to. State what you want and YOU will achieve it. That is GOD promise.

Ok back to my current Project. I and with my new editorial team is working on my uncle mega project that is producing magazine call This magazine is dedicated on Livestock and Agriculture in Malaysia and setting a new wave the agriculture industries. It is the ties of technology and agriculture and livestock. The magazine will be in Bahasa Malaysia and will be available in Online and Offline form. For the online the web address is .

My another project is developing the website to share and sell things online in a cheaper and affordable price. Beside that it also share knowledge and experience on getting what you want. The website is in Malay - .

There are a lot of special offer in this website for example you can get :

1) 630 PLR Article for RM10 only.
2) 67 Header Graphics (Can Customized) + Master Resell Rights for only RM40.
3) Physical BOOK - The Magic Of Thinking Big - for only RM20 (Actual RM46.90)

And a lot more to come such - The Blogxxxx Power Book, Website Design, Hosting, Digital Products, Physical Products, and many more.

Make sure you visit us at .

Beside that I am also building my new BLOG Empire with my new BLOG knowledge the I learn from Epyzul at his website . I had 3 new BLOG using this new technique.

My I shared it in our USDOTA Forum at . Our next USDOTA Workshop will be in 7th April 2007 and more information you can get it here at .

As for IBOP and Rahsia Online we are progressing quite well and we had finished our web development Phase for the IBOP 2006 client and now begin the era of promoting it. We going to held an IBOP Gathering sometimes of this month. As for now the date will be 24th March 2007 based on many request on this date. The final date I will inform everyone.

I think this will be enough for today and this week and I have more work to do and to act on it. As for next week I will be quite tide up with the World Event that I am attending on 12th and 13th March 2007 at Putrajaya International Convention Centre - "The Secret Is Revealed".

Thank you for all the support and have a great months ahead.

Best Regards,

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