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Friday, June 26, 2009

Car Brokedown At Sri Kembangan

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The 4 Images Of The Mind That Make Your Blueprint

Cool Motivation About Life.

I find this useful for me and I think it will be useful for you. It share with you how to see your owb LIFE. It is the mental image that you create yourself to experience.

Enjoy ...

The next step to getting wealthy is to know how life works. In other words, how does the force of life take instructions and turn them into things and new moments out of the quantum energy field? What type of instructions does Life take so that it may create each new moment in your day? In what format and specifications?

This chapter seeks to answer these questions with you. They are the most basic questions, but they must be answered first before we get progressively deeper into the essence of wealth. In fact you may have heard the principles in this chapter before, they aren't really new yet few people understand them fully and even fewer use them, despite their simplicity.

Although imagination is such a basic part of becoming wealthy, it is an integral part. Every other part uses this simple part at some stage. Your mind's images are literally the blueprint from which your world is built.

In the chapter on Quantum Physics, you see scientifically how physical reality is produced. In other chapters in this book, you will also see imagination's interconnections with Life. But let us first look at imagination, images of the mind, in and of itself.

Life is images of the Mind, expressed...

Life is images of the mind, expressed. What this means is that Life, The Source, uses your thoughts, your mental images, as the instructions by which to create your reality in the material world. Life expresses your mental images into physical reality. To express is to make known, to state, articulate, communicate, convey. The force of Life makes known your thoughts to yourself and everyone else by forming them into experiences and objects that can be experienced, here in the physical world. You experience your own thoughts first hand, your images of your mind, so that you may know which ones are suitable and which ones are not. That is how you know yourself, that is how you experience your self, and that is how you grow. This is the supreme purpose of this physical world that we are now in. It is designed to enable you to experience your Self. It is designed to enable you to experience an idea and its effects and consequences.

Life does not select which ones of your images to express and which ones not to. How would it choose for you? It therefore expresses all of them to the extent that you have them and believe them. You have true free will. This free will is truly free because of the fact that all of it is acted upon without filtering or favoring. Free will is truly free because of the fact that it actually gets results all the time, not just some of the time, and it gets them exactly. Later we will see how exactly free will works, even when it looks as if it is impossible for it to do so.


Imagination is the force that takes you to places you have never been. Napoleon Hill said that imagination is the most marvelous, miraculous, inconceivably powerful force the world has ever known. Life is imagination, images of the mind, expressed into physical form. Feed your imagination daily and accurately with pictures, movies, and concentration. Spend time doing this in detail every day. Imagination is the most powerful force, and it is so because Life uses it to know what to create next. Most people spend little time imagining. They imagine using idle thought, haphazardly, and wonder why their life is not rich for them. Imagination has the power to make or break your life. It is your mind, and your choice.


Images. Images. Images! Life is images of the Mind, expressed. Imagine your life as you wish it to be, picture perfect, with color and details, in your mind, every day. Spend an hour daily doing your images. And throughout the rest of the day, keep your thoughts in harmony with your images of your chosen life. This is so important that it cannot be over-emphasized. The Source, God, works perfectly, giving you exactly what you envision and think about. Exactly. No more, no less. It is therefore extremely important that you have crystal-clear images and thoughts, consistently.

For example, many people wish to have a nice car. But the mistake they make is to have 'get a nice car' as their goal. What do they expect the universe to give them? There is physically no such car called Nice Car. Be crystal-clear! Envision the exact car, its make, model, color, options, and all that. Go to the car yard or look it up on the Internet and know exactly, or as exact as possible, what it is you wish to have as a nice car. Then envision that every day - the more you think about it, the closer you get it to you. This is the effective way to image. Life is images of the Mind, expressed. Do you wish to travel to another country for a dream holiday? Go to the travel agency and get all the details from them, get the brochures, flight itinerary, prices, hotels and car reservations, and all that. Build up the whole trip, exactly, in your mind in full color and spectacle.


Life is an expression of inner images. Everything we do and experience is an expression of our images, our imagination, and our thoughts. Work on your images. To change your life, change your imagination and change your thoughts.


The life that you are living is the life that you have imagined.


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