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Monday, July 26, 2010

It Is About Me, My Life And My Next Life (My Dead)

Who am I ? Who am I really ? What am I ? What am I really ? This search will never ends until you let go "Your Mind". Your mind need a justification to exist. IT describe who you are. IT describe what you are and do all sort of things to make sure IT exist.

Your Mind learn from the past, it create FEAR of the future, it create illusion of the reality, it mumbles in your head, it control your views, it manage your eyes, ears and smells, it is all over you and IT want to become YOU.

This is a BATTLE inside and this battle will never ends until you DIE. This "MIND" works cleverly and joined with other "MIND's" and create what we called "MIND EFFECT" or "MIND SYNDROME". This "MIND's" rules the earth and the world.

All the above is my "MIND" perception and projection. Your "MIND" really can amazed you of what IT can do to you.

Do you ever asked ? why some car is right hand drive and some is left hand drive ? why there is 220v and 110v current voltage ? All this question is from your MIND and it can create million of question that will never ends.

Remember this ! There is a time that your MIND is at REST - during the sleep. That is the time that you hardly remember what you do and what people can do to you. During this time where are you? How come you have FAITH that you going to wake up tomorrow ? There is no guarantee.

I always asked myself, where to ? why I am such in hurry doing everything ? what I am missing in this life ? why I am worry about things that not happened yet ? why I have all this fears and worry ? Have I NOT TRUSTED GOD ?

Hey we cannot see GOD. GOD never help us when we have no MONEY. GOD never work 9 to 5 every day. GOD never have to send children to school. GOD never have to worry about paying bills.

See who is talking about GOD. That is my mind talking about GOD. My mind compares. My mind judge. My mind analyze. And the result my MIND make my BELIEF.

I need to come out and win this battle over my mind. It is already 40 years and I am still strangling with this battle. I am sorry God. Please forgive me. Please guide me and teach me. Please bless me. Thank you. I love you.


p/s: This is my mind speaking !

Monday, July 05, 2010

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