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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Talk About Parenting!!!!

Talk about parenting.....yup this is really a treasure of all time...When you at home with your kids that is really the best time for you and your kids. You can them grow and they feel more close to you than ever. They want to know what you do and they want to know if you at how can I earn the money. So I told my kids not all things you do will create or give money. Also I told them that we need money to buy foods and so on.

One thing that really touched me is that they really care about me as I care to them. They encourage me to get a lot of money so that I would always be at home with them.

One of my son which is only 10 years old told me that his friends father at school has income about RM1,000,000.00 in a project and tell me that "Babah only earn RM140 a month" at home and no work. Then I asked him back - "Do you like Babah to go to work again and earn more than RM140?" He replied that - "No, Babah stay at home, we like Babah to stay at home". Then my youngest daugther 4 yeras old replied - "Babah stay at home, Babah kat rumah aje jaga Sofea" .

Now really know how happy all my kids when their parents at home with them. They do not want your money they just want you....more information about parenting you can find it here ...


Monday, May 29, 2006

Work At Home Versus At Work!!!

Almost about 2 weeks that I start to work at home as a home dad. It was really a CHALLENGE. It is hard to FOCUS. So many things need to be done and so many ideas pop up. Beside the daily house hold chores that I need to take care.

I feel that I am NOT that organized yet and somehow overwhelmed by many ideas that need some sort of idea management.

Anyway I working on a JV project with Jasman on selling classical a ebook by Corey Rudl - How to Create a Fortune on the Internet in Just 4 Simple Steps. This ebook sell in MPH for about RM40++. But we are selling for RM20 plus other BONUSES. The site called -

Beside that I am trying another program by Cikgu Shahrul Danial - called RajaRinggit - selling internet related ebook with affiliate opportunity. You can join his affiliate program for FREE. Actually I like his website design and the affiliate function very cool .....

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Lelaki Online Website Is Down For 15 Hours !!!

What a luck Lelaki Online website is down for 15 hours from 11:00 pm 26/05/06 until 2:00 pm 27/05/06. Call the hosting server in Singapore they replied it is some sort security break on the shared server. So there is no order or income for 15 hours.

But I always believe there always a blessing in disguise. Anyway, it is quite hard to work at home with all the temptation from all over the place. I feel like to do all things but at last nothing is accomplished.

I am setting my working schedule so that I can get things done. I required a daily chores so that I can stay focus on my work at home. As for today I start working at 6:00 am till 9:00 am to modified my Reiki Ezine website.

The things that I accomplished today:
1) Modified Reiki Ezine
2) Do a web promotion
3) Do Analysis of web trends using Adtracker

After that is enjoy time with family until about now I update my BLOG.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Terengganu Experience !!!!!

I just got back from Terengganu today.... I went to Terengganu with my family, on last Sunday and stay a night at my brother's place in Kerteh. One thing that I love in Terengganu is the Terengganu "Nasi Dagang" in banana leaf and cost only RM1. So on that Monday morning itself my brother bought Nasi Dagang for breakfast.

After having breakfast my brother took us the whole family to Terengganu "URUT" so all 5 of us me , my wife and our 3 kids go for "URUT". It was a very relaxing "URUT".

On the evening my brother took us to Awana Kijai Jeti for a COOL fishing experience. I have never fished for a long time until last Monday and I my self caught about 7 fish. Both of my son catched one each too.

As for the Monday night we stayed at Awana Kijai 2 Bedroom Hotel Apartment. (We got it FREE for 2 days). It was very spacious apartment with all the cooking facilities. It is great.

That night itself we went to Medan Ikan Bakar - Fish BBQ area ...Wow!!!! it is a nice fresh food .. yummy yummy...

On Tuesday ... we went for the Awana Kijal biggest swimming pool in Terengganu and go for the water fun but I am not into the water at this moment of time...

I am very happy watching my kids enjoying the swimming pool. At the same time I am think of my next action plan to work on ...yes you know.. I am now working on my own time ...really need to think little bit hard..

As for the nite ..we go for Pizza and Big ABC ....if you know what I mean ....

It was very GREAT experience for us the whole family ..... Ok back to reality I need to catch up with all my emails ... since I have no access to Internet in Awana ...

Need to tidy my schedule and do all my action plan ... Need to be a RICH Home Dad soon ....


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Lembu Online Website Is Ready!!!!!

This to inform that Lembu Online website is up and running. The site is in Bahasa Malaysia. Lembu Online website is a website that sell live cow, live sheep, live goat. Beside selling all the above live it also sell the meat.

It also provide an oppportunity for anyone that want to have their own cow, sheep or goat but no place to put them, can keep it on the Lembu Online farm for a minimal maintainance fee. The farm is located in Dengkil. I myself bought five sheep and kept it there. It is a very nice expereince to have your own sheep and on the weekend you can take your family to feed the sheep. Please visit the website for more information....


Friday, May 19, 2006

Gemstone & Jewelry Website!

Today I am updating my Gemstone & Jewelry website. This website also was exploited so it took sometimes to clean it up. At the same time I am working on a new project with a friend regarding Skim Cepat Kaya. I work with Jasman from to sell "How to Create a Fortune on the Internet in 4 Simple Steps" - by Corey Rudl.

Apart from that my Lembu Online project is coming up well too. I need to setup the payment gateway section on the site.

As my own personal Reiki Training - I setup my own Reiki Article website to share some information about Reiki.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

First Day Without A Job!

Today is the first day of my life with out a permanent JOB. I am out from a corporate world with 5 figure income into a full time home dad. It was very hectic for first day but the FEEL of no job is very wonderful. I fell very FREE and very RELAX despite I need to take care of my kids.

At the time being I do not have any specific plan on what I am going to do next. But deep in my heart I will do what I love to do and that is something that related with Internet income and work at home kind of things.

Everyday in every way I am getting better and better .. This I borrowed from Napoleon Hill to motivate my self.

For the time being I will be cleaning up my website and do some sort of restructuring and planning. There is a much different this time because I am a full time at home so need to find income to support my family...

Best of luck..

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Internet Users Warned About New Online Scam!

I would like to share with you this information regarding internet SCAM ...
The reason is the SCAM is become more and more better watch out and becareful always when you are online...

In a new twist on the phishing scam, crooks have now started sending messages "confirming" bogus bank transfers. A message claiming to come from bank confirms a transfer of several hundred dollars from an account. The aim is for people to log onto their dummy site to dispute the transaction and give out their banking details.

Phishing is the term given to a scam that appeared late last year. False emails claimed to come from banks, online auction sites and Internet payment sites asking users to change their account details. These emails contained links to websites set up by the conmen that would steal the victim’s bank details and passwords.

More detail here.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Craving For Magazines!!!!!

I just want to read more magazines for improving my writing skill for all my web pages I bought a few from here ....

Friday, May 12, 2006

ITIL Foundation Exam & New Project!

I have passed the ITIL Foundation Exam with the score 37 out of 40 but I am NOT working anymore. I will full time House Husband. I am currently working several website project.

One of the is - this project is to gather a lot of Reiki related article and put it on one website. The information is from myself (Reiki Level 2) and from other Reiki Master.

Beside that I made some changes on my other website to improve the website look and content.

My intentions is to make all the web valuable to the reader...


Thursday, May 11, 2006

I Will Be A House Husband Soon!

I am at home today and not going to my daily job in KLCC. My 2 sons and 1 daugther all of them having a fever. So I need to stay at home and take them to the clinic.

Ok back to my topic above... Yup! I will be an official house husband on Tuesday 16th May 2006. My last day of work will be on 15th May 2006. I will take care my of kids and do all the house chores. The reason is our maid had run away and we are having difficulties of finding a new one immediately so I take the opportunity to work at home as a "House Husband".

I think this will be a very challenging experience for me and for my family. It is a new journey for me as a house husband. Like what the newspaper said last week increase of house I am part of the increase ...


Sunday, May 07, 2006

Cow & Goat Wonderful Experience!

Yesterday on Saturday I and my family went to my uncle farm that herd cows, sheep and goat. It was very nice experiences for my kids. They love the cow, sheep and goat.

My uncle farm located in Dengkil. In the farm there is about 18 goat, 20 sheep and about 50 cows. My kids is able to touch and play with the baby goat and take some pictures.

Actually I am engaging a project with my uncle to sell live cows, sheep and goat online. Our website is which is still under development. We will be accepting credit card for the purchasing cows, sheep and goat.

Thinking out further we will also going to provide some sort of programs that enable anyone interested of having a cow, sheep or goat as a pet and keep it at my uncle farm. As a pilot we open the program for invited individual only.

As for myself, I will get four female goat for a start and try to buy two goat a months. I think this a good investment and have some sort of Goat Holiday with my kids and family over the weekend.

After about 2 hours in my uncle farm, we went back to my uncle house have lunch. After lunch my kids take some dips into my uncle private swimming pools.

Then we took off around 3:00 pm and we went to Bangi for a short meeting regarding the upcoming Internet Seminar on 27th May 2006 in TPM. This seminar will only have 60 seat and will be hands on seminar. Every participant will be provided with Internet Access PC so that they can do the hands on.

After the meeting we went to my sister house in PJ and met my parents there and have diner there as well. About 8:30 pm we went back home. It is really very good Saturday for my whole family.

I am now into goat investment and will share that with every one that interested to have their own goat. Stay tuned and stay connected.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

Double Trouble Of Website Hosting!

Yesterday night I found out my website was suspended and redirected to somewhere else. What a waste! I need to do some sort of quick fix to retransfer my website to another DNS and domain and it took more than 12 hours to get the DNS updated with the new domain configuration. Only this morning the site is OK.

Another thing happened today afternoon, several of my website hosted in Vodahost giving out PHP errors. I am panic for a while until about 2 hours ago all the website is OK. The reason is "eximstat" on the hosted server is failing and the hosting provider managed to restarted it. Phew!

Is it destiny?.....I am not sure...but I believe there always a blessing in disguise. I am currently working on some new website development call Rapid Niche Website reffered by a friend call Dann.


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Nearby Holiday In Genting Highlands!

Last weekend I and my family went up to Genting Highlands for short holiday break. We stay at Genting View Resort Apartment (our friends mom's apartment) for 2 days. The weather is cold.

No internet access there so no BLOG update for a while. I tried the NEW Flying Coaster Ride - Wow! Really excellent!. This is NOT a normal roller coaster ride like in Magic Mountain in California (Six Fags), it is even better we need to lie down like spiderman and FLY....

As for the nite we watch the Magic show called - The Mysteria - very expensive but the show is not that good compare with The Sinbad show. Anyway it is a good show though.

It very hectic and very tiring but it is very fun for the children. On the next day we watch the 4D Action Movie, my Child love it very much. It is a roller coaster ride with a virtual reality movie. Need to wear the 3D spec.

We had a Pizza Hut for Dinner on the second nite with our relatives. Its good to eat together once in a while.

On the last day before we depart home we take a morning swim in our apartment swimming pool. The children enjoy it very much.

Around 12:00 pm we heading back home but we stop for lunch at Ayam Bakar Wong Solo in Ampang. This is one of the best ayam bakar in town.

We arrived home around 4:00pm and very tired. Something happened then ....Our MAID want to stop working. Wow that is a after the holiday..

So NO MAID now ...I am taking a day off today to look for alternative nursery to take care my small daugther...

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