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Monday, November 27, 2006

IBOP Rahsia Online In The Media

IBOP Rahsia Online In The Media

Here is some update about IBOP by Rahsia Online. Our website traffic just increased day by day since our first launched of Rahsia Online on 1st November 2006. Below is some screen shoot about the statistics.

Rahsia Online Nov 2006 Statistics

For your information IBOP by Rahsia Online is also featured in the MajalahPC by Karangkraf December 2006 Edition under the topic Dunia IT. (In Malay). Get one at your nearby book shop or daily store.

Majalah PC December 2006 Edition We have so many request and inquiry regarding IBOP. Just to rephrase IBOP is an Internet Business Ownership Program. What this mean you can have your OWN Internet Business that is RUN and MANAGED by the expert in the field.

Meaning that you do NOT have to do anything at all. You just become he BOSS you let the expert do the work for you and you just EARN your money.

Is there any PRE-Requisite? For NOW Yes because there are too many request. The requirement is you need to have a Google Adsense account and a Paypal Account. I know somewhere in the Rahsia Online website it mentioned that we can create the accounts for you but for now we can not do it for you anymore.

To apply you Google Adsense account is easy. Create a blog in English at and post daily for 7 days (1 post a day) and on the 7th day apply your adsense account via the the blogger dashboard. For Paypal account visit and sign up. It is EASY. More information you get and learned here at .

Once you have both of them than only you can be accepted for IBOP. IBOP is a professional business services. It is NOT a get rich quick program or investment program. It is a service that we offer to the customer to help them run and manage their website. All profit from the IBOP internet business will belongs to the IBOP owner.

Just to remind you. At this time of writing only 27 IBOP ownerships left for GRAB at the price USD199 or RM750. By January 1st 2007, IBOP will be USD399 or RM1500. I hope that if you qualified and want to get in with the best DEAL. Get it NOW while it still last. Once it reached 50, I will closed doors until the year 2007.

Ok that is about IBOP.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

IBOP, The Secret & Sure Up!

Rahsia Online Hi, I have not posted in my blog since the problem I had with the web hosting. I am still not very well since last week but that do not stop me from doing my work.
OK, for to day I would like to share with you something different in a different way. First, I will share about the IBOP update from my Rahsia Online, then I will share with you a SECRET that has been released and last about SURE UP!

IBOP from Rahsia Online
Many yet to see the power of IBOP. Many still waiting of the outcome of IBOP. Many still do NOT know what is IBOP and how it can help. IBOP is a service provided by Rahsia Online to a client so that the client will own his own internet business. Owning Internet Business here means the client own the web, the domain name, and the income from the business. All the job of running and maintaining the internet business is done by the Rahsia Online team.

As some of you know the IBOP Program service fee will raise to USD399 as January 2007 this due to all the manual work that we have to do to complete each of IBOP client. All IBOP client website and blogs is UNIQUE and have a different niche market. We will be out the media in January and will be conducting FREE preview at the hotels about this great IBOP program. My advice is be among the early of IBOP owner NOW with only USD199 with Money Back guarantee by 11 months. This special offer is limited to the first 50 IBOP owner and at this time of writing we had only 33 IBOP left. Get your special price IBOP now! USD199

The Secret Is Now Revealed
I stumbled across this SECRET when I browsing through the net on the 20th November 2006. I just really a miracle. It is NOT something that you and me DO NOT KNOW. But it is beyond words and magical. It begin to change the way you see the world. It begin to create miracle and wonders in your life. It start to granted all your wishes in a faster way. You become harmony with nature and all the surroundings. You feel grateful and thankful and all of these happened in less than 90 minute. This SECRET is so great, it makes you aware that your life is very priceless and should enjoy the moment of it. My recommendations, with and open mind and love please make a visit to the secret below and watch the SECRET Movie. It is a very priceless moment in your life. Go NOW to learn and apply the secret.

What Is The Secret

Sure UP! - Men First Blue Cream
This is the latest product brought to you by LelakiOnline - Great product for Men, Alcohol Free, Premium Grade, Islamic Manufacturing Practice and Certified and proven.

Sure UpFast Acting "SEX CREAM"
No Pills,
No Waiting
Fast Absorption
Apply Once (1) daily ONLY
Results in Seven (7) days
Maximum results in Thirty (30) days
Non Oily,
Non Greasy,
Non Stainable,
Non Stench Cream
Cream Texture as Smooth and Aromatic as Facial Creams
Alcohol Free100%
Herbal Topical
No Massage Required

This is really a great product for mens health. If like to order please go to or go to my office and purchase there.

Thank you very much for a great support and trust. Together we will build a better future.

Best Regards,

p/s: Major Announcement Usdota Workshop on this coming December 2nd 2006 will bring forward to January 2007 due to unseen problem. More update here

Friday, November 17, 2006

Major Problem With Hosting Servers

Time : 9:30 am Friday November 17 2006
Good response from the hosting support all MYSQL DB connection is restored all my WordPress and Forum is back on track.

There still some problem with uploading files and creating directory. Hope the hosting support will fix it soon.


Time : 8:00 am Friday November 17 2006
I woke up this morning and try to do some work for my client and I found out that I cannot upload file and create directory in one of my hosting servers. And somehow this servers hosted few of my websites. The impacted area is all my website that use MYSQL Database such as Wordpress and Forum. All HTML and PHP website is OK.

Here is some of the my major website that is impacted:

1) - use WordPress as the base design
2) - use PHPBB
3) - use WordPress
4) - use PHPBB
5) - use WordPress

I had contacted the hosting company for immediate action as this is really a CRITICAL business to me. I am just waiting for a reply from the hosting support team. I hope the problem should be resolved immediately and the information is intact.

To my customer and client I am sorry for all this trouble. If you need to contact me please email me directly. I will reply your email as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support and trust in us. I believe there always a great blessing in disguise.

Salam & Best Regards,

p/s: There always be a challenge when you want to move up the ladder. But that challenge will make you even stronger when you climbing up another higher ladder.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

IBOP Important Update

Rahsia Online
IBOP Important Update

We had a tremendous response for IBOP program that we are offering. We had received so many emails, enquires and upfront booking for IBOP. Just to remind you we are only opening 50 IBOP program before we are doing a major launch in January 2007. For this first 50 IBOP the price will only be USD199 or RM750. When IBOP program officially launch next year 2007 the price tag will be USD399 or RM1500. Make sure you get this NOW! You will never get this offer anymore when the first 50 IBOP is full.

IBOP or Internet Business Ownership Program is a program that let you be a business owner. Business Owner mean you OWN your own Internet Business with someone else running the business on your behalf. You do not have to do the WORK the EXPERT will do the work for you. The idea is you can have more FREE TIME and more INCOME and can spent more QUALITY time with your family.

The important here is LET THE EXPERT do the work for YOU. If you have a car problem you let the car mechanics help you. If you have a FLU you went to a DOCTOR . Same here if you are already BURN OUT with making money on the internet LET US HELP YOU with IBOP.

Here is some update regarding our IBOP web development for our client. IBOP is a professional services that we offer to our client and this services requires hard work and research. Each IBOP website will be unique and has its own niche. There 3 Phase the IBOP Website will undergo.

1) Phase 1 - Static Website - for search engine ranking and placement. The website will be SEO optimized with its own keyword niche. ( 2- 3 weeks)

2) Phase 2 - Dynamic Website - this is our IBOP Secret RECIPE. You will only got this from IBOP. This is the method my Mentor used to get USD50,000 monthly with Adsense. (Only after 3 weeks when keyword research is done)

3) Phase 3 - Blog - Each IBOP client will got an Optimized WordPress Blog. This blog will be functioning as a fresh content feeder to the IBOP website. ( After week 4)

Based on our current IBOP client, there is a lot of work to be done. That is why we are limiting it to only 50 IBOP client. This is to ensure that we can deliver what we promise and another things is to identify our weakness and ou strength. All job is done manually.

Here are some sample of the Phase 1 Website:

After the development phase we will begin our Marketing Phase and this is the BEST part. This is the time when IBOP client will EARN their money.

Frankly speaking get your IBOP now for ONLY USD199 or RM750 before the PRICE TAG will become USD399 or RM1500 form January 2007 onwards. If after 11 months you do not earn more than what you pay for our services we will return you money in full.

There is NOTHING to LOSE and you have an opportunity to EARN income with your own Internet Business. Get IBOP Now!

As for USDOTA Workshop. The next workshop will be on Saturday 2nd December 2006 at TPM Academy. Cost only RM200. More information please visit

Thank you very much for your GREAT support and TRUST. We will make sure it work for everyone.

Best Regards,

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Death Of Internet Marketing

The Death Of Internet Marketing - FREE 60 Pages of Reports
I just got an email about Mike Filsaime's Free Report called - "The Death of Internet Marketing"

I will admit, like you may be feeling now, that I thought it was some hyped up offer to get me to join for free and get some offer.

Turns out I was wrong. Way wrong.

The bottom line is, this report really opened my eyes to what really is the death of Internet marketing. The good news is, the report also shows you what you need to know to succeed in the near future.

The times are changing and I it would be a shame for anyone to not read this report and fail like many will.
I read it, and I wanted to share it with you ASAP.

I recommend you take a break from what ever it is you are doing if you can and get access to this report now.

The Death Of Internet Marketing by Mike Filsaime is a great FREE report exposes the current "Downtrends" facing Internet Marketers and details the strategies of new trends that can make future millionaires of those who read it now.

Here is a sniplet of the table of contents of this 60 page resourceful pages of REPORT.

Table of contents.
1) The Death of Internet Marketing: Why this report.
2) Vision- The last thing we seek. The reason many fail
3) Opportunities- Beware the wolf in sheeps clothing.
4) David and Goliath- Efficiency vs. Effectives Which are you?
5) Niches- The real meaning behind The Long Tail
6) The Death of Mr. DJ- Its not what you think, its what they think.
7) Lifeline Services- The bills youre happy to pay. The sineed tou needto make.
8) The Skulls- Secret Societies of Small networks for greater profits
9) Bulldozer Launch- Why slow and steady will cruProduct LaunchuctLaunch in the long run.
10) The Big Pinch Ouch You never saw it coming.
11) The Life of Internet Marketing Authors conclusion.

Consider your future success by going here NOW.

Another things about the FREE Report above. Once you get the report you can earn some income by asking your friends to download the FREE report. This is really great , a some sort of incentive to get you going and read the report.

"Earn $1 for every person you send to us and every person they send to us on your 2nd tier. So if you refer 3000 people to us that refer another 4500 people to us, I will send you $7500.00 to your PayPal email address on file with us!"

Ok that is about "The Death of Internet Marketing" report. Back to IBOP progress report. We are receiving a great response regarding this IBOP program and we thank everyone for the support. As per this writing we had 38 IBOP Ownership left. Our target is to get all 50 sold out by end of this months.

Below is some of the IBOP website we had design for our customer. There will be 3 Design Phase and here is the sample for 1st Phase. ( SEO and Placement)

After undergone the 1st Phase. The site will go to Phase 2 and Phase 3. IBOP recipe is on the Phase 2. If you are interested on IBOP offering please signup here >>>

All the Best and Take Care,

Monday, November 06, 2006

IBOP - Rahsia Online !!!

Dewan   Masyarakat I think this is my first post in November 2006. I was so busy with IBOP preparation last week and Usdota workshop last Saturday. Thank you very much for all the support from Usdota members and Rahsia Online team.

What is IBOP ? IBOP is a program that let anyone to be an Internet Business Owner. Basically it is a services rendered to a client from finding, building, marketing and maintaining the client internet business. The client will own an Internet Business that will earn them money daily. The client will have it own website, email and related own account to check their income.

More information you can get it from here.

As for this first phase of IBOP we will limit the internet business ownership to 50 selected individual only. At this time of writing only 42 ownership left. We received a tremendous response with IBOP. Our Rahsia Online website reach up 1000 unique visitor per day since it is launched on 1st November 2006 and the visitor is keep increasing day by day. Our target is the all the 50 ownership sold by end of November and closed for review, revised and post-mortem of the effectiveness of the IBOP program. Our objective to make sure our client EARN their money and be successful with their internet business. The next opening will be on January 2007 and hope by then there will be a great testimony about IBOP by our client.

It is our vision and mission to make everyone success in Internet Business. Our philosophy is "It is NOT enough if one people RICH, we NEED all people to be RICH and that we call Changing The ECONOMIC view."

We hope a strong support from everyone to make this a reality for us and for you. We will do our best to make your EARN your MONEY. It is NOT MAKING MONEY ANYMORE. IT IS EARNING MONEY. Which is MUCH easier to EARN MONEY than MAKE MONEY.

To Everyone Success

P/s: I was interviewed in one of the article in the Dewan Masyarakat. See photo above. Thank you again for everyone support. Thank GOD for all his BLESSING and need HIS BLESSING till DIE.

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