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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Experience Letting Go And Move On!

I just finished reading a book called "Letting Go My Banana" by Dr Daniel T. Drubin. I think this is a great book about letting go all your bad or negative emotion, people, image, things, habit, believe, friends, thinking and etc. In the book all this things calledd "rotten bananas".

How can you move forward if you have rotten bananas that you carry all day long and all the time? This rotten banana smell horibble and make your other good bananas smell horibble too. For sure people would not buy or take consideration of this rotten banana despite how you good you package it. It does smell bad. It is the same with us, if we have rotten habit or anything that is negative in ourselves no matter how we try to hide the truth, it will sure come out and others can sense it. We need to remove all our own rotten banana in order to move on and create our greater self.

It is not easy to let go this rotten banana. For example if you have a friend that you know more than 12 years and you have been long with him in business and so and you also know that your friend is the kind that always provide a "Negative" input, how to get rid of him? Iknow it is very hard - 12 years friendship and all up and down or down only. Am I selfish if I am success without him after all those years.

How about my habit of getting "COMFORT" on all things and my habit of creating "REASON" ? How to get rid of it? This is about changing all you have now in order to create your brand new you that attract success and prosperity.

The past is already written for you but you have a future to write. If you do NOT choose to write your future, it will be "AUTO" written for you and you CANNOT blame what has been written for you because you choose not to write yourself.

From now make a habit of choosing your own future and write it, and at the same time remove all your rotten banana. As for myself, I am doing it NOW and continue doing it.

One of my favourite question: Will I do what I do NOW if I know I am going to DIE in 4 hours time? If you answer yes all the time so that is thing that you need to do no matter what.

Thank you,
Best Regards,

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Famous 5 Step Approach To Get What You Want In Life!

It is been quite a while I have not updated my blog. Anyway I thank you and every one of you that visited my blog. Thank you, please forgive me, I am sorry and I love you. That is the words that I learned from Dr Joe Vitale. I even have his voice in MP3 repeating the same phrase again and again with the subliminal programming track at the back.

Ok, what I am going to share with you today is the key ingredient to get what you want in life. Be it a big house, a dream car, great business and many more this 5 step really help.

  1. Be 100 percent crystal clear about exactly what you want. There is no substitute for an internal fire and burning desire. (This is the MAJOR key). When you are clear with what you want then you can focused on the thing you want and everything in the universe will deliver what you want.
  2. Focus all your mental energy on "what you want". Remember, you do not necessarily need to understand how you are going to get it, just know what you want. The "how" will take care of itself.
  3. See yourself as already having whatever you desire. The mind thinks in picture, and more you can see yourself already having received what you want, the closer you are to having it.
  4. Take the assumptive approach. My belief is that "the things I want the most, want me the most." . Universal law of attraction.
  5. Adopt the true personal power : "The ability to translate intentions into reality."

In order for me to apply the above 5 Step Approch, I bought myself a notebook (the paper one that you can get at the general store). Every morning I will write a least 10 item under the question - "What I am achieving today?" .

Then at night before sleep I checked my notebook and see what have I accomplish today and mirically I achieved everything. I did this several days and I get the same result. Then I just made a simple test - I do not want to write it down - I just want to remember in my mind what I am going to achieve that day. The result I do not achieved anything.

The secret is you need to write in down even though you have a photo-graphic memory or some sort of human genius memory to remember. Jot it down and that is key to turning intentions into reality.

I am now focus on . I am building the "brand" - UrusWang . The model that I followed is help people and earn income for helping them. You need passion and burning desire so that you can overcome the unknown territory.

Best regards and all the best,


p/s: I am currently reading a book called "Letting Go My Banana" - a great book to read.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

"I Can Make You Rich" And "Fish SPA"

Yesterday is a great "pivot point" day - It is Friday 8 February 2008, it is 1st Safar of 1429 and the best thing is holiday - 2nd day of Chinese new year.

Yesterday I had the chance to complete and digest Paul McKenna book called "I Can Make You Rich". The book come with Hypnosis CD that able to program your subconciuos mind to be RICH.

It is a great book to read and it is very practical. It guide you with step by step mindset setting, law of attraction, visualization and simple business plan to follow. It also include simple EFT Technique to make you rich. Anyway as for EFT, I applied RESQ56 that I learned from Master Hazil and Master Amar - .

Ok that is about the book I read. I am now focusing on developing my debt consultation and management services called . I thank everyone for all the support.

If you have credit cards and serving interest 18% a year or more, I might can help you to convert your debt into 0% interest plan for 24, 36 or 48 months. You will save a lot of bank interest charges and can help to settle you debt early. Please visit .

Yesterday it is holiday - a long holiday actually. So my daughter and sons begging me to take them somewhere. So after the friday prayer I took my family to Berjaya Time Square and Pavilion KL.

As for me a my wife, we took the opportunity to go Kenko - Fish SPA located at the 5th floor of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. It is fish theraphy center actually. Take a look some of the picture below.

This the picture of my 2 feet with the fish biting the feet. Very ticklish. After a while you can bare the tickle.

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