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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Where Am I And What I am Doing?

Hi, I always been asked - Where am I? and What am I doing? To make it easy I like to share in a pictorial way.

Currently I work as a magazine salesman and promoter for . I am actively participating in Expo and Seminar to promote the magazine. I am also distribute the magazine to small shop around town.

Sometimes I took the role of magazine reporter to do some coverage on certain issue or topic.

And sometimes I got prizes from someone that I do not know. Two big prizes to be exact.

Sometimes I am also the Advertising Designer.

I am also the web master and the web designer of the .

That is one part of what I am doing right now. Do I have salary for all this ? Absolute NO. Then why I do it ? Because I believed there are more business and life that I can do with this kind of hard job. I met more people. I learned about myself more. I learned about people and their greed. I learned about people who always think profit only. I learned that there are more things in life that I never thought of. I expanded my horizon. I am broaden my view. I am strengthen my spiritual wisdom.

Is it hard? YES. Sometimes I only had RM5 in my pocket but I still need to finish my job. But most of the time I had RM10. I glad with what I have. I thanked my mom and my dad who always help me when I am in needs. Thanks mom. Thanks dad.

What about my wife? Is she okay with this? I think no one wife like to see her husband suffer and going through a though time. I know it is hard. I always tell my wife be patient, we will be out of the dark soon or later.

How about my kids? I pity my kids because they had to suffer because of me. In another view, I want them to learn that don't be like their father. I want them to be better and know what is the TRUTH. I teached them ALLAH is the all Mighty. Asked from Allah all the time.

Am I happy? Yes I am always happy coz I can still eat, walk, breath and enjoy my day by day.

Thank you very much.


p/s: I will have more surprise soon ..... till then .....

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Always Use Your Left Ear To Answer And Make Call From Your Mobile

Friday, December 07, 2007

Jualan Ria Selangor 2007 Preparation

Hi, I will be at Jualan Ria Selangor at Stadium Shah Alam from 8 Dec till 16 Dec 2007

Monday, November 26, 2007

Changing World Of Fire Fighting Technology

Today I attended a whole day seminar called "Changing World Of Fire Fighting Technology" conducted by the Angus Fire team, from United Kingdom at J.W Marriot Hotel, Putra Jaya. It was a whole new experienced for me to learn about fire fighting technology. Now I know there are more life than just Internet, working, magazine, livestock and so on.

I learned about foam, the type of foam, why used foam, dual agent, monitor, hose, type 3 hose, duraline, Hi-Vol hose, Dry-Powder and many more. You can find more information here at .

Life is a place that we need to explore and appreciate. Life comes with feeling and emotion so that we can understand our self better. I am currently exploring what people call the bottom of the pit. I have nothing at all related to financial such as saving account, money, current account, credit card, job,stable income and so on. Am I happy ?

Yes of course. Happy should it be. If you are experiencing difficulties that is life. You need to go on and move on. No matter what. You are tested because you are capable and you will be rewarded soon. Just be patient and be positive.

When you are placed in a "Hard Time". You will learn to manage yourself better and be ready for a greater victory.

May GOD bless all of us.
Best Regards,


p/s: 2nd Edition of magazine is in print. More information here at .

Monday, November 19, 2007

Orgone - A New Energy Phenomenon!

I was introduced this by my younger brother about Orgone. This is a really a new information for me to explore. It is very simple but really work MAGIC. More information please do a search in Google for Orgone.

My brother told me, if this orgone ball thrown into a dead lake, the lake will be alive and all fish and animal will create a new habitat there. Yup! This is not a joke. The scientist had test this. This orgone has many benefits. Read more below.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Challenges In Life Is A Good Thing!

It is been a while that I do not update my blog and write about myself. 2007 goes so quickly and many challenges I had faced and experienced. All of that made me understand more about myself and my duty in this world.

What I feared most happened. What I liked most happened. I begin to understand that in order to know one self the one had to be shown with every experience in one life - the most feared, the worst things, the great things, and all sort of things.

2007 really help me to find the core of myself. I learned to understand the power beyond my own self. That is what I called the "Absolute Power". Below I shared some key point that I learned and help me to face all the obstacles.
  • Ask and you shall receive.
  • You can live the life you dream.
  • Rich is not having more money.
  • Rich is knowing the secret to get everything you want in life.
  • Your good is waiting for you now.
  • Please open the door and let it in.
  • Never, Never, Never Ask or Money.

Ok that is about my journey in 2007. And the journey still continue. Whatever happened do enjoy every moment because that is the best for you. Thank GOD for that.

May GOD Bless all of us.


p/s: I will be going to Ipoh with my children's and parents. My wife is still in Sweden.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Online Money Loophole From Your Own Home

The Ultimate Online Money Loophole

Imagine never having to create a product, build a website or even do any marketing whatsoever, and still making money without any start up costs. Well that’s exactly what you can do now.

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Visit and get a training program showing you exactly how to make money online the easy way.

Best Regards,


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Herbal Asia 2007 And The 3 Principle !

I will be in Herbal Asia 2007 Exhibition from 1st November until 4th November 2007. I will be promoting magazine. The exhibition is open to public from 10:00 am till 6:00 pm.
The Three Most Powerful Principles I Have Learned from Millionaires By Dr. Robert AnthonyCreator of The Secret of Deliberate Creation

Over the years I have had the privilege to spend time with some very financially and spiritually enlightened people.

As a result, my personal life and the way I do business has changed...
In listening to these people talk and observing how they handle their personal and business lives, three very distinct and powerful traits came to my attention.

I believe if all these three traits were applied to your life, they would make such a dramatic change, that in a short time all the things you desire would show up in your life...including as much money as you desire.

I don't say that lightly, I really have been influenced by these three Spiritual Principles and their power. I believe – no, I KNOW, you will be too, if you apply them in your life.

Principle Number 1: They “KNOW” They Can Create Whatever They Desire...

Spiritual Millionaires choose what they want instead of focusing on what they don’t want. They never spend time thinking about what is “missing” from their life. Rather, they make a choice about what they want in their life.

Spiritual Millionaires have 100% confidence in the Law of Attraction. The have no doubt about their ability to create what they desire.

They don’t “believe” it - they KNOW it...

There is a world of difference between “believing” and “knowing”. When you “know” the truth about anything, there is no doubt.

You have 100% confidence...

Knowing is about trusting that you are the only one who knows what is right for you, that you are capable of handling whatever comes to you, and that you are clear on your intentions or the outcome you choose to create.

I've seen the power of being absolutely clear on my intentions for my life: They come true!
They have for me, and I watched the Spiritual Millionaires as their intentions came to reality for them as well.

Being clear on your intentions is a good first step.

However, a more powerful and life-changing step is trusting that those intentions are ALREADY a reality on the non-physical plane of consciousness, and that they must manifest in your physical reality if you do not hold any opposing thoughts.

And then, "Act As If..." your intentions are reality, now.
Not dishonestly, or outside of your true beliefs. But, to feel it, sense it, imagine how it’s going to "show up" in various situations once it manifests in your life. More detail you can go here .

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007 Magazine Project

It is been a while that I do not post in this blog. I was busy managing the magazine project. To all muslim friends and family I seek for forgiveness and Selamat Hari Raya.

This whole week I will be in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre for the Livestock Asia 2007 Event. Our booth number is F414.

Livestock Asia 2007

Monday, October 08, 2007

A Letter That Help Me Fixed My Problem!

First of all, I thank you God for giving me great strength to go through my live. I know it is very hard for me but I still can move on because YOU are always around. I believe in you GOD and I surrender control of my life to you GOD. I am safe and protected at all times and under all condition. Thank you GOD.

Today I would like to share a letter sent to me by a close friend. This letter mean a lot to me and I hope it mean a lot to you too. Happy reading.

Thank You,

Subject: This is what really fixes your problems

I've been a mess since the middle of August. I've been having my jaw realigned, a problem since childhood, apparently. The physical and mental pain has been difficult, if not downright infuriating. But I just wanted to tell you because it is one of the best things
that has ever happened to me.

This morning Penelope reminded me that I've asked for healing and that's what I'm getting. That the Universe solves the whole problem not just the surface stuff. It cures the cause not the symptom.

We never have money problems for example, we have spiritual problems. Once you solve the spiritual problem, money flows freely. I remember a bumper sticker I saw many years ago. It
read: God Please Let Me Prove To You That Money Won't Ruin Me.

People who win the Lotto often go bankrupt a few years later. Why? Because they didn't clear the spiritual and emotional issues that pushed them to gamble in the first place.

Money doesn't fix money problems. Clearing does.

The Universe works by indirection.

You ask for what you want and then you let the Universe deliver the solution. That's usually by indirection, because you have to change before you can have what you want.

Think about it. If you didn't have to change, then you'd have already have what you want.

It's never about the thing. It's always about you. And that's the really hard part about getting rich.

Accepting that it is your responsibility to ask, receive whatever the Universe delivers and then grow into the person you are meant to be.

Seems like I've been "clinching" most of my life. Clinching my jaw and pushing forward regardless of the consequences. Well, there's a lot more involved there than the physical manifestation of a non-aligned jaw.

The core of my spiritual nature was not aligned properly. So my request for healing is much bigger than I ever understood.

How about you? Are you looking at your healing processes as terrible problems? Do you sometimes see yourself as born to lose? Do you think God hates you at times?

There's a great line from the original Lethal Weapon movie with Mel Gibson. Mel's character is an emotional wreck. A man on the verge of suicide. And when his new partner says God hates him for getting assigned to Mel. Mel says, "hate him back, it works for me."

It's the premise that's wrong here. It sets up a good joke and reveals the nature of the main character, but it's not correct.

God never hates you. Everything that happens in your life is for your own growth and enlightenment. Accept that and the hard times will be less painful and will pass a whole lot quicker.

We love you all more than you'll ever know.

Good Luck & Great Adventures,

Tom Pauley

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The 7 Secret That Get You Rich Faster

Ok first of all I would thank my good friend Rohaizad to share his summarized version of 7 Secret Of Getting Rich Faster by Tom and Penelope. I already print it out and put it on my vision board and ready to assimilate into my daily life. As a BONUS I would like to share it will all of you. Rohaizad himself had manifested successfully all his dream with this 7 Secret Of Getting Rich Faster. He is now Rich Beyond His Wildest Dream.

Without further due please read and print out below:

Giving up control
I now know how to give up control of my life to the Universe.
I surrender control of my life to God.
I am safe and protected at all times and under all conditions.

Expanding your horizon
I welcome new experiences into my life.
I always find the good in new things I try.
I embrace my opposite.

Commit to a Rich Dreams Life
I now know how to commit to a rich dream life.
I now know that the Universe provides everything that I want the quickest way.
I make the rich dream life as part of my lifestyle; write it, own it, give it up.
I embrace my dream.

Project the Positive

I now know how to project the positive.
I welcome the positives to come into my life.
I recognize with this gift that I don’t do the work; YOU do.
It is fun to tithe, giving away money to others.

Honor Yourself
I now know how to honor myself; is to love myself; to forgive myself.
I now know the things that bring me joy, pleasure and fulfillment.
I now know that meditation is coming within, simply getting to know your SELF.
I allow the Universe to get to me.
I allow myself to witness, experience, and live the truth.

Receive Receive Receive
I now know how to open up myself to receive the good that is within and without me.
I am open to the road signs to riches, being VULNERABLE.
I now know that LIFE is a process of changes and transformation.
It is fun to receive gifts from others.

Commit to Your Wealth
I now know who to give money to, loving the experience of giving.
I now know that I need to charge what I’m worth, and be willing to pay others what they’re worth.
I now know that LIFE is a two-way street; a buy-and-sell relationship; a heavenly relationship.
Everyone is pleasant and receptive.

Best Regards,

p/s: I am applying this into my daily life. Always put GOD above others.

Friday, September 28, 2007

The Big Secret By Tom Pauley

After mentioning the 7 Secret To Get Rich Faster, today I would like to share Tom Pauley's email about the BIG SECRET.

Here is the BIG SECRET:

Today I want to tell you the BIG SECRET.

What is the one thing that determines whether you live a rich, successful life?

Is it the school you went to?

Well, there are a lot of doctors, lawyers and top-tier MBA's wishing that were true.
Is it whether your parents were rich or poor?

The history of the world is told, it seems, by those bold and daring folks that came from humble beginnings to make a rich and lasting contribution to the wealth of humanity.

Is it what country, station, race, gender or religion you were born to?

Gandhi, George Washington Carver, Carrie Nation, Sam Walton, even the Beatles testify to the folly of such thinking.

The big secret to wealth is and always has been very simple. So simple in fact that we have for centuries ignored its effectiveness. And when you hear it now, you may be tempted to discount it as a homily or even a remnant of religious thinking.

The truth is we use this secret in a very specific and systematic way to become Rich Beyond Our Wildest Dreams. And you can too.

Ask and Receive.

That's the big secret. You can have anything you want, all you have to do is ask correctly and be willing to receive.

It took my family from a 2nd personal bankruptcy to a rich and happy life.

Regardless of where you start, the simple system we teach can help you live the life of your dreams.

Register for our 5-lesson course we will tell you a few tricks about money.

Good Luck and Great Adventures,
Tom, Diane (wife) and Penelope (daughter) 5-lesson course reveals the simple, yet powerful truth anyone can use to become “Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams”. It’s easy! Visit:

Best Regards,

Thursday, September 27, 2007

One Out Of The 7 Secret To Getting Rich Faster!

It was a great blessing when I met an old friend few days back. He shared with me a very inspiring story that strengthen me to move forward with more confidence and bravery in life.

First he told me about himself on how he increased his sales from $50,000 a month into $1,000,000 in two weeks. This is awesome, for me at that time, I just want to know - "What is the secret that he is using that I am NOT?" .

Then my friend continued with a story of his friend who managed to get $999,999,999 in just one night. To me WOW! this must be another hype or crazy story or just a made up story. Unfortunately my assumption is WRONG. His friend really get that much of money in just one night.

I think our conversation that night is getting more interesting every seconds. I cannot wait anymore so I just asked my friend for his "SECRET". My friend said calmly - "Don't worry, send me an email tomorrow morning and I will give you the secret". I said to him eagerly - "Yup I will sent to you tomorrow morning.". Deep in my heart I cannot wait to get it.

The next morning I sent him the email and waited for the GIFT. I waited for few hours but I did not get an email replied until yesterday. I finally got the SECRET that he promised to give to me. Thank you GOD for this and thank you to my friend too. I am blessed.

This is very important to me and for that I would like to share with you the FIRST secret out of the SEVEN that my friend use to build and maintain his wealth.

The First Secret Is - "Give Up Control" . Yup that is the first secret. Some excerpt from the ebook I received from my friend.

Remember the Universe is your first and best partner. God can give you
in an instant what you could never achieve on your own through the course
of your whole life. Now, that’s the kind of partner I want.

You must give up control before the Universe can help you. Just as you
must give up control in relationships before you can see a real benefit.

If you don’t give up control—and this is the biggest part of that secret—the
Universe can’t do a thing. If you don’t give up control, and you keep doing
everything day after day, the Universe can’t do a thing.

How can the Universe help you when you won’t let it?

Maybe you think you’re supposed to go left, but the Universe knows the real
advantage for you is to go right. The Universe puts one obstacle after
another in your path, trying to force you right. But you won’t hear of it.
And you go miles out of your way to go left.

I remember when Marilyn used to say, “You go right ahead. I give you full
permission to fail.”

And I thought, I’m not failing, I’m doing it. But I was failing to get all the
help I asked for.

If you’ve asked for help—and if you’ve written down your parameters, then
you’ve asked for help—accept it. Be willing to give up control.

Remember the Universe can give you in an instant what you could never
achieve in a lifetime.

If you are interested in what you read and need more information please drop me some comment and I will share with you the secret. God bless for everyone.


p/s: I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you. I am rich beyond my wildest dream.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The 3 Universal Law As Your Habit

Rich Dream There are 3 major law of success that you need to make it as your daily habit. Stick to this 3 and you will bound to be rich beyond your wildest dream. As for myself I am very skeptical at first - how come it is so EASY and works 100% - it is the "UNIVERSAL LAW" and always work anyhow whether you believe it or not.

Below is the 3 universal law that you need to make it as your habit and you will get an amazing result almost instantly.

1. Failing to Tithe – Spending God’s money on yourself.
Tithe is to spend 10% of your income to any individual or company that help your spiritual development. Tithe is NOT Charity.Many, many people fail to receive their wealth for this very reason.

Failing to tithe and then spending on yourself can be truly disastrous. You owe God 10% on every dollar you get. Period. It is His. Not yours. He does not like it when you cheat Him. He is doing all the work. You may think it is your genius or sweat that has created your wealth, but it is not. If you doubt who is doing the work, you can stop tithing for a month and watch your prosperity come to a screeching halt.

Remember tithing is not for God’s benefit, it is for your benefit. God does not need your money. Tithing is for you. You tithe for your own benefit. You are paying for your spiritual growth. You are paying for the things you receive. You are keeping your ego in check and recognizing the source of everything you have. You are tithing because God is in charge and He expects you to. You tithe because you love God and it is good for you.

2. Playing God – Saving other people.
God allows no others before him. Spending to save other people puts you between them and God. You are playing God. You become their savior. It is a seriously destructive practice. God will not allow it. He will take your money, your health and eventually your life.Playing God is a very bad idea. It hurts everyone involved. It stagnates your spiritual growth and creates an effect which can cost you everything.

3. Hoarding – Saving for the wrong reasons.
Save for the wrong reason and the money train runs out of gas. The concept here is hoarding. Loving the money more than its source. Remember the root of all evil is love of money. God wants you to trust in Him, to love Him above all things. When you horde, you are placing your faith and trust in the money you have saved.

You have put money above the Good of the Universe. You are saying that no matter what happens you will have the dollars or pesos or yen you need to handle it. Which simply is not true. You cannot possibly save more money than God can take away. You are not as powerful as the Universe.The Universe is more powerful than anything you can devise. Hoarding means you are asking God to prove His power. Bad idea. Very bad.

If you are hoarding money, squirreling it all away for a rainy day, watch out! The first thing that will happen is a downpour. You will get what you are preparing for. Every thought is a command. If you are saving for hard times, the subconscious produces exactly what you are most afraid will happen – hard times. Those rainy days will come and you may very well be washed out to sea.

If you like what you read you can get more here.

Best Regards,

p/s: - E-Magazine version of the original Majalah will be OUT next week. More information here at .

Friday, September 14, 2007

Claim Your Wealth

I would like to share a great book about building wealth despite your current condition in life. This is a great small ebook that will guide you to achieve anything you want. What is outline in this book works like "Miracle". I am very skeptic at first but slowly everything is unfold like magic. It works for everyone. It works for the rich, poor, middle class, working man, non working women and everybody perhaps.

You can get the book here - .

Below I include an excerpt from Chapter 22 of the ebook version. Enjoy.

Claim your wealth and it will come to you.

Imagine that you are sitting with 20 other people in a circle around a table. In the middle of the table is a basket of fruit which the Universe has provided for you. Someone across from you picks up the basket and takes out a piece of fruit and hands the basket to the person next to her. As the basket goes around the table everyone takes a piece of fruit before passing the basket on. The basket finally gets to you and there is one piece of fruit left.

There are still four people besides you without any fruit. What do you do?

Do you (a) take the last piece of fruit and cut it into five pieces?
Or do you (b) refuse the last piece and pass the basket on?
Or do you (c) take the last piece of fruit and put the basket back in the center of the table for the Creative Power of the Universe to refill?

Make a choice before you read on!

The basket of fruit represents the bounty of the Universe. It is unlimited. This story helps illustrate the importance of trusting that God will provide for you.

If you chose (a) cutting up the last fruit, then you are saying that the last four people should trust you to feed them, not God.

If you chose (b) refusing the fruit, then you are saying that you are refusing the good the Universe has given you.

If you chose (c) taking the last piece of fruit and replacing the basket, then you are on the right track. You are trusting in the providing power of the Universe.

Knowing that all your good comes from the Universe and TRUSTING that it will come are two different levels. Knowing is a conscious thought. Trusting is an emotional understanding and it is much more powerful. Claiming the things you want and then watching them be delivered strengthens your trust.

Trust that God will always refill your basket and you create a powerful and compelling enthusiasm for receiving. Combine this heartfelt confidence for receiving with a specific tangible request, your claim. Then you have magnified your ability to get what you want when you want it. Claim what you want and the Universe delivers.

Best Regards,

Sunday, September 09, 2007

BIG HYPE - Gain Financial Freedom Forever !!!!

I'm sure you've heard the same hype all before - you know what I'm talking about - all those over hyped nonsense promising the earth and delivering nothing. Well, today I'm here to tell you that FINALLY there is someone who really wants to help you make money online.

Brian Wynn shows you how to make easy automatic money using dozens of different systems and techniques. He calls it The Millionaire League - and every month you will get given new systems and techniques to make even more cash. So you're effectively getting a membership WITHOUT any ongoing fees.

No unnecessary additional product recommendations, no incomplete information, just the simple truth about making easy money online. It's a refreshing and exciting approach which will give you total freedom, flexibility and best of

So join The Millionaire League today to get back in control of your life.

Best Of Knowest Of Knowledge Team

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Live Life The Way It Should Be!


It is been a while I do not update this blog. I was so tide up with the publishing of magazine and 'O' Level Horsemanship Training(Full 5 days class). Today is my day two in the horsemanship training, so many things I learned and do. I now know how to groom the horse, putting and taking of the saddle, construct the bridel and put the bridel onto the horse. Bridel is the thing that you put onto the horse's head so that you can ride the horse. I learned how to catch the horse and bring the horse to walk. I learned how to clean the horse's foot and applying bandage onto the horse.

It is a totally new things to me and it is worth it. "Now Everybody Can Ride" that is our ER Horse Riding Club motto. It is a "Sukan Sunnah" and it is for everybody. Please visit our place at Dengkil.

I feel sleepy right now. Will write some more later.

Best Regards,

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Creating A Vacuum Might Be Your Solution To Wealth!

It is been a while that I have not updated my blog. I was quite tide up with my magazine work. Today I would like to share with you about a simple things that will help you move on and make you a way to be more wealthy. The step is very simple and just learned it from a book called Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dream. you can get it here - . This is a great book and very refreshing. Below I would like to share with you the "Vacuum Principle" by Diane Pauley.

There is one powerful principle which you can use to speed your success along. It is the Vacuum principle which simply stated says that nature hates a vacuum. That means all you have to do to bring more good into your life is to clear out that which is no longer useful to you. Or as we think of it...Making Room for Your Good.

Rich Dreamers write lists all the time. Have you noticed that some of the things you have asked for are a little slow in showing up? This may be due to a number of various factors like blocking your good, chemicalization or divine timing.

It may however be something very simple. Something a little"getting rid of the cobwebs" can fix.

If you don't have room for your good, you need to do some Spring Cleaning.

Time to Clean Up and Clear Out!

Try cleaning out your personal spaces - closets, cabinets, desks,drawers, garage, basement and gardens. Get rid of old or never worn clothes, household items, toys. If you haven't used something or worn it in a while, let it go. You don't need it anymore.

At work throw out or store old files and half-finished projects.

Doing this activity not only makes you feel fresh and revived,it helps you discover new things that you want. So often we continue to keep things that have lost their usefulness out of habit or a false sense of comfort.

The wonder of this is the creation of a vacuum. Nature and the Universe hates a vacuum so now there is room for the new, fresh things that you have requested to rush into your life. Remember that when you do clean up you are digging around in old energies. So you may very well stir up old arguments or ill feelings. A warm shower washes all that far, far away.

Are there people in your life that you may need tolet go? Could there be friends and acquaintances that you have held on to that you suspect are not for your highest good? We have all experienced this and while it can be painful we usually see the truth of our decisions in time.

We need to be surrounded with positive,affirming "like minded" people who encourage the changes and progress we are making. Release the negative, destructive ones so you can spend less of your energy trying to make those people "fit" into your new life and attitude.

Activities need to be reexamined too. Do you still feel energized by the way you spend your free time? Are you refreshed by your diversions? Maybe you need to write down some new ideas for fun and relaxation. Remember the last lesson about vacations.

We all need and deserve it!

While you are cleaning and clearing remember your computer. If you're like me there are hundreds of old emails and messages that need to go. Make room for new
information and words of encouragement.

By doing these simple things you will feel lighter and ready forall the Good that the Universe has to offer.

Good Luck and Great Adventures

Diane Pauley

If you like what you read you can get the ebook here - .

Best Regards,

p/s: Visit for latest information on

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Diet Pills That Work - Fat Blocker!

There are a huge number of diet products on the market, making it hard to choose the right one. Some pills are not effective for all people, and some have side effects that are worse than being overweight. On top of that, many pills require a prescription and a doctor's visit.

On the other hand, Dietrine Carb Blocker combines cutting-edge pharmaceutical technology with 100 percent safe, all-natural ingredients. This amazing pill's effective ingredient, Phase 2, comes from the white kidney bean, and works quickly and effectively to prevent carbs from being broken down into fat and sugar. With Dietrine Carb Blocker with Phase 2, you can enjoy a healthy, balanced diet, without worrying about weight gain from carbs.

And, because it isn't a controlled substance such as some other diet pills, Dietrine Carb Blocker is available without a prescription. There's absolutely no need to waste time going to the doctor's office or pharmacy. You can start losing weight today, from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

We are even offering a special deal on this great supplement. If you buy our Maximum Results Package, which comes with four bottles of Dietrine Carb Blocker with Phase 2, we will include two bottles free. That's a savings of $80--plus our free bonuses to kickstart your weight loss and keep you motivated! Order Dietrine Carb Blocker today, and you can be working on losing the weight you want, without drastic changes to your eating habits.

For more information visit:

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Story Of One Life Journey!

Upgrade your life today

This is a live story of David Gikandi - he tell you his great story below ...

OK, I won't waste your time with my whole life story - just give me a couple of minutes, though, to show you that you can finally 'get life!' no matter where you are or where you start from.

I am 30 years of age. I was born in Kenya and my foot has stepped in about 30 countries worldwide (and counting). Having spent most of my time self-employed, I have been employed for only one-and-a-half months all my life but have been involved in or started several business over the years - some worked, some didn't - and at the very beginning they were actually undercapitalized disasters :)

Anyway, the tide changed as I gained understanding and self-knowledge. Recently, I was part of an upcoming worldwide television event called The Secret (see a preview on our website). I have also written several eBooks and am involved in several physical and online ventures. Like I said, things just keep getting easier and easier, better and better. Internally, things now make sense, and externally, they flow with ease to the extent that I let them. The fear and confusion has been replaced with clarity and trust.

But it wasn't always like that. It only became so when I committed myself to learning how the universe works, how life works, how the human mind and emotion system works. All knowledge leads to self-knowledge. And once you know - well, you just know and through that understanding, you can do anything :)

For example, if you don't know how to drive a Formula 1 car, you will crash it. But if you know, you will enjoy the race and perhaps even win and enjoy some glory. What you know or don't know makes a big difference in your life, especially when it comes to how life truly works, how to achieve abundance and security, and so on.

Enough about me. What we have here for you is an amazing collection of materials for your life. These are materials that I personally was helped immensely by. And not just me, but hundreds and hundreds of successful people over many, many decades have used exactly some of these same materials or concepts. The level of success you achieve with these materials is all up to you; you can take them as little or as big as you wish to go.

Who knows, you may even exceed the results of most of the people who have used them in the past.

Personally, I have nothing but good words for them. With the knowledge I gained from them, I have seen the world and done many of the things I only dreamt of doing. And it is only just the beginning! I haven't even scratched the surface yet; I am still integrating this wisdom daily, and each day gets more expansive.

You can have the same, and even more! Enjoy!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

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