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Monday, January 29, 2007

Staying Positive To Get What You Want!

First of all you need to be positive physically and mentally. You need to get rid all of your negativity to get you where you want to be. To be frank to be always positive in your mind is not that easy. It always received constant attact from the negative mindset. If you are not strong enough to fight the negativity attack, you will surrender yourself eventually and you are back to square one.

Our mind is the greatest gift from GOD and we have to make sure it always be POSITIVE and stay POSITIVE at all time. That is the task the we need to practice all time. Some people ask "How to stay positive when the bank start calling asking for your credit card payment, your loan payment, your car payment and many more?". The answer is quite hard but with constant practice we can be positive. Start in your mind that BANK is your friend and the call is a friend call to remind you. You need to manage your emotion and do not let it be in your mind that the bank is the bad guy.

I would like to share with your some positive mind set and the power of the mind. Last week when I was in Tesco Shah Alam, I received a call from my son saying that my ASTRO Decoder was hit by lightning. Wow this is quite shocking, what this mean is there will be no TV for my children to watch Disney Channel and so on. But somehow in my mind I want to manifest and believed in my self that the ASTRO Decoder is OK. So I maintained the thought that the ASTRO decoder is OK and it can healed by itself. When I reached home, I quickly want to check the ASTRO Decoder and hoping a miracle that the box is ok. But the reality is not OK. The decoder just died. So now my mind is bombarded with all the negativity such as positive thinking is not working, the idea of manifesting is useless but I maintained my positive thought.

My wife also complaining how boring it is when you do not have TV. So that night I take my family out for dinner and ensure that next day we get someone to fix it. Deep in my heart this could not be happening, I believed that the power of manifestation is REAL and God has given us this right from the beginning to cultivate what is in our mind and manifest in the real world.
To my surprise the burn ASTRO Decode came back to live when we are back from our dinner that night. I thank GOD for all the blessing and I do not have to spend RM199 for the decoder.

The moral of the story you have the power to manifest what you want and stay focus on what youwant until you get it. Remove and avoid all other negativity that will hider you from your success.

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I also like to thank you to all the Usdota Workshop participant and also Usdota graduate that are very supportive and help the workshop to run smoothly. Thank you again.

I also like to thank Epyzul the author of EasyBloggerBeta Ebook that share his secret in the Usdota workshop on how he generated USD200 monthly in less than a month from scratch using free only. This is a really insight form Epyzul himself and really help a lot for the newbie. During the workshop Epyzul is so generous giving a great discount for his ebook for the price of RM30 instead the normal price RM49. More information can visit his website

As for IBOP Client, I and my team is working to install Video Wall at all IBOP website and start the Phase 3 process and target to finished before February.

Thank you very much for all your support.

Best Regards,

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Monday, January 22, 2007

You Are Near To Riches Then You Know!

Everybody is born rich. Not just only rich within but also rich outside. This is the fact and God had given each of us a great treasure for us to cultivate and used it in our daily life. This treasure within us is so powerful that it can paint or create the picture in our daily life. It even can set who we are, what we are, and how we live the world. Most of us failed to make use of this gift and always say to themselves everything is fated and it is the act of GOD.

If you think you are poor. CHANGE and think you are rich. If you think you are miserable. CHANGE and think you are happy. If you think you are stupid. CHANGE and think that you are genius. If you think you have a lot of debt. CHANGE and think you are debt free.

The important key here is you are mastering your own self. Make sure you avoid all negativity in your mind. When you plant negativity you will get negativity. This law I am talking about, apply whether you believe it or not.

Remember we always be programmed any other way either by ourselves or the environment (the default social mind) 24 hours. I ask you to get back what you owned and control what you owned and change your life.

For example if you had so many debt such as 12 credit cards, car loan and house loan and soon. Every end of the months the bank will send you the statement to your house and asking you to pay you dues.

Reaction 1:
When you checked your mailbox, you got 12 credit card statement that asking you for money. How do your mind behave. You feel scared. You feel how can I pay all these. You feel the bank is your enemy. You feel that your salary is not enough. You feel like everything is against you. All this feeling leads you a greater negativity and make you fed up and absorbed more negativity. It changed your reaction and your behaviour. You might scold your child for this for no reason. You might get into war with your wife for your problem.

Do you see all the feeling and your reaction, do not change the fact that you can pay the bill but it create more problem to everyone.

Reaction 2:
Instead of having negativity when you received your 12 credit card statement in your mailbox, you set in your mind that. Wow. I am pleased that all this 12 bank really remember me and send me a blessing mail. Even my best friend do not send me a physical mail to me every month. So for each credit card statement you write a thank you note on the mail cover and you expressed your blessing of how good is the bank treating you.

What this do is, you train your mind to be positive and react in a positive way to avoid all the negativity. When there are more positive than negative you will soon find that next time what is in your mailbox is a cheque or money for you to cash in.

The media such TV, newspaper, magazine are programming our free mind. You need to aware of this to be in control. Make sure you had enough POSITIVE programming in your mind. That is our prophet says and teach is us that we should always think positive.

How do you start?

1) Claimed Back Your Mind - you need to be the master of your mind. Do not let your mind wonder again on its own. Asked and command what you really want. Let it work for you not against you. This need practice. Design the life that you want by putting up in you DREAM BOOK or DREAM BOARD. Put all the nice picture that you want and see it daily. This exercise will gave a signal to your inner mind to work towards your dream. If you do not do this your mind will assume you want the default programmed and this what you called FATED. It is NOT the GOD fault it is your own FAULT.

2) Avoid Negativity - Less TV, less newspaper, more self help development and building your positive mind, see only good, hear only good and do only good. Good will create more good. Positive will create more positive. It is our self that sabotage us from being happy and rich. We a programmed by all this media that RICH people is NOT GOOD. This subliminal message we always received day by day and somehow had set placed in our MIND that It Is OK not to be RICH as long we are HONEST and GOOD.

Do you know what is the effect of this programming? If you set your self that you want to be rich, you will not make it. Because inside yourself, you hated to be rich. That is why most of us NOT rich because we hate to be rich. That is why it is so important that we have to make sure our POSITIVE programming is more than NEGATIVE programming and only than you can see the beauty of positive programming.

3) Be Grateful and Forgive - to move forward you need to be grateful of yourself and forgive yourself. Let go what you know in the past and learn to be with yourself. You are the best manifestation of god within you. Spend more time with yourself and know your self better. This will gave you a greater power and you will discover that you are not 100% physical, you are 50% physical and 50% metaphysical. Learn to use the power of the Inner self to help you misery physical self. You inner power is the GREATER POTENTIAL.

Ok back to my business. This week I will be busy preparing Usdota workshop for this coming Saturday. We have only 6 seat left for the workshop. If anyone interested can still join us. Visit

If also received several FREELANCE job to do for some extra cash. As for my major project Rahsia Online, I am working on the seminar portion and the IBOP client gathering portion. I am also preparing for the Rahsia Online Official launching most probably it will be on March 2007.
I will let you all know the information later.

There are so many things happening this year in getting income online. But don't let this is your mind. You keep and always thinks that you will do better.

Everyday in every way I am getting better and better. This is the rhyme that I learn from Napoleon Hill.

Best Regards,

p/s: Like travelling and trekking, I am building some kind of website for this and will include Malaysia visit year 2007 in it. This is a big market.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Making The Different Via Love & Abundance

Fisrt of all I just want to let you know that I have just migrated my Old Blogger to the new blogger or current blogger. It is easy to migrate just login to your old blogger and click switch to the new one. Less than 2 minute you are ready to go.

I would to share with you that we are born rich and abundance. The challange is we do not know how to ignite or use the richness and the abundance we had.
One need to discover himself and utilized the potential that God had given to us.

There are 7 Universal Law that govern the prosperity:

1. The Vacuum Law - you need to create a space of vacuum so that the space will be filled. If you want a new shoe, gave the old shoe to someone that need a shoe and you will get a new shoe. The reason is you had create a vacuum or space for the new shoe to come.

2. The Circulation Law - anything we owned need to circulate so that it became greater. The Circulation law govern the prosperity flow. If you had $100 and you debt is $1,600 make sure you flow your $100 and dont let it stand still because you block the energy flow. Let it flow and you will be surprise that a bigger money flow will come to you.

3. The Imaging Law - everything begin in your mind. Exercise your imagination wisely to manifest the thing that you want in your life. Be creative and unlimited. Avoid all the negativity patern in your life. Imagine your dream car, your dream house and start taking action towards it. Put a picture of your dream car, your dream house and set affirmation and start feeling that you already have it. The key here vizualization, action and feeling.

4. The Law Of Ideas - ideas is how to transform your imagination into your plane reality. Dont blame your credit company every for asking you to pay the bill. Your credit card company is your friend - this is and idea - Every time from now on when you received a statement from your credit card company write at the statement - This a BLESSING. The idea is to train your subconcious mind to behave positive based on your action.

5. The Law of Reciprocity - what you gave will come back in thousand folds. This is very true. If you need money give money. If you need love give love. If you need friend be friendly. If you need respect, respect others. If you need help, help others. This universal law never fail.

6. The Law of Tithing - is some sort like Zakat or Sedekah. It is like giving back some portion that you have owned for a greater good. You need to feel good when doing this. You can cannot give $10 to a mosque and than regret that, you should gave only $1.

7. The Law of Forgiveness - you need to forgive to move forward and invite prosperity. Forgive everyone and yourself the most important. The recentment that your hold onto yourself will hindered you from moving forwad and achieve all the things that you want in life.

All the above law works very inter-related. You need to exercise all at the same time.

Ok back to my online business.

1. I have put up the IBOP Performance Report for December 2006.

2. Usdota Workshop on 27th January 2007 - there only 12 seat left. More information please go to

3. If you like to join my Business Network here. Market yourself and market you business globally.

4. There some upadate on IBOP at

5. As for IBOP client, we are still progressing with the Phase 2 design. Below are some of IBOP client. Feel free to visit them.

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6. My friend Jasman is conducting a workshop on BLOG on 24th February 2007. More information here.

Thank you very much for time. Will see you in another post.

Best Regards,

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

You Are Smart, Healthy And Rich Not The Opposite ...

Great Book From Randy GageYup it is a quite a while that I am not updating my blog. And I am sure that I can give a lot of reason that I cannot update my blog. For example the internet line is not stable, to busy with other things, not healthy and so on.

Our mind and belief somehow is program to work that way. To give reason why we are not doing something that we must do. To give reason to be somebody that we must be. If we are not doing something about it we will be stuck with this NEGATIVE proposal in our daily life.

This when this book came along telling me that why I am Dumb, Sick and Broke. Wow this really wake me up. Yeah I know and I always talked to myself I know all this things proposed in the book but what I do not know is I AM NOT DOING it.

Having knowledge without applying is is DUMMIER than not knowing. This a great book and really turn on your Critical Thinking cap. It is Shocking, Controversial and Brilliant.

This book really explain to you and show you how to be abundance and be rich beyond your wildest dream. It share you the 7 Law that can turn you to be a SMART, HEALTHY and RICH. This is no JOKE.

Who say you do NOT need MONEY to be filty RICH. This book says it all. Our nature is we a born rich, smart and healthy. We are destroying ourself or someone put us in a victimhood of poverty, sickness and dumb. Someone is afraid that if this is to be known they we be out of business. Dont take my word for it. Get this book yourself and read it. You will understand what I mean. Click here to Order from Amazon. (You can get it MPH Bookstore for RM79.80)

Ok back to my main business. This year 2007 will be a great year and I will be in a full swing running my online business. There are a lot of planning and rearrangement to restabelize my operations. A lot of new project, workshop, seminar will kick start this year 2007. Also I will be conducting some sort of awareness program about doing online business. Wait for my announcement for all of this.

To start with:
1) Bengkel Rezeki Halal Ke- 6 practical workshop will be held on 27th January 2007. 15 seats left. More information please visit

2) Joint venture Workshop Panduan Membina Blog with Jasman will be held on 24th February 2007. More information visit

3) program. There will be a new information and update on this project. This will be my main focus this year. Beside Internet Business Ownership Program (IBOP), I will be introducing Internet Business Development Seminar (IBDS), Special Internet Workshop (SIW) and Special Human Devlopment Program (SHDP).

I will be sharing all you with this information and very happy that you help to spread this information to anyone you know. Thank you for all of your wonderful and great support.

Best regards,

p/s: All the best with all your online project. If you need some advice of some information feel free to contact me.

Monday, January 01, 2007

The Dawn Of The Year 2007

Wow. It is 2007 already and times just goes by very quick with or without we care or not. Time is the most precious things more than anything in this universe of life. That is why one who value times will always get ahead in anything.

How do you spend time in 2006? Where do you invest most of your time in 2006? The time that you spend and invest on 2006 will produced result on 2007. If you invest on good things you will received good things in 2007 and the opposite do apply.

The actual change from 2006 to 2007 just one seconds but the marked that was felt in each one heart is a year. Do you see the relation here 1 seconds equate to a year. That is how the relation of this world and the afterlife. One day in afterlife is equal to 1000 years in our time and most of us live only until 80 plus years in life.

The message is please value your time is you want to get ahead in life and if you want to achieved what you want. If you read a book called Wink And Grow Rich by Roger Hamilton. One thing that can create MONEY is TIME. Remember this and you will never out of money anymore.

There is NO shortcut. Rome is NOT build one day. Islam is NOT spread one day. All require your time and effort. Same as building your Internet Business is require TIME and I mean a lot of your TIME before you get the result into your favor.

It is NOT that we build several BLOGS today and the next day you get all the money in the world. Is is NOT you build your website for 3 days and then on the 5th day people start buying your product. All require TIME and effort that in anyway will make us a better person than yesterday.

Human is dynamic. Human evolve. Day by day either it became better or became worst. That is why our Prophet asked to make sure today must be better than yesterday and tomorrow should be better that today. Only than we are evolving to be better.

Is there a shortcut? NO. All require time. Make sure you invest and spend your time wisely.
We Want You To Be Rich
Ok back to business. Have you read the new book called Why We Want You To Be Rich by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump. If you have not get it from your nearby bookstore and start reading. It is a great wealth of information that make you understand why you should be rich.

Another things is have you watch the SECRET. Find it in Google The Secret and see what is it. This DVD movie can transform your state of mind to a miracle mind in less than 2 hours. And you begin to create wonder for yourself.

Another most important thing more than anything. Please put GOD first before everything. Place GOD in your heart and there is NOTHING can stop you from SUCCESS in the world and after world.

Best Regards,

We Want You To Be Rich

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