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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Lives Of Its Own

It is about a month plus, I did not update my blog. I was busy with a lot of things that I also not sure of. That is the truth. I am finding the TRUTH about of myself and it seem the journey felt very long. Who AM I? Where I AM From? What is My TRUE Purpose?

Everyday is a new day for me. Even every seconds is a new things for me.I am dynamicly changing every seconds. Is this LIVE? You bet it is. Live is a Wonderful Mystery that you will be delighted when you uncovered its mysteries.

Till today I Ithought I know my SELF. Again, I just know a bit of it only. Thank you GOD for everything that gave me to feel and experience. Thank you. I love you.

Talking about LIVE is complexed. It contains mixed EMOTION. And every each of it is REAL and it is always in CONSTANT CHANGES.

It is about time to search the TRUTH about oneself. That is the only thing left for us to move on to the unknown future. Bare in mind that you are not what you are today. You are always in constant changes. Capitalism is collapsing all over the word and the new economy will emerge.

This new economy is based on the TRUE SELF. No discrimination or such to it. At this time every CAUSE will have an EFFECT and every EFFECT will have it CAUSE. You do GOOD you get GOOD. You do BAD you get BAD. It is almost instantly now.

We need to fix our COMPASS and set out our TRUE NORTH not based on what we used to believed. Know who you really ARE? Physically and Spiritually. Always put up your GOOD intentions first no matter what. That is your best bet because for every CAUSE there will be an EFFECT.

Don't regret and feel sorry. You exercise your POWER to CHOOSE. If you feel bad, you CHOOSE to FEEL GOOD. You are the chief in command for your own self. Make sure you CHOOSE wisely. I will not blame you if just take the default mode. But you know what is better to exercise your CHOOSING power.

Why I say in the title The Lives Of Its Own? Now I start to realize that everything have its own live - live span or whatever. And everything is interdependant and totally non-dependent at the same time. What I discover is what I see, feel, believe and everthing IS what I set for myself to believe.

When I let my all my clock in my house to have its own life - all the clock in my house behave at its own time even I change a new batteries for them. Now I am letting all my belongings and things to have its own life and see what happen.

Ok this is for now. Take care and I love you.

Best Regards,

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