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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Journey To Understand !!!

Thank you everyone. It has been a while I do not write in this blog. I am so tight up with my daily task and things that lead me to "NO WHERE". I am bluffing when I said that. Everything you do. No matter what. It will lead you "SOME WHERE".

Every action and reaction have it cause. And everything work not by "ACCIDENT". All is well planned by the GREATEST PLANNER of all time. Enjoy the moment that you are going through. Be present with the moment. Observe and see without judgement. Make the best out of it.

You are moving from one time to another time in every second. What count is the the time that you are AT NOW. The past is PAST. And the future is the FUTURE. Don't live your NOW with the memory of the PAST. And don't live your NOW with the image of the FUTURE. Live your NOW with the present.

Problem is a state of mind that linger around your EGO. It feeds your EGO with resentment, worry, fear, negativity in order to create your IDENTITY. Are you judge by your PAST experience ? Who are you ? Are you your EGO self?

I am an engineer. I am a doctor. I am a salesman. I have a huge house. I have coll cars. I have great job and so on. Is that who you are ?

The journey of life is about IDENTIFYING who you are? Are you "YOU" or are you your "EGO"?. And this battle of power goes on every seconds in our life.

Thank you God for your guidance. I need you most and please forgive me. I love you.

p/s: On the journey ...

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