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Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Great Book About "Law Of Attraction" - Rahsia Kehidupan!

I went to MPH Shah Alam today just right after I came back from Nilai. I stumble into a small book called "Law Of Attraction : Rahsia Kehidupan" and it cost only RM10. Without any hesitation I grab the book and paid it at the counter.

I learned that "What is in OUR Mind will appear in our LIVE no Matter How". This the Law Of Attraction is ALL About. For several days I am practicing a method that I learned to overcome negative thoughts and use the negative thoughts to become positive thoughts. Somehow it works absolutely.

Now I became to realize that what is in MY MIND is full of RUBBISH and A LOT OF NEGATIVE thoughts. My job is to TURN this RUBBISH into WEALTH.

Anyway. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.


p/s: Always in constant learning about my own self. Thank you GOD.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quranic Law Of Attraction !

Law Of Attraction! I think many of us have read and know about Law Of Attraction. There are many books that talk and tell about it. Be it The Secret, Attractor Factor, Law Of Attraction, Happy Pocket Of Money, and many more.

Today I have the chance to bought the "Quranic Law Of Attraction". I have seen this book many-many times but I don't have the "DRIVE" to buy it until today. This what I meant "Law Of Attraction" in action - It comes when I want it and it come at its own paced. Not by FORCE or what so ever.

If you have the chance, get it at MPH Bookstore only for RM13.90. Many great info you can add up to you library of Law Of Attraction. Thank you God. I love you. Please forgive me. I am sorry.
Thank you.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Discover Your Real Self And Your Own Potential!

You are the "Masterpiece". You are the "One" of a kind. Nothing like you in this world. There can be ONLY you that is "LIKE" you. Embrace who you are and what you are. Be your own self NOT being like "Other" Self. You are more than what you thin you are. You are a "Human Being" consist of the SEEN and the UNSEEN. The UNSEEN is much more POWERFUL than the SEEN.

How to discover your "Real Self" ? How to tap this "REAL POTENTIAL"?

The Key is "AWARE & BELIEVE" and you are CREATED for a SPECIFIC REASON. The world need "YOU" in order to be in harmony and complete.

Having said that you should be GRATEFUL and THANKFUL. Always says thanks to GOD. Get forgiveness from GOD because you always forgot who you are. Get guidance from GOD to remember who you are. Get the STRENGTH from GOD to walk your LIFE JOURNEY.

Look and observe the world, the people, the things, the event, the happenings and all things all is CREATED for a REASON.

So what is NEXT?

  1. Being aware and believe - you know who you are and your capabilities, you believe that there is GOD with greater power and always with you.
  2. Managing you SELF and YOUR POTENTIAL - learn how to use your knowledge and understand to manage your "POWERFUL SELF". This will be an ON GOING process between GOOD and BAD, between POSITIVE and NEGATIVE, between CAN and CAN'T and for that you NEED a GUIDANCE.
  3. Applying the "ABSOLUTE POWER WITHIN" - you command what you want and how you want it. This is a SKILL that you LET THE POWER WITHIN work on your GOOD instead your BAD. Many of US using this GREAT POWER - Negatively that is why the result manifest in our daily life - unhappy, poor, unsatisfied, not enough income, not enough time and so ON. It is time to TURN this Around.

This is for a start. I am still learning to master my physical and mental at the same time. I am exploring the "SELF" and the "POTENTIAL". I am doings thing out of my REGULAR thinking pattern to see the RESULT. I am out my COMFORT ZONE physically and need to work on getting out of my COMFORT ZONE mentally.


I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.


p/s: Working out on my PHYSICAL Skill.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kedondong Fruit

Sofea like the fruit so much. The tree is just in front our gate. Tq.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Many Things In Many Ways!

It is August 2009 already. Very very fast. Thank you God for all the blessing. I learned a lot about myself for the past 8 months of 2009. I will start writing again about Quest Of Life in this little blog. I will share what I learned and went through. There always light out there and you don't have to be in the dark all the time.

Know yourself more and appreciate yourself more. Don't wait coz there is nothing to wait. If you wait for something you will miss the MOMENT that God gave you. Every moment count. Embrace that MOMENT NOW and you will not regret.

Thank you. All the best. May God shine the light to all of us.

Best Regards,

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