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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Journey To Understand !!!

Thank you everyone. It has been a while I do not write in this blog. I am so tight up with my daily task and things that lead me to "NO WHERE". I am bluffing when I said that. Everything you do. No matter what. It will lead you "SOME WHERE".

Every action and reaction have it cause. And everything work not by "ACCIDENT". All is well planned by the GREATEST PLANNER of all time. Enjoy the moment that you are going through. Be present with the moment. Observe and see without judgement. Make the best out of it.

You are moving from one time to another time in every second. What count is the the time that you are AT NOW. The past is PAST. And the future is the FUTURE. Don't live your NOW with the memory of the PAST. And don't live your NOW with the image of the FUTURE. Live your NOW with the present.

Problem is a state of mind that linger around your EGO. It feeds your EGO with resentment, worry, fear, negativity in order to create your IDENTITY. Are you judge by your PAST experience ? Who are you ? Are you your EGO self?

I am an engineer. I am a doctor. I am a salesman. I have a huge house. I have coll cars. I have great job and so on. Is that who you are ?

The journey of life is about IDENTIFYING who you are? Are you "YOU" or are you your "EGO"?. And this battle of power goes on every seconds in our life.

Thank you God for your guidance. I need you most and please forgive me. I love you.

p/s: On the journey ...

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Night At Shah Alam Lake

At the play ground after diner at Antan Batura.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

KLIA: Sent Wife With Children

My wife is going to Sweden for 10 days. I will be taking care the children. Tq.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Reminder: Why Are You Stuck?

What keeps most people stuck? It is the underlying assumption that we don't have what we need. It is the idea that we're missing something. We need more of everything - you name it, we need it: more time, money, energy, information, certainty, resources. Without these, we tell ourselves, we can't do what we want to do.

This perception that there is something missing or we don't have what we need to create what we want is the biggest source of unhappiness and dissatisfaction in the world today. It is also the greatest lie we tell ourselves. It causes us to dream about "becoming" something big, to hold out for doing that one big thing that is so big that we can't see a way to do it, let alone get started.

We have fallen in love with the idea of becoming more than we are, and that very belief keeps us stuck were we are. We are on an endless search for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, all the while not realizing that we are standing on the pot of gold.

Many people travel their entire lives on this journey, believing they will find true happiness when they finally get somewhere when, in fact, they are lost right where they are.

The reason people find themselves getting stuck is because they don't think who they are is enough - enough to get that promotion, enough to close that next big account, enough to be financially independent. This causes us to resist the way things are for the way we want them to be in the future.

Before you can create your future, you have to accept the way you are right now. You have everything you need right now.

Here is an analogy:

People living in scarcity and struggle see the cup as half empty.
People who are positive thinkers see the cup as half full.
People who understand their true connection to Source Energy see the cup as overflowing. But people who are living in the Flow and in Alignment know they ARE the cup.

What's keeping you from seeing yourself as "The Cup"?

Today will bring you a new awareness, a lesson or a manifestation that you are making progress - IF YOU LOOK FOR IT! No matter how large or small, please record it. It will only take a few moments and will AUTOMATICALLY put you in the Flow.

Truly Caring for Your Success!

Dr. Robert Anthony

Friday, September 04, 2009

The Rubic Cubes

My son Ikram finished the rubics cube in 1 minute 34 seconds. He is the one that teach me. Thank you.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Great Book About "Law Of Attraction" - Rahsia Kehidupan!

I went to MPH Shah Alam today just right after I came back from Nilai. I stumble into a small book called "Law Of Attraction : Rahsia Kehidupan" and it cost only RM10. Without any hesitation I grab the book and paid it at the counter.

I learned that "What is in OUR Mind will appear in our LIVE no Matter How". This the Law Of Attraction is ALL About. For several days I am practicing a method that I learned to overcome negative thoughts and use the negative thoughts to become positive thoughts. Somehow it works absolutely.

Now I became to realize that what is in MY MIND is full of RUBBISH and A LOT OF NEGATIVE thoughts. My job is to TURN this RUBBISH into WEALTH.

Anyway. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.


p/s: Always in constant learning about my own self. Thank you GOD.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quranic Law Of Attraction !

Law Of Attraction! I think many of us have read and know about Law Of Attraction. There are many books that talk and tell about it. Be it The Secret, Attractor Factor, Law Of Attraction, Happy Pocket Of Money, and many more.

Today I have the chance to bought the "Quranic Law Of Attraction". I have seen this book many-many times but I don't have the "DRIVE" to buy it until today. This what I meant "Law Of Attraction" in action - It comes when I want it and it come at its own paced. Not by FORCE or what so ever.

If you have the chance, get it at MPH Bookstore only for RM13.90. Many great info you can add up to you library of Law Of Attraction. Thank you God. I love you. Please forgive me. I am sorry.
Thank you.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Discover Your Real Self And Your Own Potential!

You are the "Masterpiece". You are the "One" of a kind. Nothing like you in this world. There can be ONLY you that is "LIKE" you. Embrace who you are and what you are. Be your own self NOT being like "Other" Self. You are more than what you thin you are. You are a "Human Being" consist of the SEEN and the UNSEEN. The UNSEEN is much more POWERFUL than the SEEN.

How to discover your "Real Self" ? How to tap this "REAL POTENTIAL"?

The Key is "AWARE & BELIEVE" and you are CREATED for a SPECIFIC REASON. The world need "YOU" in order to be in harmony and complete.

Having said that you should be GRATEFUL and THANKFUL. Always says thanks to GOD. Get forgiveness from GOD because you always forgot who you are. Get guidance from GOD to remember who you are. Get the STRENGTH from GOD to walk your LIFE JOURNEY.

Look and observe the world, the people, the things, the event, the happenings and all things all is CREATED for a REASON.

So what is NEXT?

  1. Being aware and believe - you know who you are and your capabilities, you believe that there is GOD with greater power and always with you.
  2. Managing you SELF and YOUR POTENTIAL - learn how to use your knowledge and understand to manage your "POWERFUL SELF". This will be an ON GOING process between GOOD and BAD, between POSITIVE and NEGATIVE, between CAN and CAN'T and for that you NEED a GUIDANCE.
  3. Applying the "ABSOLUTE POWER WITHIN" - you command what you want and how you want it. This is a SKILL that you LET THE POWER WITHIN work on your GOOD instead your BAD. Many of US using this GREAT POWER - Negatively that is why the result manifest in our daily life - unhappy, poor, unsatisfied, not enough income, not enough time and so ON. It is time to TURN this Around.

This is for a start. I am still learning to master my physical and mental at the same time. I am exploring the "SELF" and the "POTENTIAL". I am doings thing out of my REGULAR thinking pattern to see the RESULT. I am out my COMFORT ZONE physically and need to work on getting out of my COMFORT ZONE mentally.


I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.


p/s: Working out on my PHYSICAL Skill.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kedondong Fruit

Sofea like the fruit so much. The tree is just in front our gate. Tq.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Many Things In Many Ways!

It is August 2009 already. Very very fast. Thank you God for all the blessing. I learned a lot about myself for the past 8 months of 2009. I will start writing again about Quest Of Life in this little blog. I will share what I learned and went through. There always light out there and you don't have to be in the dark all the time.

Know yourself more and appreciate yourself more. Don't wait coz there is nothing to wait. If you wait for something you will miss the MOMENT that God gave you. Every moment count. Embrace that MOMENT NOW and you will not regret.

Thank you. All the best. May God shine the light to all of us.

Best Regards,

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Family Car Wash

My kids washing car in Nilai. Family charity drive - RM0.00 per car.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

The One Command - The Power Within!!!

Here is the breakthrough book that finally tells you the one great secret that you have never read anywhere - how to instantly stop your negative thoughts and get what you want instead!

Asara Lovejoy says, "Many can argue that reality is as it is, but it is my experience that the opposite is exactly true; reality is ours for the making."

The most amazing part of The One Command is that it not only works for increasing your financial good, it works the same way for health, relationships, success...anything you want!

"It's so simple, it's embarrassing," the author Asara Lovejoy says... and she INSISTS she can quickly teach this simple secret to YOU... IN JUST MOMENTS!

The rich information in The One Command shows you how to Command Your Wealth , Health, Happiness and all your good To You!

The basis for this teaching is the knowledge that you have an amazing capacity located in that resourceful part of your mind known as the theta state. By directing your mind to that greater intelligence in 6-Easy Steps you quickly access new and innovative ideas. You are taught to reach that greater intelligence through six-steps that change your thinking from ordinary beta to theta, a much deeper level of your consciousness.

Once you are able to enter into theta at will, you issue the One Command in a unified state of mind; the results are powerful in manifesting what you desire in a moment.

On the personal level, within your body is the blueprint of your character, dreams, and desires. In this teaching you are able to reach naturally and easily into the deepest levels of yourself, even down to your DNA, and thus make remarkable changes in your life.

This information teaches you to Command Your Wealth to you. Once you see the goal, no one can prevent you from making the journey. These original and unusual ideas are designed to change your life forever by changing the way that you think about cash, money, prosperity, and financial wealth.

Get it Here NOW!!! Only $24.95

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The 4 Images Of The Mind That Make Your Blueprint

Cool Motivation About Life.

I find this useful for me and I think it will be useful for you. It share with you how to see your owb LIFE. It is the mental image that you create yourself to experience.

Enjoy ...

The next step to getting wealthy is to know how life works. In other words, how does the force of life take instructions and turn them into things and new moments out of the quantum energy field? What type of instructions does Life take so that it may create each new moment in your day? In what format and specifications?

This chapter seeks to answer these questions with you. They are the most basic questions, but they must be answered first before we get progressively deeper into the essence of wealth. In fact you may have heard the principles in this chapter before, they aren't really new yet few people understand them fully and even fewer use them, despite their simplicity.

Although imagination is such a basic part of becoming wealthy, it is an integral part. Every other part uses this simple part at some stage. Your mind's images are literally the blueprint from which your world is built.

In the chapter on Quantum Physics, you see scientifically how physical reality is produced. In other chapters in this book, you will also see imagination's interconnections with Life. But let us first look at imagination, images of the mind, in and of itself.

Life is images of the Mind, expressed...

Life is images of the mind, expressed. What this means is that Life, The Source, uses your thoughts, your mental images, as the instructions by which to create your reality in the material world. Life expresses your mental images into physical reality. To express is to make known, to state, articulate, communicate, convey. The force of Life makes known your thoughts to yourself and everyone else by forming them into experiences and objects that can be experienced, here in the physical world. You experience your own thoughts first hand, your images of your mind, so that you may know which ones are suitable and which ones are not. That is how you know yourself, that is how you experience your self, and that is how you grow. This is the supreme purpose of this physical world that we are now in. It is designed to enable you to experience your Self. It is designed to enable you to experience an idea and its effects and consequences.

Life does not select which ones of your images to express and which ones not to. How would it choose for you? It therefore expresses all of them to the extent that you have them and believe them. You have true free will. This free will is truly free because of the fact that all of it is acted upon without filtering or favoring. Free will is truly free because of the fact that it actually gets results all the time, not just some of the time, and it gets them exactly. Later we will see how exactly free will works, even when it looks as if it is impossible for it to do so.


Imagination is the force that takes you to places you have never been. Napoleon Hill said that imagination is the most marvelous, miraculous, inconceivably powerful force the world has ever known. Life is imagination, images of the mind, expressed into physical form. Feed your imagination daily and accurately with pictures, movies, and concentration. Spend time doing this in detail every day. Imagination is the most powerful force, and it is so because Life uses it to know what to create next. Most people spend little time imagining. They imagine using idle thought, haphazardly, and wonder why their life is not rich for them. Imagination has the power to make or break your life. It is your mind, and your choice.


Images. Images. Images! Life is images of the Mind, expressed. Imagine your life as you wish it to be, picture perfect, with color and details, in your mind, every day. Spend an hour daily doing your images. And throughout the rest of the day, keep your thoughts in harmony with your images of your chosen life. This is so important that it cannot be over-emphasized. The Source, God, works perfectly, giving you exactly what you envision and think about. Exactly. No more, no less. It is therefore extremely important that you have crystal-clear images and thoughts, consistently.

For example, many people wish to have a nice car. But the mistake they make is to have 'get a nice car' as their goal. What do they expect the universe to give them? There is physically no such car called Nice Car. Be crystal-clear! Envision the exact car, its make, model, color, options, and all that. Go to the car yard or look it up on the Internet and know exactly, or as exact as possible, what it is you wish to have as a nice car. Then envision that every day - the more you think about it, the closer you get it to you. This is the effective way to image. Life is images of the Mind, expressed. Do you wish to travel to another country for a dream holiday? Go to the travel agency and get all the details from them, get the brochures, flight itinerary, prices, hotels and car reservations, and all that. Build up the whole trip, exactly, in your mind in full color and spectacle.


Life is an expression of inner images. Everything we do and experience is an expression of our images, our imagination, and our thoughts. Work on your images. To change your life, change your imagination and change your thoughts.


The life that you are living is the life that you have imagined.


p/s: Opportunity to create wealth at .

Monday, May 04, 2009

Cool - Liveskin Series - Enzyme Glacial Mud Bar

This is something new. An Enzyme Glacial Mud Bar for men and women. Great for your face. Yup I tried it for myself. For your information I never used anything like this before but when my wife ask me to use it to wash my face, I start to do it. Wow it is a miracle, I felt tinggling in my face, felt more tight in the face, and my face is less oily.
So today I would like to share this with all men and women. This facial mud bar is totally organic and enhanced with CoQ10 and totally safe.
If like to have it you can contact me. My wife is the wholesaler for this product. If you like to do this business too also can and you can contact my wife. I think this a great business when it involves beauty and money combines.
Anyway I would like to share more of the benefit for our skin here:
  • Removes oil, dirt, harmful bacteria and dead skin
  • Cleanses and detoxifies toxins
  • Infuses and balance essential minerals and ensymes
  • Moisturies, hydrates and soften skin
  • Heals and beutifies
Liveskin Series - Enzyme Glacial Mud Bar
LiveSkin Series Enzyme Glacial Mud Bar is a type of clay known for its medicinal properties. The main active ingredient is a naturally occurring substance that has absorbed a wealth of minerals from the plant kingdom including Silica, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Cobalt, Manganese, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Aluminium, Phosphorous and Sodium and processed by solar energy throughout the millennium. It is a type of green clay which can be taken orally or topically to treat a wide range of ailments.

It is extracted in Europe for use as a powerful detoxifier and absorbent. It has therapeutic effects and detoxifies by absorbing toxic substances and releases essential minerals to aid healing thereby restoring the body to its natural state.

LiveSkin Series Enzyme Glacial Mud Bar is a powerful bactericide, hindering infection. When applied to the skin it destroys and removes pathogenic harmful bacteria, the source of our skin problems. It also has analgesic or anti-inflammatory properties.

It is an essential and significant component for beauty treatment. It stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph,removes dead skin cells, absorbs impurities and fats and tones and strengthens connective tissues to leave skin smooth, fresh and radiant. You can feel the effect almost instantaneously upon using and applying LiveSkin Series Enzyme Glacial Mud bar on your skin. Feel the difference for a perfect complexion!

Benefits for LiveSkin Facial Bar
  • Tighten pores and make them smaller
  • Deep cleansing for the skin. Blackheads and whiteheads drop out on their own
  • Gives pinkish radiance to skin like that of cute, Japanese children
  • Makes your skin fairer and more radiant instantly
  • Returning skin to its natural balance ; making oily skin less glossy and dry skin more supple
  • Lightens pigmentation like freckles
  • Lightens scars with prolonged use

SEES RESULTS IN 2 MINUTES. Feel the benefits linger on your skin throughout the day!It is ONLY USD72 (RM250) per bar. To get you can email me at working[a] . Make sure to replace [a] with @.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Journey Toward More Meaningful Life!

It is been a while for me to write in this blog. Many things had happened to me for the past few months. So many things actually. All happened for the better of my own self.

All is about me and how I look on the world. What FILTER that I used to view the world. Am I USING a GREEN filter? If I used a green filter I will see all green even they give me a WHITE paper. This is what I am facing in my life. I am having too many filters inside myself. Whether I purposely installed it or get it unconciously. This is what happened. So many INVADER in the MIND and taking over our CONTROL.

How to move on in my LIFE the BEST way? Or do you really KNOW what is BEST for YOU? Actually NOBODY KNOW. Only GOD know what is BEST for you. So HOW to MOVE on THEN?

I learn THIS 4 Tools that is very SIMPLE and Honestly MOST of it KNOW it already. The problem is we DO NOT PRACTICE IT in our daily LIFE. Simple but not that so simple to implement it in our daily life.

The 4 TOOLS:

1) Truthful - the meaning of word truth extends from honesty, good faith and sincerity in general. You need to be truthful in your - intention, conversation and actuon : All these must be synchronized. Be TRUTHFUL to yourself first.

2) Trustworthy - a moral value considered to be a virtue. A trustworthy person is someone in whom we can place our trust and rest assured that the trust will not be betrayed.

3) Sharing - sharing thougths and feelings. Unselfishly willing to share with others. Sahring the knowledge.

4) Brilliant - Having impressive intelligence, the ability or power to create and being or producing something like nothing done or created before.

For a start I am doing this for MYSELF. I am instilling TRUTHFUL, TRUSTWORTHY, SHARING and BRILLIANT in myslef and moving on my daily based on this tools. I hope others too can start doing what I am doing. All of these is for the BETTER or ourself and others.

If you are having a problem now. That is the BEST for you NOW. Be grateful and remember ONLY GOD know what is best.


Monday, January 19, 2009

It Is 2009 Already ? How Are You?

It is 2009 already and I am getting old that fast. I am rarely updating this blog lately. I usually update twitter - . I am currently working at IT company provide hosting package - . For your information is not just about hosting. bring to SME an “Online Business Center” – an integrated hosting, business application and business document with the price of normal web hosting.We think simplicity, affordability, mobility and most of all workability that ensure the success of your business. Mission:

  • Equip SME with a online platform that will make them searchable via online – website and web store.
  • Provide SME with online tools that enable them to boost their current business and sales – email and contactform.
  • Create branding of SME – locally and globally
  • Expand the means of communication – not only phone and fax.
What is ?

  • Our “Online Business Center” is build up on Module. As we grow, we will be adding module to it until it is complete.
  • As per now we have complete the Hosting Module – and we have 3 type StartUp, Basic and SME – the different is just the space.
  • You will know why the space is important later.
  • Business Application module is in progress and Business Document module is on the way. Benefit:

  • Website & Web Store
  • Unlimited email with your domain name
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited domain – for Linux Hosting
  • Hosting your file, picture
  • Business Application – HRMS, Accounting, etc
  • Business Document – sample document on the fly
  • Expand the horizon of your business – offline and online

Thank you for everything and take care.

Best Regards,

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