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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Waiting Is A Trap And Changing From Inside Out!

When time for me to give reasons, I am the one that have all the reasons in the world. I do not know how my LOGICAL MIND have all that reasons.It seem I am able to create the best reason in the world that time.

Why I create reason? I create it - TO JUST FEEL COMFORT OF MYSELF? Am I growing by doing this? NO. In order for myself to grow to a better or higher awareness, I need to be UN"comfort" to experience the UNKNOWN. This act is call "DYNAMICALLY CHANGE TO A BETTER FUTURE or TO A BETTER YOU".

Creating reason is just a mechanism to delay all the good things in life. The more reason you create for yourself, the more good things in your life you avoid. That is why "Waiting is a Trap".

Below is Dr Robert Anthony words about Waiting Is A Trap & Changing Inside Out. Enjoy.

It is interesting that in our society it is totally okay to spend $50,000 on a heart attack, but what would people say if you spent that amount of money on just having fun? They would think you were crazy,and they would probably resent you. It seems we have our priorities mixed up. Perhaps if we spent $50,000 on having fun, we wouldn't have so many heart attacks! Think about it. Having pleasure is abnormal, but having pain in normal.

Waiting Is a Trap

Why are we waiting to be healthy, to be happy, to be alive, to be wealthy, to start a new business, to fall in love, to communicate, to clear up the relationships we are in? Waiting is a trap. We wait for interest rates to go down, for the economy to get better, for a person to change,for the holiday to pass before starting a diet. But there will always be a reason to wait.

Changing from the Inside Out

We need to remind ourselves, and every individual on this planet, that we can and must change the world from the inside out. We have overwhelming proof that the outside-in approach does not work.The long-term solution to poverty, lack and limitation lies in our ability to turn our inner potential into reality.

The only way we can truly heal the world is to heal ourselves first. This is not a new message, but I think we need to remind ourselves of who we are and what we are capable of. We need to take responsibility for everything that has happened to us. Through the law of attraction, we attract either consciously or unconsciously everything that happens to us. Whatever anyone has done to us, we have participated in it, and are at some level, responsible. In essence, there are novictims, only volunteers. This is a hard pill to swallow, but unless we accept it we cannot change things for the better.

We have become a culture of blamers. Yet, if you wrist watch shows the wrong time, what would you do about it? Would you ask your neighbor to set their watch according to yours, or would you correct your watch? Unfortunately, we do not make similar corrections when our lives are not working. Instead, we insist that reality should conform to our illusion.

Best Regards,

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Time Of Your Life!

It was been a while I update my blog. I was tied up with my new job and my other activities offline. I always create reason that I had "NO TIME". I have no time to visit my parents, I have no time to spend with my kids, I have no time to spend with my wife, I have no time to chat with my close friends and partners. I also blame "Work" takes up much of my time. Anyway all of that are just reasons I created so that I feel good about myself. How selffish I am?

What really happened is that I am not sure of what I want. When I am not sure, it is hard for me to put my priority and take which action first. For example when your friend tell you to pick up your RM1,000,000 before 1:00 pm, I bet that you will stop with what you are doing and get that money no matter what.

What I mean, we always create time based on our priority and our importance. Hence, if we do not set our priority then there will be always no time for us. Mom and dad please forgive me, I am sorry, I love you and thank you. Wife and kids please forgive me, I am sorry, I love you and thank you. Partners and friends please forgive me, I am sorry, I love you and thank you.

Somethings to share from Dr Robert Anthony about time ...

In the lives of busy people no question is asked more often than,“Where has the time gone?” Time, of course, hasn’t gone anywhere as the question suggests, but merely moves on at its normal rate while we become painfully aware that we are accomplishing much less than we would like to.

Unlike the timekeeper at a sports event, in the game of life, we can’t‘stop the clock’ for an instant replay. And when we protest, “I don’t have the time,” more often than not, whatever we are doing is not important enough to warrant our taking time for it.

Let’s admit it. No one has more time than another. We have the same amount of time in every day as everyone else. We have the same number of minutes in our hours and the same number of hours in our day. And, yet, we repeat the same old phrases.

In striving for a fuller, more complete and satisfying life, we hear a lot about the stewardship of wealth and possessions. Less is said about the stewardship of talent. And little is said about the stewardship of time.Unquestionably, time passes quickly. Every moment that goes by is a time in our lives. Since our entire existence is composed of time, it is of the utmost importance that we consider the emotional significance in how we use it. “I’m awfully busy,” “I’m in a hurry,” and “I just haven’t the time,” are three large nails in the coffin of happiness. Continually rushing through life precludes the development of a personality of strength and beauty, and robs life of its savor and flavor.

Every morning beyond our bedroom windows there is fresh air, trees,mountains, fields or parks. But we rarely ever see them. We turn right over and go on sleeping or simply jump out of bed and rush off to work.And when asked why this helter-skelter pace, we insist that we do not have enough time to do the thing we want to do.

Time becomes our master. Yet we must learn to master time instead of being mastered by it. We must stop being time’s fool. Neither waste it,nor get caught up in the ‘no time’ syndrome. Instead, we must learn to control it and make time for the important things in life. When we snatch the whip of hurry from the hand of time, we regain self-mastery.


There you have it! The secret of finding time to do the things you want is to really want to do them, not wishing to do them. We all wish we could do more, but we actually don’t want to, so we just keep on wasting time and wishing for more of it.

When we do make a decision to master time, the first step is not tackling the nearest calendar and budgeting our time. This is the last step. The first step is to clarify why we want to do something rather than why we ought to do it. This is done by developing a real philosophical understanding of the importance, as well as unimportance, of time in our lives. Once we have the motivation to take command, the mechanics of achievement will follow.

Thank you.

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