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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Horse Riding And Business Meeting

horse Today Sunday 25th February 2007, I and my family went for a "Horse Riding Experience" at my unlce small ranch at Dengkil.

Everyone in my family, my wife, my two sons and my beautiful small daughter get the chance to ride the horse by themselves. It was very exiting and enjoyful experiences for all of us.

My sons, my wife and my daughter they rode a horse before but NOT me. So today actually is my first time to ride a horse and I quite enjoy it. I might bought one horse soon and keep it at my uncle small ranch.

My uncle said riding a horse is good for health. He began buying horses and setting up his ranch after getting advised by his doctor to ride a horse to exercise.
My uncle had four horses two white and two brown. The white horses is called "OTAI" because there are good trained horse and very gentle. This white horses is for the beginner and are quite easy to handle them. While the brown one is for the PRO. Once you get the knack to handle the white one then you can move on to the brown one.

I learned a lot today about riding a horse, is not easy. It need some sort of communication between you and the horse. You need to understand the horse language too. And the language, unfortunately is not Malay. The horse only speak English.

horseI learned how to get onto the horse. I learned how to get down from the horse. The hard part is to control and manage the horse. It is not that easy.

There are some basic commands that you need to know and also the way how to handle the rope.

To get the horse to walk you say "WALK" and use your feet to hit the horse stomach. To make the horse stop you say "STOP" and pull the rope. To make the horse turn left you say "LEFT" and same as "RIGHT".

My uncle told me that the horse know if the rider is PRO or NOT. He said that the behavior of the horse is, the RIDER must be the master and control him. If the rider show no indication that he or she is the master of the horse then the horse will behave on his own and not following your order. You say stop the horse still walk. You say left the horse will turn right.
horseAnyway we had a great fun and enjoyful moment for the whole family. If you like to get an experience to ride the horse contact me and I will bring you to my uncle small ranch and take a ride. Bring your family along. After finished the horse riding activity, I went to my mom house at Nilai and had our lunch there.

Ok back to business. Actually my uncle small ranch will be open to public soon and will be offering a lot of activities. From horse riding, horse training, horse therapy, horse maintenance, horse trading, horse bathing, and many more.

My uncle idea is, everybody can have a horse and everybody can ride a horse. Horse riding is for everybody and it is affordable. Come visit us. As for the website I will be developing it. I will let you know once it is done.

As for the online business, the small mini workshop on last Saturday 24th February 2007 goes very well and I hope the participant will deploy and apply what was thought in the class. Actually I had revealed one of the best kept secret in being successful in Online Business. I really believed that everyone can make it well in Online business when you do the right things plus have the right tools. The next same small workshop will take place sometimes in the near future and this class is NOT "BASIC". Minimum requirement at least you must have a website or blog and Adsense account. Also it will NOT be RM100 anymore but back to its original price RM290.

I think this is it for today. Thank you very much.


p/s: Everyday in every way I am getting better and better. Visit .

Friday, February 23, 2007

Cartoon Strips Marketing For Your Website Or Blog

Cartoon Strip MarketingI was away last Monday and I am NOT be able to update my blog. I was in Terengganu for 4 days and with no internet access. Ok back to Online Business. I am starting a new project with one of our Usdota client and his cartoon signature is "BAN" and pronounce like roti bun. Our cartoon project called "Cartoon Strips Marketing".

The idea is we use cartoon strips to promote website and blog so that it become more attractive and able to induce more traffic.

On your left is a sample of the cartoon strip that we will be producing. More cartoon samples we be available at .

I believe and foresee this will be a new trend setter for your blog or website. I have several strategies and tricks how a cartoon strip will gave you more visitor traffic and made your Adsense ads more related to your content.

We will be offering an introductory price for the cartoon strips and will come up with short report "Cartoon Strips Marketing". I will let you know when this will be ready. I am targeting on March this year.

For your information, I will be conducting a small workshop tomorrow in Shah Alam. Yup I know this is out of the blue thing but the workshop is confirm to take place. Six attendees is confirmed 3 more not sure because from Johor and 2 is still blur. It will cost RM100 this time but later it will be RM290. This registration is still open until 5:00pm Friday 23rd February 2007. There 10 seat available. This is an intermediate class focus on tricks and tips for your online business. More info you can find it here - .

As for Rahsia Online - is quite for a while due to our backlog works that we need to finished and settled it before setting direction to move forward. We anticipated all of this will be cleared by end of this month.

Another things, I like to share is, there are an World Event coming in Malaysia in March 2007 - Napoleon Hill Convention - "Secret Reveal & Millionaire Awaken Your Secret". This is the first such world event in Malaysia. Bob Proctor, Vic Conant, Charlie Tremendous Jones and many more world millionaires will be here to share the secret.

The fee is RM1480 (without Gala Dinner) and RM1880 (with Gala Dinner). If you really want to make changes in your life just attend the convention. It will be 2 days convention and the date is on March 12 and 13 2007. Your time and money will really benefit out of this educational investment. For your information it is HRDC claimable. If your are interested you can join me and my groups and received another 5% discount. Call me at 019-2174400 and we can go together.

Ok that is enough for today. We see you all next time.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dare To Win. You Deserve The Very Best In Life

This week I started to read on Dare To Win by Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield after finishing Joe Vitale book on Attractor Factor. I want to put into my habit to have more positive programming to myself by reading a lot of self help book. You can the Dare To Win book at nearest MPH Bookstores for only RM19.90.

Your mind and your thought need a continuous feed with positive feeds so that it can manifest what you really want. Is just like you eat healthy food you got a healthy body. By providing a positive programming into your thought you will easily manifest all the thing you want in life.

I am a bit busy this week finishing our client request from Arab Saudi. This client is a pharmacy store owner in Arab Saudi. He have 11 pharmacy store and would like to order some product from us for his pharmacy. My task is to prepare the list of products that he can order for his pharmacy. So I created this website for this purpose .

He had called us and emailed us back and forth to have this deal closed. I really like this deal to manifest as soon as possible. I will let you know what is the deal worth when we secured the deal. Just some hints it is more than one million RM.

Ok back to earning money online. I will be holding a small workshop at Shah Alam about "My Experience Doing Online Business". This is a practical workshop and will take your one whole day of your Saturday. It will on this coming February 24 2007. The workshop fee will be RM100 only this time. Actual fee is RM290. More detail you can visit here .

As for my IBOP Client, I am still designing the Wordpress themes and also figuring out the solution of using a new tools. I will update all client when I get it done.

As for my Usdota Client, I hope that you start with your blog and continue with updating your blog. If you have a problem with it you can access Usdota Forum for help.

Blogging at is the great foundation about doing an online business. It has all the features of online tools to start you off and get the experience of earning money from FREE blog. Many of USDOTA Client and the public too has earned money from FREE blog. As for myself too part of my online income is from this BLOG. Once you are comfortable with your blog and already earning something in your blog you might want to venture in paid Hosting and your Own domain name.

Earning money online is about believe that you really can earn money online. And this believe need to be supported with action. Your action is such as doing your blog, updating blog, make it nicer, promote your blog and this little a tidious action will earn you money.

You might NOT get USD1.00 a day for now but you need to continue to get at least something in a day. It can be USD0.10 a day or USD0.01 a day. As for myself and as for this blog sometimes I got USD8.00 a day and most of the time is USD0.60 to USD1.20. The important thing is you must be happy with what you are doing and this state of happiness will help you earn more with your blog.

You need to be creative and open mind. Your blog might not get the Adsense click but have a lot off traffic. You need to channel that traffic somewhere so that you can monetized.

I think this is enough for today. Achieve your dream now by changing the believe in your minds. You deserve the very best in life.


Monday, February 05, 2007

Atrractor Factor And Dare To Win

Attractor FactorIt is February 2007 already, for this month I have grab two great books at MPH bookstore in SACC Shah Alam - The Attractor Factor By Joe Vitale and Dare To Win by Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield.

The story is like this, I followed my wife to MPH bookstore to buy some present for my son's friend birthday party. So I just asked my wife to buy a book for me. I pick the book Dare To Win asked my wife to belanja me because it is only RM19.95 and she agreed. I was happy because I do not have to use my money that time. But universal power is greater than that. It must be value for value. I cannot get a FREE LUNCH just like that.

Just about to walk away from the bookstore after my wife had paid for the book. My eyes was hooked to special Red Carpet member area and saw another two great book - The Secret and The Attractor Factor. I cannot escape his time I need to get one of them at least. So I end up to spend about RM59.80 for the Attractor Factor.

All this happening is NOT coincidence it is what I had asked for. And what I asked previously will manifest in timely manner. My advice is be mindful with your thoughts. What you think in your mind will manifest anyhow. Time will tell. So make sure you sow a positive mental thought everyday in every way in your mind so that what you will be reaping is a positive result all the time.

Our mind is like a "Wild Monkey". It is ever changing and never at rest. We need to master and control our thought and tame it. How we do it? We need to feed a lot of positive input into it by reading great books. This is what I have been doing long time ago and still continue reading great books even now.

We live in somehow a negativity world. In a world that physical matter above all things. We lack of faith and believe in our self. Everyday we are programmed to be negative without our knowing. I have met several person Randy Gage, Joe Vitale, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor (I met them in the book I read) and Azizi Ali (I met him personally). What are they have in common?

The answer is they are very very rich and the best part is they do not watch TV and read news paper. As for Azizi Ali, it has been 10 years for him not watching TV and news paper unless he was in it. What I want to share with you there some habit that you can follow to make you rich, such as NOT watching TV and read news paper. Seem like awkward but it is true. And it WORKS.

We had enough negativity in life and we need to stop feeding our self with negativity. TV and news paper feed us with a lot negativity such as accident, natural disaster, kidnap, robbery, killing, sickness and disease. The 24 hours in our daily life is feed with negativity and you need to change that in order to achieved what your want.

So make sure get some great book and start feeding your mind with a positive one. Read and apply and you will feel the miracle instantly. I am not promoting Attractor Factor but if you want to get what you want make sure you get this book. It have 5 easy step that you can do immediately and get what you want.

I have also had started a new WordPress blog in Malay for the purpose of sharing my knowledge about the concept of rezeki. You can go here to read it - .

Believe in our self and focus on what we want. Make sure when people asked you what you want you can easily mentioned it. Once you are clear with what you really want. You are very near to get it. Don't let your negative self sabotaj you.

As some of you know that this coming February 24 2007, I and Jasman will be conducting a small workshop on Blog & Doing Blog The Right Way - in Malay. The class can fit only 20 people maximum and the cost is RM300. Payment can be made to me or Jasman. This class will share more of my experience combine with Jasman experience in earning money on the net. For your information Jasman is expert in writing articles and had vast knowledge about promoting your blog via articles. He is also good at social bookmarking technique called Squidoo - and his Squidoo lense is in the top 20 rank in the world. Squidoo that provide you traffic too. More information you can go here -

As for IBOP Client I am in the progress of installing WordPress for each client and should be completed this week.

As for Usdota, I will be putting the long waited Translator software from Brother Astora into the download area for peserta bengkel. Thank you for the long wait.

As for my LelakiOnline business, this year will be a new mark, we are in the discussion of being the wholesale supplier for Middle East and America. Thank you GOD for this.

As for my self and my growth I have participated in a loyalty card program that really interesting. Thank GOD again for this opportunity.

Above all, I thank GOD for all the blessing that you have gave me. I seek from you GOD all the positive things in live.

Best Regards,
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