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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ask And Receive Not Ask And Achieve

I was at Naili's Place, Damansara, Uptown, last night with my family for dinner. It was a great and pleasent dinner there. My sons and daughter enjoy it very much. I and my wife liked it too. Enjoy life every moment you can and you will cherish your moment everytime.

For the past 2-3 weeks I am in the process of learning the greatest secret of managing my life and applying it to my self. I am reading several books and doing some lucid dreaming course for this purpose of mastering my real self. I am know really believe and understand what is the meaning of "Ask And You Shall Received".

I am the type of people who want to make things happen according to my way. I always make sure things happened. Now I need to relax a bit and learned the secret of all - "Letting Go" and applying detachment of the thing you want. When you detached from the thing you want, Universe will take it course and fulfill your intention.

I am a good friend of Ismail MF the author of "Road To Freedom - Ancient Secret". I am very happy for him because he really applied this concept of "Ask And Receive NOT Ask And Achieve".

Our part is just ask NOT try to achieve on our own effort what we asked. The Universe part is always to "FULFILL" what was asked. You do not think the way to achieve it. You should ask and shall receive. This the MIRACLE the we all possessed.

I got a call from Ismail last 2 day, I am surprised, he said he going to get married this Friday, 1st June 2007 out of the sudden. I am very happy for him. I know he had mention to me he want to get married this year but not this fast. He mentioned to me his time has arrived, anything he asked materialized. He said, he asked for a condo he got it, a 3 bedroom condo in Shah Alam for free, he asked for brand new car, he just got it for free last week, he asked to get some money for his marriage this years, he got it last 2 days. Then he mentioned to me - "Your time has arrived too".
One thing I learned - "We need to hold on to our INTENTION no matter what the physical condition looks like" . In NO time you will received what you had in your intention.

I talk about my lucid dream thing on my previous post but no more update since then. Frankly, since my wife came back from oversea, I am not able to lucid anymore. I got several VIVID dream but unable to control my dream. AnywayI am working on it and will share some information later.

I am also learning on how to put video on a website and blog. The one thing I love with this new video technology is the video load very fast and used very little bandwidth. And the best things is there is NO delay and buffering. This is a very COOL feature for me and make our website to be Web 3.0.1 . If you like get hold on it get it here for a very cheap price - .

I am also actively working on the YourLiveStock project and coming up with the Mock Up for KPDN approval. More information here . I set up an office in Dengkil for this purposed. Thanks for my uncle who entrust us to do this.

Beside that I am also working with Cikgu Nawi for converting Cikgu Nawi book "Mengapa Kami Memeluk Islam" into ebook version. You can checked it out here .

As for IBOP, I am working on a new strategy and will get it work by next week or by first week on june.

I am also working together with several friends on developing "Carian Directory". You can check it out here .

At the same time I am involved and appointed to be the online exclusive rights to a very unique product and will share with you later.

Anyway, start and buy some notepad and ask and list what you want and detach from it and you get it.

Best Regards,

p/s: The moment is NOW. I am wealth. I am abundance. I am joy. Till next time.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mastering Wealth Is Just Be Wealthy!

I am still reading an ebook given from a friend, within few days everything change. Everything change to the better. My perspective towards life change. I Do Know now, how easy to be wealthy than before. I Do Know now, what is the meaning of "Having The Greatest Gift Within".

I did learned one things -

The right way to do this is to never look at the ground, never look at the physical and let that dictate to you that this is who you are. You are not your conditions – you simply cause them. The correct thing to do if you are broke is to simply choose your greatest vision of yourself, a vision of wealth, and keep that state of being of wealth, those thoughts of wealth steady and ever present. Act as if you were wealthy, no matter what the physical looks like, no matter how broke your physical world looks like. This will turn around the physical to match your thoughts and state of being. Always remember, the physical follows the spiritual and the mental. It is the design of the universe.


Another thing I learned, the fastest way to get anything is by applying the "STATE OF BEING" . The normal way I am using now is "Thinking" , "Saying" and "Acting" but however this method is the slow way of achieving. Among this four method, Acting is the least things you need to focus. When you are applying the state of being, thinking, saying simultaneously by default the state of acting will takes place by itself.

I have a lot of things to learn and appreciate. I do not want to lock my myself with a certain action or step to achieve my success or goal. I will let the universe to do it for me. As for myself, I will exercise my power and claim what supposed to be mine.

Do you ever wonder, from birth till now you are defined based on your outer world. This has gone for years and years. You are defined by the things that you have, the work that you do, the car that you drive, the money that you owned and many more BUT that is NOT real you. You, yourself are BIGGER than what you thought. More powerful than you ever know. It is supposed to be the other way around. Your inner self should define your outer self. It is time to wake up and be your real self.

For that I will share what David share with me ...


I just wanted to quickly let you know that David Cameron Gikandi's latest book is now available for you.It is called:

"How to Live With Yourself and Automatically and Simply Love Yourself to Pure Freedom, Health, Wealth and Relationship Success" - The fastest way known to man to a Final Solution to all problems. A truly and absolutely practical how-to guide.

It is his best book since "A Happy Pocket Full of Money". I say so because it finally answers the following question that many people ask regarding implementing the concepts found in "A Happy Pocket Full of Money":

How do I make this knowledge work for me? How do I overcome my internal obstacles that prevent me from getting this knowledge from my head and into practical application? How do I overcome my blockages, my resistance, my old patterns?

It is the missing key to "A Happy Pocket Full of Money". So, please learn
more about it here:

Mohd Zahiruddin

P.S. Even if you plan on getting the book later, I suggest that you go to this page today because he has an offer for you that you don't want to miss, one that expires soon

Thank you very much for the support. I am being the self that I supposed to be and want everyone else to be the self they should be. The real self that is the key to every success, the key to wealth, the key to love, the key above all key and be blessed from GOD.

Best Regards,

Friday, May 18, 2007

Mastering Lucid Dream Day 3 - Lucid Dream Kit

Today is the fourth day since I get the Lucid Dreaming Kit from Dr Bradley Thompson and last night I learned an amazing secret about lucid dream and I am going to share with you here today. I was shocked and amazed and feel little bit scared because it is too real.

Before that I just like to share about lucid dream with you all first. I have experienced about lucid dream since 1985. Then when I learned martial arts, I have the chance to master certain martial arts technique while having lucid dream. The technique that I learned via the lucid dream is such as how to throw an object from far without touching it, such as throwing an angry dog, push a person and etc. Once I learned it from the lucid dream that I had, I will be able to apply it it in the real life. Yup, I am able to throw a dog from far away. The victim that time is my neighbour dog. I always throwed the dog everyday for practicing my skill. I know the dog is very afraid with me. Every time he saw me, he is very scared and unable to run.

Basically I had some knowledge about lucid dream, until last week when I found out Dr Bradley Thompson website about using the lucid dream to master my daily life - . To me, yup this is something new and never occur to my mind before to master daily life via lucid dream so I order the kit directly.

Before the kit arrived, I had test my own way of having lucid dream and manage to have lucid dream several time. For someone that is NOT sure what is lucid dream - lucid dream is the ability to control and manage your dream and it is real.

Then I got the kit and eagerly opened up the package and install it on my notebook and the first instruction is - "Follow Step By Step Do Not Cheat" - Dr Bradley Thompson . Yup feeling that you already know about it, why I must follow step by step. Anyway I followed step by step as instructed. I found out the technique I learned from Dr Bradley is totally different from my previous technique. So for the day 1, I got some sort of conflicting Lucid Dreaming technique.

Ok here is the step that I followed Dr Bradley method. It is a 7 Days method that guarantee you to have lucid dream within 7 days:
  1. Day One - learned about Lucid Dreaming and know what is and what is not
  2. Day Two - remember all the dream - average people dream 5 times a night and learn to record it
  3. Day Three - learn the Sign and Reality Check this is quite scary
  4. Day Four - not yet apply, I will learn tonight

Ok now is the time that I want to share my last night discovery of lucid dream. I am now understand a little bit, why I need to do a "Reality Check" every time even when I am awake. Because the lucid dream that Dr Bradley teach in his lucid dream kit is too REAL and this reality make me little bit scared. You will be shocked that what you experience and feel now actually is a lucid dream and you find out that you never been awake from your dream yet. This is because your mind is so powerful and able too simulate exactly what you feel and thought and made you think that it is REAL. I do not know how to express this but it is too REAL and it really made me little bit scared but somehow amazed about the power that I am able to master.

Now I shared with you about my lucid dream last night. I was with a friend of mine climbing up a very high hill. We almost reached the top but somehow a flat rock branching outward from the hill blocked our way. In order to reach the top we need to get over the rock. I tried to hang onto the rock edge and just want to pass over it but seeing how high I am at and how deep the hill is when looking down. I am scared. But just then I realised that I am in my dream. So I manage to take control and manage to fly. And I take my friend along. When I know I am dreaming and able to control it, I become a bit playful and play little bit around.

Then it is time to wake up. So I tell myself, on day 3 I had lucid dream, Dr Bradley method really works and I want to wake up from my lucid dream. I woke up. To my surprise I am NOT yet woke up as I thought I already woke up. For that I know what Dr Bradley talk about the LUCID DREAM that can master your daily life. It is a GREAT feeling for someone that able experience it.

I thank god for giving me the opportunity to explore about my true self and master the lucid dream in my life. I cannot wait for the fourth day lesson today. There is one story in the ebook by Dr Bradley talking about the Chontal Indians in Mexico using dream to communicate and the best part is we can do that for our self.

Till then, I will share again my journey of lucid dream. I have a goal actually and also want to related this experiences to Quantum Physics.

Best Regards,

p/s: I am wealth, I am abundance, I am joy

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Emotional Freedom Techniques And Lucid Dream Kit

I woke up early today to sent my wife to the airport. My wife is going for a three day trips to Bandung, Indonesia. Yup she just came back from Sweden and now she is heading to Indonesia.

Anyway what I would like to share today is, I just received my Lucid Dream Kit from UK (United Kingdom) and eagerly want to apply it. I think tonight will be the best time to test drive the Lucid Dream kit since my wife is not around.

The Lucid Dream Kit contains: 2 CD's . First CD is the Main CD which contains the Lucid Dream Ebook, Lucid Dream Software and Tools, and Bonus Lucid Dream Preparation software. And the second CD is the special one hour Audio Simulation that can get you lucid instantly.

Why I am so engross with this Lucid Dream things? By mastering the Lucid Dream techniques and skills you will be able to maximize your 8 hours sleep and turn it into a "Life Workshop".

You can practice Jiu-Jitsu without getting hurt, you can meet an attractive women without being slap by your wife, you can learn quantum physics from Einstien, you are able to test sky-diving without fear and many more.

If you interested, you can get your own copy of Lucid Dream Kit at - it is very worth it. The CD and the software is protected and is personalised for you only. Get yours now here and maximize your 8 hours sleep to change your 16 hours waking time. Lucid Dream is NOT just about dreaming fantasies but a GREAT tool to manifest anything in your waking up time.

Another new skill that I need to master is the art of EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Properly done, EFT will bring ease and healing into your life in ways
formerly thought impossible. Emotional Freedom is a priceless gift and is the foundation for physical health and abundance and enhanced performance. Your entry into this Palace of Possibilities is a beginning one, of course, and I can’t wait to see how far you will go with it. More levels await you as you can see from the links below.

Gary Craig EFT Founder

How this EFT works? Energy meridians that run through our body can be blocked or disrupted by unresolved emotional issues,thereby compromising our natural healing potential.

Quite often, people are aware of the events or memories that trigger emotional discomfort in their lives, but they have not yet connected those memories to the symptoms of disease in their bodies. Using EFT, it is possible to revisit the event(s) in question, and balance the disturbed meridians. Properly done, both emotional anguish and the physical symptoms often subside.

Although based on acupuncture, EFT has implified the realignment process by gently tapping on key meridian points on the head, torso and hands.Traditional acupuncture needles are not necessary in this process.

Ok that is about two skills that I want to master. I am preparing for a press conference for the new book and ebook of Ismail, MF - "Road to Freedom - Ancient Secret". This press conference will take place on this Saturday morning as for the time and venue I will confirmed by today. Need to know what is "Road To Freedom - Ancient" (ISBN - 978-983-43444-0-5) you can visit the website at .

Thank for all the support and everything.

Best Regards,

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Ancient Secret That Turn Dream Into Reality

For the past four days I was into aura, chakra and lucid dream. I feel something I need to find and learn and share with others. As for aura and chakra I am still woking with the web development of . A screenshot of 7chakra web page about "Aura Rasa".

Next is about lucid dream - the ability to be awake in your dream and able to control your dream to enhance your daily life. This is really cool. I tested it for two nights and manage to have lucid dreams. Maybe because my wife is in Sweden so it is easier to get lucid.

I have experienced lucid dream many times but this time I want to master it so that I can turn thoughts into things anytime and became lucid instantly. I used to fly, go through walls, walk above the water, travel beyond times, meet people, learn to drive right-hand, talk to ghost, went to the future and so on. But this time it will build a real life laboratory of mylife in the lucid dream astral plane. I want to test internet marketing technique, I want to search the truth and seek my oneself. I want to feel the power of NO LIMITATION.

For that I have ordered a special Lucid Dream Kit that can enhanced my daily life and practice the law of attraction more vividly. If you like to explore your sleep and understand the UNLIMITED potential of yourself get the kit here at .

Another things that I would like to share is the Ancient Secret that actually everyone have it. You just need to unlock it and enjoy the power.

In reality there is no such things as secret! ….Secret is only information and
knowledge available to selected few!Beware This Is An Open Secret!You already
have it!Use It Wisely!

"All the evil karma ever committed by since of old On account of greed, anger and folly, which have no beginning Born of My Body, Mouth and Though I now make full confession of it!"

The Future is for you to shape, mold and design! You must learn the Real Knowledge!
This is very refreshing and very uplifting manual about ancient secret that you can master and gain your unlimited potential. For a limited time promotional offer, this great manual - "Road To Freedom - Ancient Secret" is for sale at $19.95. Grab your copy and witness it for yourself.

Ancient SecretMore detail about the ebook please visit .

Ok back to my schedule, I am updating my daily activity via (small widget of the right hand sidebar of this blog). As for this week, I am very-very busy, so many internet work coming in and so many people want to meet me. And further more my wife is not around. Luckily my parents came over and stayed for a few days at my house so I get free food.

Anyway will chat later. As for Usdota thank you for all the support. As for IBOP client you all are not left behind, I am working on something and will be shared soon.

To anyone out there who like to venture on ONLINE business, please do so. It is very powerful and refreshing. Mastering ONESELF is the KEY.

Best Regards,

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Likes Attract Likes And Thought Become Things

Likes attract likes and thought become things is the two key feature that can sum up the secret of law of attraction. This law of attraction work like the law of gravity.Whether or not you believe in the law of gravity or not, whether you like it or not…it works all the time, every time - because is the law. If you drop a brick, it will hit the ground. A thousand years ago it hit the ground, a thousand years from now it will hit the ground…it doesn’t change. Even when you were a baby, before you knew anything about gravity it worked.

Same with the law of attraction it worked all the way now and the future. Good attract good and bad attract bad. Positive attract positive and negative attract negative. This law of attraction is either working against us or working for us. Our task is to make this law work for us not otherwise. How do we do it?

We are at where we are because we choose to be where we are now. There are no other than ourself to be blamed. It is not other's fault it is our own fault. When we make our choice either we are aware or not, the law of attraction make it happened.

To do it you need to seek mentor and get more knowledge about it. As for me I bought this two product:

1) Optimindzation Accelerator and Activator - accelerate and activate your manifestation power and your law of attraction. You can get it here for only $29.95 with 365 day guarantee period.

2) Applying The Law Of Attraction And Get Anything You Want by Shawn Casey (Old Timer Internet Marketer) and Antonio Thornton (Law Of Attraction Coach). 1 Hour 30 Minute Jammed Pack Audio and PDF Version of the audio. For a limited time offer, you will be given the opportunity to participate on a program that can potentially create you $100K in 5 days. All of this is just for only $7. Get it now here.

Beside the above, the two tools which I believed very important, I am working on my Lucid Dream thing. What is Lucid Dream? Lucid dreaming is the ability to control your dream and feel awake in your dream. So you will enjoy your 8 hours sleep at night and this will boost up your enegry when you are awake in the next morning. You can get more information here.

I think all the above is very crucial if you want to better yourself. You cannot afford to have any negativity in yourself. Be what you want to be and make sure you work with the law of attraction not against it. To do that you need to do what is taught and apply it in your daily life.

To apply the law of attraction and boost your confidence, start with small things first such as I want to be happy today and be positive for the rest of the day. This will give you confident. I start to practice the law a bit with myself. On last March, I want an IPOD (Original), about 2 hours from the time I said I want an IPOD, I got a brand new IPOD from Exabyte, one of my hosting company. I win a contest actually for the month of March.

Last Saturday before I went to the Ericsson Family Day in FRIM, I say to myself I want the TEAM that I am in to win and be the champion of the Family Day and it did and I get RM100 vaucher for winning. And the best things is, I don't even take part on any of the game.

As for buying the above tools, Optimindzation Accelerator and Activator and Law Of Attraction, actually I want it for FREE and basically I got it for FREE because on the day I bought it, I made few affiliate sales and the sales is more than enough to buy the tools.

That is what I say the power of law of attraction. It work anyway either you believe it or not. For sure you must make it work for you not against you.

Take care and best regards,

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Taking Control Over Your EGO

For the past few days I took my time off from my current daily routine with internet and business. I need to restrucure my inner self and taking back control over my ego. My ego is the one that do things, the one that is active, the one that take action, the one that must do something, the one that always want to win, the one that will not stay quiet and infact the one that want to be all the one.

This ego is taking to much of my energy and drained me dead. This ego is taking over the domain that I supposed to rule with love and calmness. This ego is the culprit that always destroy my manifestation. This ego is the one that want to be in control. To me, this is too much. If this ego is so powerful, why it cannot take you anywhere over the past 35 years or any others years in your domain.

This ego is what I called - PRETENDER - it try to pretend to be the driving factor of life.It pretend to the TRUTH but actually not the truth. It put itself to be the ruler of life and be the KING of one life. STOP. It is time to put it down and you yourself should take control of your own life.

Do you notice that human is not called human doing but called human being ? Human should not be ruled by EGO that is doing things but should be ruled by the oneself that is in state of being. That is why we are called human being not human doing because our task is just BE. Be present in the NOW moment NOT living on the past or dreaming of the future. Cherish your NOW moment and just BE yourself.

The oneself that is in the state of being is the one universal power that was assigned the task to rule and manage one domain with love and passion. This oneself is the divine power of the universe within us that are connected with all the resources all over the world and the after world. It is much GREATER and more POWERFUL than the EGO itself. The battle of this EGO and the true self is never ending scenario since the born of ADAM - father of a mankind.

Most of the time the EGO always win the battle. That is why the EGO is so proud and claimed itself to be the ruler of your domain. As for this reason, I need to put this a STOP in my own domain and take back control and that is what I do for the last few days till now.

I don't mean that EGO is not important. EGO is still important because it is the drive to do all things without it I will not be wrinting this blog. But what I mean, we need to manage our EGO and take control over it.

How to do it?

1) Just take time OFF on what ever you do and relax.
2) It is more than just doing in order to succeed
3) Connect with your own greater power and manifest what you like
4) The KEY thing - be Quiet in your thoughts and your mind - take everyday 15 minute switch off with your mind

EGO is noise. It will lost it's power when one in state of Quietness and Stillness. When one are in this state of quietness and stilless one is able to connect with the higher power and able to do more things than the EGO do. To achieve this you need a constant practice everyday throught out your life.

As for Muslim you are already given this task 5 times a day and make sure you do it and get the feel of it. Surrender everything to Allah in your prayers and you will see the miracles. For others you all got a time for your own prayers, spend it meaningfully.

When one are the master their EGO, one will be in peace and gratitude. One will do their job better and more efficient. One will not worry anymore on how to live life.

Best Regards,

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