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Friday, September 29, 2006

Life Provide You With The Best Opportunity!

Life Provide You With The Best Opportunity!

Yup! We are presented with so many opportunities daily but somehow our eyes could NOT see it. That is life and how it provides you with the best opportunity daily. It is ourself that do not GRAB that opportunity.

Talking about opportunity, I took one today evening around 4pm and spend about USD320 and the best thing, it is NOT about Adsense or Affiliate. I want to explore another area. An area that many people had gone through and have made their millions and also many have gone bankruptcy.

I choose to pick it after 2 weeks doing my reasearch and studies. During the research I made few hundreds dollar in 10 minutes and average about USD200 an hour. But I also experienced a big lost about USD5000 in 16 hours. I will share with you all later about this things ok.

Jana RM438,000 Dalam SetahunAnother opportunity that I would like to share is an ebook call Tsunami Wang - that has make a debut in Internet Marketing arena in Malaysia. Somehow this book was said to teach newbie to spam via email. But I respect the author and the owner, he is NOT running away and do something bad. He re-write his book and the book become more better and SPAM FREE kind of things. I know this because I just read the latest version of this ebook yesterday. This book is really great investment for newbie and cost only RM50. Bravo Akmal Arif - the author of the book. Sorry this book is only in Bahasa Malaysia.

You can also be an affiliate of this book for FREE and sell it online. Akmal pay you RM20 for every book you sell. Iwas paid many time last time. Now I am promoting again because the book has gone to some CLEAN UP and added with GREAT info. Buy one for you self HERE.

Ok back to my life. My wife is going to Sweden again tommorow for a week. So I will be alone with my kids again. I think I will go to my parents house this weekend and stay there until Monday and get FREE food.

Regarding my another Internet Business Ownership Program, it will be delayed for a while because we want to make everyone benefit not JUST me. I am also testing the Social Book marking and TAG and PING kind of things.

Best Regards,


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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Making A Living Via Internet! Is it REAL!

Making a living via internet! Is it for REAL or JUST a GIMMICK?

As you can see this is the question that I always had. Can I make a living via Internet?Internet is a HUGE playground that offering a NICE to see opportunity and offers. It has become a SEDUCTION and INDUCING platform that lures newbies and masses to join the money making online band wagon.

Is it worth it? You find out yourself because that is the best experiences for yourself. I startup my online business somewhere in October 2000 selling male health related products. I was so excited to be the first website in Malaysia that sell male product that accepted credit card payment using 2CO. It was so easy that I made a first sale on my first launching the website.
From there I was busy selling online day in and day out and we become bigger and bigger and got our own reputation. Years passby very fast we make our money and the DOWN cycle begin.

Most of our product manufacturer is OUT of Business. We lose our FOCUS and divert to OFFLINE business. We invest in a Security Company selling ALARM (ADT), we invest in buying SHOP LOT, we invested in Health Product business and we opened our OWN GOLD Shop - named Golden Memory Gold Shop.

The cycle is going down WORST. Our gold shop was BROKE IN once and ROBBED by gun point once and become a major story in local news paper. We do not stop there we bought another batch of Gold from Johor worth RM200K cash again we was PLAYED and we lost our money. Our gold shop only last for one and half years. It is a really Golden Memory.

As for our Security Company, the General Manager we appointed run with our company money about RM40K and we had to close the shop and terminate our workers. The cycle is so BAD that all our businesses GOING down the drain and we know that WE are in BIG DEBT more than a Million.

Life must go on we need to pay our debt any how and feed our family. We had learn our lesson the hard way. My two partners went OFF to China building their new business there leaving their family behind. And for me I am FOCUSING back to my ONLINE business that take us where we are today. Thank you to take us where we are NOW.

As you see we NEED to FOCUS when doing online business. It DOES NOT look promising at the first place but sequently it will MATERIALIZE. That is why when you are DISCOURAGE at the beginning of your online journey, DONT WORRY just walk forward dont look back.

Same goes to my business promoting Adsense program. I only get USD0.10 after 3 months of doing Adsense. I think I am the worse and until I met my Mentor that asked me to invest on a Software called Niche Monster that cost me USD2000. My Adsense journey CHANGED. The best part NOW is you can get a TASTE of this software for FREE with a condition you need to provide your information.

p/s Just realized that Niche Monster link is NOT working so I take it out and replace with this Content Domination link. Sorry for the inconveniences. Happy blogging.

Real Networks

Hope my short rambling will give you some strength on starting your journey of Internet riches.

Best Regards,

p/s: Happy Ramadhan to all Muslim friends.

Monday, September 18, 2006

I Was At The Hospital And Money Still Coming In

That is the beauty of doing and automatic online business. You can earn income while you are away doing something else. You can go shopping and still have income every hour. For my case I was at the hospital for two days accompanying my daughter for minor surgery. And the best part I still earn something from my online business.

Ok we are at the DEMC hospital from Friday morning till Saturday afternoon. The whole family was there. Even my parents and my parents in law were there too. It is like a short vacation in a hotel. My two son love it very much because the shopping mall is just downstairs.

Here some of the pictures in the hospital.
On your right is Sofea before changing into surgery wardrobe. And below is Sofea in a surgery wardrobe with fluffy cat.

Kind of interesting feeling at the hospital. We all slept at the hospital room for a night. It is NOT that comfort at all because only the patient got the bed.

For the two days I was unable to answer email, to reply forum and do all the other things. But that is OK as long I still got paid even though at the hospital.

That is so many many IDEA pop up during my stay at the hospital. And I need to organize that IDEA into a practical and do able REALITY.

Everything need a precise planning when doing an online business. Plus another key ingredients is strong DISCIPLINE.

Without this 2 key ingredients you should expected disappoinment.

If you are planning to do an online business you need to cover you type on income area. The type of income are:
  1. Daily Income - what is you daily income will be.
  2. Weekly Income - what is your weekly income.
  3. Monthly Income - what is your monthly income.
  4. Yearly Income - what is your yearly income.
  5. Life Time Income - this the main income.

All this income can be from one source or multiple sources based on your planning. So your online business planning must be according to this type of income.
On my left is the picture of Sofea after the one and in half hour of operation. She was COOL I believe for a 4 years old GIRL.

Another things happened that Friday nights is one of my wife relatives had an accident and was sent to the same hospital. So that night the hospital was full all with my wife relatives. I feel like a Family gathering at the hospital.

I think I am writing to LONG this time. I need to catch up all my IDEA and do some house chores a bit before gluing to my note book.

Everything I thank GOD. HE make all things went smooth and easy. Thank you GOD. I also request GOD help to help me with my ONLINE Business. I know I am NOBODY but with GOD help I can live my life happily ever and after.

Thank everyone for your support. If you need help I will try to help you. But DONT forget to ASK GOD first because HE knows you better than ANYONE else.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

My Review On The Death Of Adsense!

Download The Death Of Adsense. FREE!!! I was shocked to receive this report called The Death Of Adsense. I immediately download it, read it and understand it. The report talk about - you cannot make a stable income with adsense and cannot use adsense for your only source of income. The author Scott Boulch mention that he previously earned more than USD6000 a month with adsense but now drops to few hundreds. He said adsense income is just for daily meals and not for a living.

What he is telling in the report is true and real. It really make me think to do other things too.Ok this is not good for me because my major income is from adsense and all related to it. Scott also share a new light on how to earn more than USD20,000 a month doing what you do today but without adsense. He also share with you his current earning with his new program. I think he is brilliant.

One more think I like his approach is, he is paying you USD0.50 to spread the words that adsense is dead. Join me to spread the word here.

Ok back to the TRUTH. For me adsense program is a motivation. A motivation that can give you an immediate feeling to earn money online quickly. This motivation will lead you to a greater task in doing marketing in the net. With adsense you should cover all your internet business expenses and grow from that.

I have not call my mentor about this report yet. But as per last week, his income from adsense is still way way up and away. Who say is DEAD? It is DEAD if you
  1. If you use page generator to create 1000 of adsense pages
  2. If you create crappy web site
  3. If you make website just for adsense without good content
  4. If you use pre-made adsense template
  5. If you always check you earning more than twice daily
  6. If your adsense income is less than USD500 a month
  7. If your are lost with what you do

For me, I think I belong to all those 7 if statement. Just kidding. I hope this will clear something in your cloudy mind.

Back to life. I will be away for 3 days beginning tomorrow accompanying my daugther for a major operation on her neck. I will be able to access internet unless I bring along my Jaring unit.

Ok take care. Have a good weekend.


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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ordinary People Achieving Extra Ordinary Results Online

Ordinary People Achieving Extra Ordinary Results Online

Yes this what I want to share with all of you on how - Ordinary People Achieving Extra Ordinary Results Online. Yes this is about achieving great income from internet. Learn from the expert on how they can millions of dollars less than a year. The best part this information is FREE. Get it while it still last. Introducing you to - Butterfly Riches.

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I'll make this quick because it's going to go fast.

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Cheers & Regards,


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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Urgency To Make Money Online

Urgency To Make Money Online

This will always be the case when you start out trying to make money online. Is like a giant hungry search for money online. Due to this, season and rusty internet marketer take the advantage of this scenario to make the RIP - OFF by offering - A Must Have Product For Newbies.

What are the chances of getting RIP - OFF, it is up to 90% because the so sweet of sales letter reaching your mail box that promise you with Heaven in Earth. I used to buy all sort of offering from the Internet with my EARN income online. Even NOW, I am still SOLD by the offer. I felt like if I dont by NOW I will missed the one in a life time opportunity and I felt preety sure I will loose all the money that I supposed to get.

But the FACT is I had loose the money buying the product or offer at the first place. From my experience, I have NOT really implemented all the product offer that I bought. I think I had spend more than USD20,000 to buy product offer in a year. What a waste. Something inside say at least I got the product and I can use it later. For the HECK NO, you will NOT use it at all later because you have NOT use when you got it on the first place. Believe me.

Technology do CHANGE rapidly. It will always knocking your DOOR with a new tips and techniques. The secret is DOING the basic and MASTER the basic. You dont have to be the SUPER GENIUS to figure this out. Make your basic money using the basic and master that and you will never loose. If you need more info on this you can get my ebook compilation at

Ok, back to my daily life. I was busy arranging my daugthers appointment with a surgeon for minor operation on my daugther throat. My daughter somehow got some sort of ceist on her throat and it is visible. Need to do some minor operation to remove the ceist. The surgeon told us that the ceist has a tract to the back of the tounge and required a long hours of operation. The operation is schedule on 15th September 2006.

Beside that I am developing some sort of a new program that able to offer anyone to own a profitable internet business. This program is based on Robert Kiyosaki book - Cash Flow Quadrant. The business model I am offering is the B Quadrant. Wait for the anouncement.

If you want to be the first one to know this and get SPECIAL Internet Business Ownership please send your particular to me at with Subjet: SPECIAL Internet Business Ownership. This offer is limited to 50 people only.

Best Regards,

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Life Is Always Busy And Time Never Wait!

A2ZAnalysis.comAs what I mentioned, life is always busy and time never wait. I was so busy that week preparing our new project called I am up all night doing the design and contacting the editor plus the reporter for news and analysis. My due date is 31st August 2006. Thank god I make it on time.

The job will not end there. It is just the beginning. It require a new input everyday and it will comes from everyone. Having the first issue out on the 31st August 2006 is a big relief. But right after that I am embarking on another project with Al Islam for the JomHeboh carnival at Bukit Jalil.

For the JomHeboh carnival, is preparing 100 CD to hand out and really take out our time coz we do it manually.
The content is:
1. All the previous articles in Al Islam on Rezeki Halal Melalui Internet segment
2. Guide to do BLOG - Blog In A Box
3. Guide for Adsense - Adsense Empire Complete Ebook
4. Guide to Web
5. Selected Software for Internet Business and Tools.

Usdota bersama Al IslamDr Fauzi is helping me until 10 pm at night and we managed to complete it. On Saturday it self I went to JomHeboh and delivered the material.

On your left is a picture from the Utusan both displaying Al Islam banner. From left is Dr Fauzi, Astora Jabat and my 2 sons.

I do not want to publish my picture because I look FAT. I mean really fat. I think this the problem when you stay at home and do your work from home.

I need to do more exercise and do something to get me going. Need to be healthy too. I have received a lot of inquiry about Bengkel Usdota. For the time being we will be at rest until November 2006. Please visit our website at and our forum at

Hope this help. Thank you very much for supporting us. God bless all of us. Together we become strong.


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