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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Make Money Or Earn Money?

Make Money Or Earn Money

I prefer the later - Earn Money. Frankly speaking is NOT that easy to "Make Money" online. You need to know how to create your own website, you need to know how to setup your hosting and domain, you need to know how to setup payment gateway, and you need to know how to FTP your website, you need to create your own email, you need to research niche product, and many more technical stuff that somehow lead you to BURN OUT - very tired and still poor.

We have been bombarded with the idea of MAKING MONEY ONLINE. Many told us it is easy to make money online. What is the PROOF? 90% newbie failed to make money online. The reason is - IT IS VERY HARD TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE DUE TO TIGHT COMPETITION.
After few months the newbie gave up. They do not want to spend 8 hours in front of their computer no more. They want to get life and be happy not becoming computer GEEK or so that not making money.

That is why I say making money is very HARD. If you like me, I prefer to EARN money because this is much easier. You dont have to super computer genius to earn money. This is the idea thought by Robert Kiyosaki - let your money works for you. When your money works for you you dont have to make it. It will just give you the money and you do what you want to do.

Does anything like this available? Of course. This new program call IBOP - Internet Business Ownership Program give you that Opportunity to EARN MONEY.

  • Your own internet business which run on "AutoPilot" that generate you an income. We do it all for you - getting the niche, design the website, put in Your PRODUCT, put in affiliate and etc.
  • Able to check your own REAL internet business income on your own. All income you check at your own Google Adsense account and your Paypal Account.
  • Your own PRODUCT on your internet business and you keep all income from all sale of the PRODUCT. If you don't have a product we will create for you.
  • You don't have to CRACK YOUR HEAD to learn all the technical jargon.
  • Your own domain name, web hosting and 10 email.
  • Our FREE consultation and advice on your internet business.
  • After 11 Months and your income is NOT more than what you invested in IBOP. We will return your money.

IBOP also now offering an Affiliate Program that you can earn USD55 per referral. This is a great program that you grab and promote this new opportunity. For Malaysian you can promote this program offline and earn USD55 also.

For your information IBOP program is very flexible. If you a company or have your own business, you can join the IBOP program and we will prepared your requested website at the same price as IBOP and get the IBOP benefit.

Think of this, if you hired a web master and charge you RM1500++ for full web design and hosting why not get IBOP for less than RM800 and get the all benefit as above. This is a great opportunity for affiliate and you can earn USD55 (RM198) to help people build their own business or company website.

OK that is about Rahsia Online. About the upcomeing Usdota workshop, there is still 6 seat left. Please register to get your seat. The workshop will be this coming Saturday at Technology Park Malaysia , Bangunan Keusahawanan 2.

More information on USDOTA please visit

Best Regards,

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Where Money Grows By Itself Via Internet

Today I would to share with you a NEW program that can help your money grows via internet. We have done our research more than 2 years and NOW almost complete. Yes I have mentioned this in my previous post that this new project will be offered to ONLY 50 selected people. And most probably will be open again next year after this batch of 50 grows their money.

And without further due I would like to present you -

Rahsia Online is about how you can grow money automatically via internet with little or less effort from your part. We do all the work for you from building to making money online. That is why we call our site Rahsia Online meaning Online Secret. We have the recipe that you can use and apply immediately. And the best thing is you can build and grow your Money without you being there. It is AUTOMATIC.

Rahsia Online objective is to share the so called "Rahsia" or "Secret" to build and grow your money online. The truth there are NO such Rahsia or Secret. It is hard work and great effort whether from your part or from our part. You have the option to choose.

We will be sharing the proven money generating program that can build and grow your money quick. We understand and do acknowledge that making money on the internet is NOT that easy. Even it is very HARD. But with the right effort and right tools we can make the difference.
Understanding the task is tough, that is why Rahsia Online comes into the picture and offer you our great program and services.

Internet Business Ownership Program is a program that let you be the "OWNER" of the internet business rather than the worker of the business and do all the technical things. As the "OWNER" you will gain monthly residual income from it. This is what Robert Kiyosaki say in his book Cashflow Quadrant - you need to be on the right side of the EBSI diagram that is to be in the "I" and "B" quadrant . Which is "B" is the business owner. The different between the Business Owner and the Self Employed is the Business Owner can go for vacation and still earn an income while Self Employed do not.

So this is our objective to create more business owner and let them earn income while they sleep, eat and enjoy. With this program the Owner owned the website and able to sell the website after minimum a year to another person and get paid for it. It is just like a REAL ESTATE but it is a Virtual Real Estate - owning a website to sell and profit at the same time.

Ok that is about my Internet Business Ownership Project. I am also working on few other virtual real estate stuff after a whole week NOT working full time with my computer due to my son Chicken Pox.

I am also preparing for this coming 4th November 2006 workshop which really need to be totally revised due to many changes. We have 8 more seat left as per my writing today. Thank you very much for the support.

If youlike to join us for the workshop please visit .

To all my muslim friend - Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir batin.

Best Regards,

p/s: Visit Rahsia Online here >>>

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Spiritual Life Means Much More?

Spiritual Life? Yup that is what I want to share with you. Last Sunday 15th November 2006, one of my spiritual teacher passed away. His is age is only 42 years old. He has been our greatest teacher around and taught us to do good in life. His student is more than 100,000 people all over Malaysia.Peace be upon him.

Last week alone, beside my spiritual teacher death, my uncle also passed away and my friend friends also passed away. Death will come anytime and do not care how old are you or how healthy are you. When death come it come and you have to go.

After dealing with the death things, my 2 son got chicken pox, this is another horrible things happening before Hari Raya. This is the beauty of life, it is always happening and never waits for you to happen. It just happen and this sometimes BURN you out.

What did I learn from the above? What are the missing links? What I have missed about life? What is life actually? What I want? What do really I want? At all time I was in mercy of GOD. I have no say or what so ever? Is it?

It is all about the spiritual journey and one need to understand it in order to really understand life. Life is not just what you see it is beyond what you see. It also consist of what you feel to.
This feel is the driving factor.

If you feel good you will do good. And if you feel bad you will do bad. It is part of us and we cannot run from it. We need to embrace it.

Ok back to my Website project. I am testing a new Wordpress themes that is optimized for Adsense placement and yup it look cool. I test this themes here at

I also had a phone called with my mentor and need some sort of support and motivation from
him. Yup, I was motivated and he said Adsense is not DEAD.

One think I realized that I do not have enough time to do what I am doing right now. Another things is LAZINESS and this the KILLER when you work at home. I am so COMFORT to be at home and this make me VERY lazy to do my work.

That is why don't waste your time, because time will never wait for you. If you do not start your own internet business now, then there will be no promises that you will start later. The key things is ACTION, it is NOT just an ACTION but a MASSIVE ACTION.

With MASSIVE ACTION, it can really produced great result. And your MASSIVE action must have a PROPER PLANNING. Without planning you will not be able to continue your project properly.

Cheers & Regards,

p/s: I am very sleepy writing this post but I want to write also. Anyway the above is just my feeling about my own self. You always see that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. And when you jump over to the other fence and you will see you GRASS is greener.

Workshop Update:
Bengkel Rezeki Halal Melalui Internet will be on 4th November 2006 at TPM Academy, Technology Park Malaysia. There are 10 place available as my writing. Need more info please visit

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Original 2Plus Affiliate Program

Ok at last I manage to finished up my Original 2Plus Affiliate Program. Takes me about 2 days to finalise and check all is working in order.

It is a 2 Tier Program:

1) Tier 1 - You will be paid USD10 per sale.
2) Tier 2 - For every of your sub affiliate make a sale you will get USD2.45 per sale.

7 reasons that make The Affiliate Program a great program for you:-

1) It's free to join.

2) Proven Enlargement Device with specific enlargement technique that had help thousands of men all over the world.

3) A generous Two-Tier commissions structure.

4) A wide selection of promotional tools at your disposal. This include various form of banners and text link.

5) You do not need a website to start promoting The

6) Quality product that practically sell itself with a high conversion site.

7) Majority of men are concerned with their manhood size and performance - so we have a very wide market to work together with.

More detail about the Original 2Plus Affiliate program you can get it here - Or click the banner below.

Ok that is about my new affliate program. I am also working on my own Affiliate Network that will have a lot of product that you can promote at your website and get paid for it.

I am also in the midst of developing my Internet Business Ownership Program. This project is really tough. First I thought this would be easy but when I am deep into it I found a lot of things that I need to take care of before I launched it to the public. I think I will start with a pilot test with selected few people from and then only offer it to the public.

The objective of this Internet Business Ownership Program is to help individual to make money via Internet and for long term. This is NOT a Get Quick Rich kind of program or so ever.

I aslo just updated my another website that is with a new design and color.

Back to my life, when you at work you feel like to be at home and when you at home you feel like to be at work, I think that is normal for everyone. It is NOT the place that matter but the feeling that need to be control. Yup, I am talking about myself.

Best regards,


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More Business Opportunity And More Business Offer

Original 2 PlusMore Business Opportunity And More Business Offer - this will be my blog tittle for today. A whole day yesterday I am working on my new project called "Original 2 Plus" - It is about some powerful product that you can offer to others and get paid for it as an Affiliate of Original 2 Plus.
As for the affiliate function it will be ready for SignUp today and make sure you check out the Original 2 Plus website for update.

I will also will be offering more affiliate product that you can promote it at your website or blog. Just wait for the announcement in this blog.

Beside this affiliate things, I would to share a FOR SALE BIG AND CHEAP BARGAIN from my Jasman Arifin.

Here the BIG and CHEAP Sales Quality PLR Products, Adsense, Other Money Making Tools.

1) First Bargain - If you need Quality PLR a lot of them for your web or blog check out below. - $6.66 - $6.66 - $8.88

2) Another Profit Maker Collection That Really Brings In Money For You. - $7.00 - $7.00 - $7.00

3) Adsense Is NOT DEAD - Get 155 Adsense Ready Template and ready to BLOW you Adsense Income . - $6.66

All the product above is hand pick by Jasman Arifin and the quality is assured. Get it now while it is still fresh out from the oven.

Rahsia Search Engine
Another promotion is about a new book that is just release - "Rahsia Search Engine Listing Muka 1 by Ismail, MF". This book is in Malay and only cost you RM30. You also can participate to its affiliate and get RM12 from every sale of the book. The book is a phyisical book. More information you visit .

Ok, wow that is quite a lot I talk about new offering and opportunities. Back to my life, once again I lost few hudreds bucks today for testing my project that soon to be released. I really got KICK on the BUTT this time.

As for my Internet Business Ownership Program, it is still under development but had gone through many enhancement and perfection. It will soon to be release and hope it can help many people to earn a living online.

Project Squidoo - Please visit my Squidoo Lense.

Happy holiday and best of luck.

Best Regards,

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New Breed Of Internet Opportunity After The Gloom Of Adsense

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New Breed Of Internet Opportunity After The Gloom Of Adsense

It is quite a while, I have not updated my blog. So many things happening everyday. Day in and day out, it is almost the end of the year. The opportunity in the internet also keep changing rapidly. There are always a new program introduced in a day or two. It is hard to catch up when you have not planned your internet journey. The opportunity will never wait for you, it is you that need to take action on the opportunity that passes you.

Few people asked me about Adsense and what is the status - Is it DEAD?. Frankly I am not an Adsense Guru or any near to it. I am just an ordinary adsense publisher like the rest of the folks. But what I know my Adsense income really drop. To me the drop of adsense income can be due to many factors and reasons. One of it is Smart Pricing and many of it is NOT having a very GOOD quality and welcoming website.

FREE Audio Program by Brian Tracy

I also take up the new so called program called "CPA" - cost per action program. This program pays you when the visitor of your website take action after they click the the CPA Ads. For example when a visitor click your CPA ads and the filled up the optin list or FREE trial form you will be paid for the action. The payment for each CPA is quite high, it start from USD1.50 up to USD200 so it is hardly you get a USD0.01 like in adsense.

If you like to join this CPA program you can join me here. FREE to join.
Modern Click - - It can be your additional income generator beside Adsense. The Ads in Modern Click is much more attractive and the pay is surely bigger than adsense.

Another things that I would like to shares is Squidoo . This is a brand new things that will be a HIT in couple of months. Squidoo is just like MySpace but its more to professional. That mean the age range who use Squidoo is the baby boomer - the one that have the capability to BUY.

Be one of the early that promote product or services via Squidoo. Join the program for FREE here - and get USD5 when you promote you friends to join the program.

Why I say Squidoo is COOL and can be the next income generator? Squidoo use a term called "Lense". Each squidoo member will be a Lensemaker and can create their ow lense. This lense is a page of lense that will be shared to others. In this lense it contains many things and it is up to the lensemaker to design it for its maximum profit. There will be adsense revenue from it, affiliate revenues, traffic revenues, ranking revenues and many more. Check out my lense here - . Make sure you create yours NOW here and be one of the early lensemaker and REAP the profit. Dont wait until everyone join the band wagon. Just Do It now.

Ok back to my life. Yup my wife is away, she is in Sweden for a week and the best part my daughter get a chicken pox. What a sleepless night for me. Luckily my other 2 boys is NOT infected. It is a challange for me and I cannot do my daily internet routine as usual. But anyway it is a GREAT blessing, this situation lead me to do internel thinking and bring me to a greater understanding in life and a way on how to maneuver it.

Good Days,


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