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Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Journey Toward More Meaningful Life!

It is been a while for me to write in this blog. Many things had happened to me for the past few months. So many things actually. All happened for the better of my own self.

All is about me and how I look on the world. What FILTER that I used to view the world. Am I USING a GREEN filter? If I used a green filter I will see all green even they give me a WHITE paper. This is what I am facing in my life. I am having too many filters inside myself. Whether I purposely installed it or get it unconciously. This is what happened. So many INVADER in the MIND and taking over our CONTROL.

How to move on in my LIFE the BEST way? Or do you really KNOW what is BEST for YOU? Actually NOBODY KNOW. Only GOD know what is BEST for you. So HOW to MOVE on THEN?

I learn THIS 4 Tools that is very SIMPLE and Honestly MOST of it KNOW it already. The problem is we DO NOT PRACTICE IT in our daily LIFE. Simple but not that so simple to implement it in our daily life.

The 4 TOOLS:

1) Truthful - the meaning of word truth extends from honesty, good faith and sincerity in general. You need to be truthful in your - intention, conversation and actuon : All these must be synchronized. Be TRUTHFUL to yourself first.

2) Trustworthy - a moral value considered to be a virtue. A trustworthy person is someone in whom we can place our trust and rest assured that the trust will not be betrayed.

3) Sharing - sharing thougths and feelings. Unselfishly willing to share with others. Sahring the knowledge.

4) Brilliant - Having impressive intelligence, the ability or power to create and being or producing something like nothing done or created before.

For a start I am doing this for MYSELF. I am instilling TRUTHFUL, TRUSTWORTHY, SHARING and BRILLIANT in myslef and moving on my daily based on this tools. I hope others too can start doing what I am doing. All of these is for the BETTER or ourself and others.

If you are having a problem now. That is the BEST for you NOW. Be grateful and remember ONLY GOD know what is best.


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