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Sunday, April 23, 2006

We Are In Public!

We are on "Public". Our seminar on "Rezeki Halal Melalui Pendapatan Internet" in Hotel Singgahsana Petaling Jaya is in the May 2006 Al Islam issue. Thank you Al Islam and Utusan Karya for the coverage.

We are planning to do more seminar on the coming months with the intention to help anyone who is interested to start Online business and earn income from the Internet.

Our objective is to share this knowledge with you as much as we can and help you to earn online income at minimal cost. We are NOT the expert but we have gone through many and many failures in doing the Online business.

Our experiences had teach us a lot and that we want to share it with you. We have a full house of 150 participants that attend our first "Rezeki Halal Melalui Pendapatan Internet". Thank you very much to all the participant. Hope all of them can get much benefit out of it.

We need to improve our self a lot and hope can provide more helpful information to anyone that want to start Online business. We have been online since year 2000 and we still learn day by day about online.

We will let you know our next coming seminar. For the time being if you need further information please get yourself an Al Islam Magazine May 2006 Issue at your nearest Kedai Runcit for only RM4.50.


Friday, April 21, 2006

Free Online Software & E-Book To Make Money!

I am planning to build a website that provide free online software & e-book that can help anyone to generate income online. This website will include all aspect of online business. I am in the designing template state right now.

The reason I do this is I have too much software & e-book that is lying around in my hardisk and I want to share that with everyone. Please wait for further announcement.


p/s: Helping other is like helping your self

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Exam Day Is Over! Wow! Thank God!

I am taking an ITIL Foundation exam today. Wow! what a relief after 2 days of long study hours...If you wonder what is ITIL? ITIL stands for IT Information Library.

Now I can focus on cleaning up the rest of my website that was exploited. I always believe there always a blessing in disguise and today I felt the blessing more. Even yesterday also I felt the blessing. It is really great.

If you like to know what is it ...please leave a comment with your email and I will share with you.


Monday, April 17, 2006

Tough Time Really Happened!

In my previous post I mentioned about my internet income drop by 50% and I am searching for the caused of it. Yesterday I found out what was the CULPRIT.

Here is the culprit:

Note: This code is very dangerous ... my pc hang when I put the actual code in my BLOG. So I need to screen capture it to show you the actual script. This is really very dangerous. WARNING!

Somehow the above IFRAME script was inserted by UNKNOWN (hacker) to each and every my website that I haved about 20++ website. This script is inserted into all my web files that have *.htm, *.html & *.php.

What this script do is when someone opened my website it will push a trojan into the user machine and the trojan will be on the user pc. This will cause IE to hang and PC to reboot.

I checked on the NET and found out several web masters also been EXPLOITED by this Trojan. The damage that I faced people do NOT want to visit my site and my loyal customer also afraid to visit my site. I mentioned this to the HOSTING provider and the provide asked to erased all my website do the reload again.

If you guys hoste dyour web on HOSTGATOR please check all your *.htm, *.html, & *.php whether the IFRAME as above is in your web files.

The only way to clean it is to delete the above file one by one. Like what I did yesterday ... I manage to clean up 2 out of 20++ website. The two website is about 300 pages each site.... IT IS REALLY A LOT OF WORK...

I am IN PAIN and LOST A LOT OF DOLLARS ... but life need to go on ....I believe there will always a BLESSING in DISGUISE.

Take care and regards,

p/s: I also build up a new to replace the exploited one...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Updating Several Website .....!

I woke up early this morning to update several website. I start to update my This website is a FREE website that offer you a FREE traffic. Then I updated the This 2 update take me moere than 2 hours.

I will be going to my parents house today coz more than 1 months I am not seeing my parents and will be there for a night. One bad things is, there are NO internet access.

I have a lot more of WEB updating need to do and some planning for my upcoming Internet Seminar.

Friday, April 14, 2006

I Got Myself 80GB USB External Notebook HDD!

I went PC Fair 2006 this evening and got myself 80GB External USB2.0 hard disk drive for RM340. Quite OK la....

I was planning to have this long time ago but do not have the chance to buy it. So today I just bought it. I need it to backup all my internet work from my old Pentium 3 PC which is more than 40GB.

This USB drive would be handy so that I can exchange work between my pc and my notebook.
I am thinking to get a new Notebook too....

Anyway I need to generate the income first to cover my expenses .....


A Glimpse Of Tomorrow!

I am supposed to go to San Francisco on the 30th April 2006 for the World Technical Seminar but FUH! Lucky I canceled it yesterday due some other work that I had to do. I don't like travel to much beside spending a lot of money (even the trip is paid for) and it is very tiring.

Ok back to my internet passion, I am thinking a way that can help me to increase my web traffic visitor and increase my website page ranking. This morning I stumbled into this website and found one article that show me a simple solution to get a constant traffic. But my concern if I use this method would it violate the Google Adsense TOC?

So I do some reading on the Google Adsense TOC and found out that I cannot do that. So I will try to asked someone for opinion. I don't realized last time that this website really have something that I can use it for myself. Shame on me...

Another area that I am working on is to use a ready made website template to build my Adsense Empire ....This is very helpful but the return not yet materialism yet... It takes time to be crawled by the search engine. If you want to get some adsense ready template you can get it here -

OK ....Cheers for today

p/s: I will be conducting another Online seminar this coming 29th April 2006. Please come and have fun. Further detail I will let you know...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Back From A Short Trip!

I am back from a short holiday at Bukit Merah Laketown Resort yesterday evening. It was NOT really a holiday coz on Saturday itself I had a tooth ache until now and the best all dental clinic at nearby area is closed so I suffered for few days. Thank god there must be a blessing in disguise.

Yesterday when I am back from the trip, I quickly go to the dentist at seksyen 19 Shah Alam and get my tooth checked and founded that I was NOT the tooth that having the problem and it was the GUM that caused the pain.

Anyway back on track, checking my google income for the past few days the result is very frustrating and I do NOT know why? All my best income generating website only give few cents. I checked with other Google publisher their earning is OK. I noticed this symptom begin on early April until now.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Found A New Tools For Website Checker!

This morning I found out a very useful tools to check my website status. This tool will tell me what is my site page rank, how many back link for my website, how pages of my site is indexed and information about SERP-1 and SERP-2.

Try this tool for your self and it is FREE service. Go here.

Friday, April 07, 2006

My Internet Income Going Down This Week Of April!

Funny! Somehow starting from the 1st April till now my adsense income go DOWN. One of best website that earn USD18 day now only earn USD0.20 only a day. Need to do some investigation for this.

I am working on my new project as what I mention on my previous post. Still working on it and have not finished. At the same time I work to build a adsense ready made website that I find very attractive. Check this out.

1) Yoga -
2) Vegetarian Guide -
3) Web Traffic -
4) Golf -

All the above is using a Ready Made template. If you need more information on ready made template you can go here at

All the best ...

Monday, April 03, 2006

Working On A New Project! New Experience!

I am working on new a project - "Creating A Nice Web Template" - for my own use. Yesterday I was working on the template about 3 hours and cannot get it done. But something happened when I about to quit and sleep, suddenly it Works. I am very Happy!.I manage to CREATE it. Thank GOD and I go to sleep.

Today I will continue to finish it and create a website base on the new design. For your information this design will help me to create 100 pages by end of April.


p/s I will share with you later ........

Saturday, April 01, 2006

It's April! More To Do! More To Focus!

It is April already, time is very fast. I am working on a few things right now. Couple of new task that I should completed by end of April.

1) Create 100 Website - quality website like this -
2) Need to design template for my secret web generator
3) Try out the new traffic generator using tips given by KB
4) Setting up my online - RAHSIA - store with complete way make an earning in the web
5) Setup my new powerful Payment Processor - this is really good and best of all it is FREE.
6) Prepare for my next seminar - I want to include practical CD for the attendees
7) Fix old website that is NOT generating income
8) Finished the web design project for a customer

Finally I like to take things easily and relax....


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