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Friday, September 28, 2007

The Big Secret By Tom Pauley

After mentioning the 7 Secret To Get Rich Faster, today I would like to share Tom Pauley's email about the BIG SECRET.

Here is the BIG SECRET:

Today I want to tell you the BIG SECRET.

What is the one thing that determines whether you live a rich, successful life?

Is it the school you went to?

Well, there are a lot of doctors, lawyers and top-tier MBA's wishing that were true.
Is it whether your parents were rich or poor?

The history of the world is told, it seems, by those bold and daring folks that came from humble beginnings to make a rich and lasting contribution to the wealth of humanity.

Is it what country, station, race, gender or religion you were born to?

Gandhi, George Washington Carver, Carrie Nation, Sam Walton, even the Beatles testify to the folly of such thinking.

The big secret to wealth is and always has been very simple. So simple in fact that we have for centuries ignored its effectiveness. And when you hear it now, you may be tempted to discount it as a homily or even a remnant of religious thinking.

The truth is we use this secret in a very specific and systematic way to become Rich Beyond Our Wildest Dreams. And you can too.

Ask and Receive.

That's the big secret. You can have anything you want, all you have to do is ask correctly and be willing to receive.

It took my family from a 2nd personal bankruptcy to a rich and happy life.

Regardless of where you start, the simple system we teach can help you live the life of your dreams.

Register for our 5-lesson course we will tell you a few tricks about money.

Good Luck and Great Adventures,
Tom, Diane (wife) and Penelope (daughter) 5-lesson course reveals the simple, yet powerful truth anyone can use to become “Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams”. It’s easy! Visit:

Best Regards,

Thursday, September 27, 2007

One Out Of The 7 Secret To Getting Rich Faster!

It was a great blessing when I met an old friend few days back. He shared with me a very inspiring story that strengthen me to move forward with more confidence and bravery in life.

First he told me about himself on how he increased his sales from $50,000 a month into $1,000,000 in two weeks. This is awesome, for me at that time, I just want to know - "What is the secret that he is using that I am NOT?" .

Then my friend continued with a story of his friend who managed to get $999,999,999 in just one night. To me WOW! this must be another hype or crazy story or just a made up story. Unfortunately my assumption is WRONG. His friend really get that much of money in just one night.

I think our conversation that night is getting more interesting every seconds. I cannot wait anymore so I just asked my friend for his "SECRET". My friend said calmly - "Don't worry, send me an email tomorrow morning and I will give you the secret". I said to him eagerly - "Yup I will sent to you tomorrow morning.". Deep in my heart I cannot wait to get it.

The next morning I sent him the email and waited for the GIFT. I waited for few hours but I did not get an email replied until yesterday. I finally got the SECRET that he promised to give to me. Thank you GOD for this and thank you to my friend too. I am blessed.

This is very important to me and for that I would like to share with you the FIRST secret out of the SEVEN that my friend use to build and maintain his wealth.

The First Secret Is - "Give Up Control" . Yup that is the first secret. Some excerpt from the ebook I received from my friend.

Remember the Universe is your first and best partner. God can give you
in an instant what you could never achieve on your own through the course
of your whole life. Now, that’s the kind of partner I want.

You must give up control before the Universe can help you. Just as you
must give up control in relationships before you can see a real benefit.

If you don’t give up control—and this is the biggest part of that secret—the
Universe can’t do a thing. If you don’t give up control, and you keep doing
everything day after day, the Universe can’t do a thing.

How can the Universe help you when you won’t let it?

Maybe you think you’re supposed to go left, but the Universe knows the real
advantage for you is to go right. The Universe puts one obstacle after
another in your path, trying to force you right. But you won’t hear of it.
And you go miles out of your way to go left.

I remember when Marilyn used to say, “You go right ahead. I give you full
permission to fail.”

And I thought, I’m not failing, I’m doing it. But I was failing to get all the
help I asked for.

If you’ve asked for help—and if you’ve written down your parameters, then
you’ve asked for help—accept it. Be willing to give up control.

Remember the Universe can give you in an instant what you could never
achieve in a lifetime.

If you are interested in what you read and need more information please drop me some comment and I will share with you the secret. God bless for everyone.


p/s: I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you. I am rich beyond my wildest dream.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The 3 Universal Law As Your Habit

Rich Dream There are 3 major law of success that you need to make it as your daily habit. Stick to this 3 and you will bound to be rich beyond your wildest dream. As for myself I am very skeptical at first - how come it is so EASY and works 100% - it is the "UNIVERSAL LAW" and always work anyhow whether you believe it or not.

Below is the 3 universal law that you need to make it as your habit and you will get an amazing result almost instantly.

1. Failing to Tithe – Spending God’s money on yourself.
Tithe is to spend 10% of your income to any individual or company that help your spiritual development. Tithe is NOT Charity.Many, many people fail to receive their wealth for this very reason.

Failing to tithe and then spending on yourself can be truly disastrous. You owe God 10% on every dollar you get. Period. It is His. Not yours. He does not like it when you cheat Him. He is doing all the work. You may think it is your genius or sweat that has created your wealth, but it is not. If you doubt who is doing the work, you can stop tithing for a month and watch your prosperity come to a screeching halt.

Remember tithing is not for God’s benefit, it is for your benefit. God does not need your money. Tithing is for you. You tithe for your own benefit. You are paying for your spiritual growth. You are paying for the things you receive. You are keeping your ego in check and recognizing the source of everything you have. You are tithing because God is in charge and He expects you to. You tithe because you love God and it is good for you.

2. Playing God – Saving other people.
God allows no others before him. Spending to save other people puts you between them and God. You are playing God. You become their savior. It is a seriously destructive practice. God will not allow it. He will take your money, your health and eventually your life.Playing God is a very bad idea. It hurts everyone involved. It stagnates your spiritual growth and creates an effect which can cost you everything.

3. Hoarding – Saving for the wrong reasons.
Save for the wrong reason and the money train runs out of gas. The concept here is hoarding. Loving the money more than its source. Remember the root of all evil is love of money. God wants you to trust in Him, to love Him above all things. When you horde, you are placing your faith and trust in the money you have saved.

You have put money above the Good of the Universe. You are saying that no matter what happens you will have the dollars or pesos or yen you need to handle it. Which simply is not true. You cannot possibly save more money than God can take away. You are not as powerful as the Universe.The Universe is more powerful than anything you can devise. Hoarding means you are asking God to prove His power. Bad idea. Very bad.

If you are hoarding money, squirreling it all away for a rainy day, watch out! The first thing that will happen is a downpour. You will get what you are preparing for. Every thought is a command. If you are saving for hard times, the subconscious produces exactly what you are most afraid will happen – hard times. Those rainy days will come and you may very well be washed out to sea.

If you like what you read you can get more here.

Best Regards,

p/s: - E-Magazine version of the original Majalah will be OUT next week. More information here at .

Friday, September 14, 2007

Claim Your Wealth

I would like to share a great book about building wealth despite your current condition in life. This is a great small ebook that will guide you to achieve anything you want. What is outline in this book works like "Miracle". I am very skeptic at first but slowly everything is unfold like magic. It works for everyone. It works for the rich, poor, middle class, working man, non working women and everybody perhaps.

You can get the book here - .

Below I include an excerpt from Chapter 22 of the ebook version. Enjoy.

Claim your wealth and it will come to you.

Imagine that you are sitting with 20 other people in a circle around a table. In the middle of the table is a basket of fruit which the Universe has provided for you. Someone across from you picks up the basket and takes out a piece of fruit and hands the basket to the person next to her. As the basket goes around the table everyone takes a piece of fruit before passing the basket on. The basket finally gets to you and there is one piece of fruit left.

There are still four people besides you without any fruit. What do you do?

Do you (a) take the last piece of fruit and cut it into five pieces?
Or do you (b) refuse the last piece and pass the basket on?
Or do you (c) take the last piece of fruit and put the basket back in the center of the table for the Creative Power of the Universe to refill?

Make a choice before you read on!

The basket of fruit represents the bounty of the Universe. It is unlimited. This story helps illustrate the importance of trusting that God will provide for you.

If you chose (a) cutting up the last fruit, then you are saying that the last four people should trust you to feed them, not God.

If you chose (b) refusing the fruit, then you are saying that you are refusing the good the Universe has given you.

If you chose (c) taking the last piece of fruit and replacing the basket, then you are on the right track. You are trusting in the providing power of the Universe.

Knowing that all your good comes from the Universe and TRUSTING that it will come are two different levels. Knowing is a conscious thought. Trusting is an emotional understanding and it is much more powerful. Claiming the things you want and then watching them be delivered strengthens your trust.

Trust that God will always refill your basket and you create a powerful and compelling enthusiasm for receiving. Combine this heartfelt confidence for receiving with a specific tangible request, your claim. Then you have magnified your ability to get what you want when you want it. Claim what you want and the Universe delivers.

Best Regards,

Sunday, September 09, 2007

BIG HYPE - Gain Financial Freedom Forever !!!!

I'm sure you've heard the same hype all before - you know what I'm talking about - all those over hyped nonsense promising the earth and delivering nothing. Well, today I'm here to tell you that FINALLY there is someone who really wants to help you make money online.

Brian Wynn shows you how to make easy automatic money using dozens of different systems and techniques. He calls it The Millionaire League - and every month you will get given new systems and techniques to make even more cash. So you're effectively getting a membership WITHOUT any ongoing fees.

No unnecessary additional product recommendations, no incomplete information, just the simple truth about making easy money online. It's a refreshing and exciting approach which will give you total freedom, flexibility and best of

So join The Millionaire League today to get back in control of your life.

Best Of Knowest Of Knowledge Team

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Live Life The Way It Should Be!


It is been a while I do not update this blog. I was so tide up with the publishing of magazine and 'O' Level Horsemanship Training(Full 5 days class). Today is my day two in the horsemanship training, so many things I learned and do. I now know how to groom the horse, putting and taking of the saddle, construct the bridel and put the bridel onto the horse. Bridel is the thing that you put onto the horse's head so that you can ride the horse. I learned how to catch the horse and bring the horse to walk. I learned how to clean the horse's foot and applying bandage onto the horse.

It is a totally new things to me and it is worth it. "Now Everybody Can Ride" that is our ER Horse Riding Club motto. It is a "Sukan Sunnah" and it is for everybody. Please visit our place at Dengkil.

I feel sleepy right now. Will write some more later.

Best Regards,

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